Murdoch University

    Murdoch University
    World Rank: 401-500th by Times Higher Education
    Established on: 1973

    Murdoch University is a public university with campuses in Perth, Western Australia, Singapore, and Dubai. It commenced operations on July 25, 1973, and is now one of the country's premier institutions.

    Murdoch has been a research-led institution with a reputation for world-class research since its founding. Climate change, ecological sustainability and resilience, food, water, and biodiversity, as well as human and animal health and wellbeing, are among our day's critical social and scientific concerns.

    Murdoch is where you can be yourself and be respected for it. It's the type of campus where teachers know your name and students wave to you. Students and scholars from many backgrounds gather are welcome at the university. Whether you want to change the globe, a portion of the world, or simply your own, its vast selection of courses and hands-on learning facilities will provide you with the necessary skills.



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