Hanken School of Economics

    Hanken School of Economics
    World Rank: 1423rd by World University Ranking
    Established on: 1909

    Hanken School of Economics (usually known as Hanken) is a Finnish business school with two campuses in Helsinki and Vaasa. It is the oldest business school in Finland and one of the oldest in the Nordic nations, founded in 1909 AD.

    Hanken School of Economics is one of the most senior schools in Northern Europe, opening just a month after the Stockholm School of Economics. The statutes of the private community college known as Högre Svenska Handelsläroverket were adopted in December 1908 AD. Later, in 1927 AD, the school was renamed Svenska Handelshögskolan. 

    Hanken's Vaasa campus was created in 1980 to develop business education in Osthrobotnia, a region with a substantial share of Finland's Swedish-speaking population. Hanken joined the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics in 2018. A collaboration between three Finnish universities: Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, and the University of Helsinki.

    Hanken's research and teaching are divided into four departments and one language and business communication center. Accounting and Commercial Law, Finance and Economics, Management and Organisation Marketing are the four departments at the school. Students are represented in each Department Council by student representatives elected by their classmates. The school also maintains a student union with over 2500 members and is Finland's only student organization representing business students. The student union organizes activities and is in charge of student representation in the School's governing body. According to the regulations, all Hanken students are automatically members of the student union.

    Hanken School of Economics provides bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in economics, marketing, management, and accounting. Master's and Ph.D. programs are in Swedish and English, but bachelor's degree programs are only offered in Swedish.

    The MSc in Economics and Business Administration curriculum lasts two years and consists of 120 ECTS. Business and Management, Economics, Financial Analysis, Business Development, and Intellectual Property Law are among the specializations available.

    Furthermore, Hanken & SSE Executive Education (a collaboration between Hanken School of Economics in Finland and Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden) provides an Executive MBA, a two-year part-time executive program in English. The university has over 120 university partners for student exchange.

    Hanken School of Economics has over 15,000 alumni across 70 countries. A few famous alums of the school include Lenita Airisto (Author, former Miss Finland, and fashion model), Anne Berner (Business executive, board professional, and former Minister of Transport and Communications), Henrik Ehrnrooth (CEO of KONE), Jannica Fagerholm (Finnish economist and business executive), Harry Harkimo (Businessman), and Hans Wind (Businessman and famous fighter pilot in World War II).

    University Highlights 

    University Type

    Public Institution

    Established Year




    Number of Courses

    4 Departments

    Tuition Fees

    12500 EUR/year


    October and April 

    Main Intakes

    Hanken School of Economics intake takes place in October for the winter semester and in April for the summer semester.


    Hanken School of Economics welcomes students that excel academically and are highly motivated. University scholarships are provided for students to pay tuition.

    Hanken School of Economics's Scholarship Scheme:

    • Scholarships are awarded to students who must pay tuition.
    • The students' admission to the Master's Degree Program will not be affected if they apply for a scholarship.
    • Hanken School of Economics offers merit-based scholarships. All scholarships are granted based on the applicant's past academic performance and test scores.
    • All scholarship conditions require recipients to maintain a solid academic pace. Annual exams are given to students to guarantee they will graduate within two academic years.
    • A student is only eligible for one scholarship that includes a relocation or living-expenses stipend.

    Hanken School of Economics's admission stage scholarship:

    • The Hanken Premium GBSN Scholarship provides the total tuition price and 8000 EUR/year living expenses for two academic years.
    • Finland Scholarship (funded by Finland's Ministry of Education and Culture) pays the full tuition for the first academic year and includes a relocation stipend of 5000 EUR.

    Application Process

    To be eligible for admission to the Master of Economics and Business Administration program, applicants must have the following educational background:

    The bachelor's degree must include the following:

    • It must be equivalent to 180 ECTS credits or more, implying at least three years of full-time study.
    • At least 30 ECTS in topics related to the specialty or intended track so that accepted students can begin an advanced level study.
    • Allow for at least Master's level study in the nation where the degree was earned.

    Admission to doctorate studies requires a research-based Master's degree with good marks from a recognized university. A substantial research-based thesis must be included in the Master's degree.

    Documents required:

    • A copy of your valid passport
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Statement of purpose
    • Research proposal
    • Academic text
    • Copies of degree certificates, transcripts of records, and diploma supplements
    • GPA and GMAT/GRE tests
    • Proof of language skills (English or Swedish)
    • Academic reference letters 
    • Major specific enclosures


    Where is Hanken School of Economics?

    Hanken School of Economics is a business school in Finland with campuses in Helsinki and Vaasa.

    What is the acceptance rate of the Hanken School of Economics?

    The acceptance rate of the Hanken School of Economics is 19%.



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