Phillips University of Marburg

    Phillips University of Marburg
    World Rank: 401st by Times Higher Education
    Established on: 1527

    The Philipps University of Marburg is a traditional German university considered one of the world's oldest. This university, established as a Protestant institution in 1527, is a public university in Hesse.

    Philipps University is divided into 16 departments that specialize in various fields. Law, Business and Economics, Social Sciences and Philosophy, Psychology, Protestant Theology, History and Cultural Studies, History and Cultural Education, German Arts and Studies, Foreign Languages and Cultures (German), Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy (German), Biology, Geography, Medicine (German), and Education are among these departments.

    Furthermore, the Philipps University of Marburg is well-known for its research specialization in life sciences. It is located in the German state of Hesse, in Marburg. This university has two primary campuses in Marburg: Lahntal and Lahnberge. This university has over 120 buildings spread across 14 different campuses. Furthermore, it is home to two botanical gardens, Alter Botanischer Garten Marburg and Botanischer Garten Marburg.

    This university has a center for near and middle eastern studies (CNMS) that conducts Middle East research. According to the CHE Excellence Ranking 2009, this university's psychology and geography departments are in the Excellence Group. The researchers at this university are motivated to break down barriers between disciplines, institutes, departments, and faculties within the participating university.

    This university has several research centers, including the center for conflict studies, the center for gender studies and feminist futurology, the center for imaging processes, the center for interdisciplinary religious research, the center for mind, brain, and behavior, the center for near and middle eastern studies, the center for synthetic microbiology (Synmikro), the foto Marburg picture archive, the linguistic atlas of Germany, the Marburg center for mind, brain, and behavior, and the Marburg center for the ancillary sciences. There are 12 Leibniz Prize winners at this university.

    Regarding research, Phillips University of Marburg focuses on topics such as infection and tumor, synthetic microbiology, material sciences, cognitive and applied neurosciences, language dynamics research, biodiversity and climate research, and conflict. This university's campus includes numerous service facilities such as a Sports Center, Library, Computer Center, Archive, Preparatory College of Central Hessen, Marburg University Research Academy, Language Center, Information Center for Foreign Language Research, and Family Service. The Philipps University of Marburg also has several museums, including the Marburg Art Museum, Mineralogical Museum, Museum Anatomicum, Museum of Cultural History, and Religious Studies Collection and Museum.

    University Highlights 

    University Type

    Public Institution

    Established Year

    1527 AD



    Number of Courses

    16 faculties

    Tuition Fees

    1,500 EUR per semester


    October and April 

    Main Intakes

    The main intake at the Phillips University of Marburg occurs in October as a winter semester and in April as a summer semester.


    The merit scholarship program at the Phillips University of Marburg assists exceptional international students and doctoral researchers in all areas of study and degree levels. Awarding a scholarship fund allows recipients to concentrate solely on their studies and develop their skills.

    The scholarships listed below are just a sample of those that may be available.

    • Plus Stipendium
    • Scholarship pilot (Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) scholarship)
    • Scholarship - DAAD
    • MyStipendium
    • Foundation search (foundation database of the Association of German Foundations)
    • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Research Training Groups (scholarships available through the German Research Foundation's (DFG) Research Training Groups)
    • German Research and Innovation Center (scholarships, programs, and other funding opportunities for graduates and doctoral candidates)

    Application Process

    Preparation phase

    • Discover program options and choose what to study.
    • Examine the program's admission requirements.
    • Apply online by submitting original documents and sworn translations.
    • Visa processing in case of international students.

    Application for a first semester

    • Creates an application for the Philipps-Universität Marburg at uni-assist.
    • Before the application deadline, open the selection list, answer all mandatory questions, and upload all application forms to uni-assist.
    • Pay the processing fee and upload the payment evidence to the online application.

    After Applying

    • If the application is complete and the certificate qualifies for the desired program, the uni-assist will electronically send the documents to Uni Marburg.
    • Philipps University Marburg handles the admissions process.
    • The registration documents students must submit will be detailed in the acceptance letter.

    Arrive in Germany

    • Students must sign a lease agreement, open a bank account, obtain health insurance, register their address, and apply for a residence permit from the Ausländerbehörde.
    • Students may be required to take the DSH (German examination).
    • Now the study begins.

    Documents required:

    • Official or Citified copies of High School Transcripts
    • Educational History Form 
    • Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT/ACT) are accepted.
    • English Language proficiency test score
    • Motivation Statement
    • Recommendation letter (optional/upon request)


    What are the different intakes at the Phillips University of Marburg?

    Phillips University of Marburg's main intake occurs in October as a winter semester and in April as a summer semester.

    Where is the Phillips University of Marburg?

    The Phillips University of Marburg is located in Hesse, Germany.


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