Coventry University

    Coventry University
    World Rank: 601-650th by QS
    Established on: 1992

    Coventry Institution is a public research university in the English city of Coventry. Coventry University may trace its roots back to the Coventry School of Design, founded in 1843. From 1970 until 1987, it was known as Lanchester Polytechnic, and then as Coventry Polytechnic until 1992, when the Further and Higher Education Act granted it university status. Coventry University was the new name.

    Coventry University is the greater of the city's two institutions, the other being the University of Warwick. It is the UK's fastest-growing university, the sixth largest in the country, and the fourth largest outside of London.

    It has two main campuses: one in Coventry, where most of its activities are based, and one in Central London, where business and management courses are offered.

    Coventry University also oversees its other higher education schools, CU Coventry, CU Scarborough, and CU London, which all describe themselves as an "alternative to conventional higher education.

    " Its four faculties, comprised of schools and departments, provide around 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Eleven research centers spread around the institution specialize in various topics ranging from agroecology and peace studies to the future of transportation. In 2017, the institution was awarded Gold in (TEF).

    Coventry is a mission group member of the University Alliance. Coventry University admits about 30,000 students throughout its UK campuses, most of whom are engaged in undergraduate programs.

    Furthermore, 15,500 students are enrolled internationally. Coventry University employs around 3,330 people. Coventry University has an admittance rate of about 31%. The Coventry University Students' Union sponsors an Indian Society to educate students and staff about Indian culture and heritage.

    The group arranges community-building activities and commemorates significant events in Indian history.

    Coventry University campuses offer accommodation and other facilities such as Lanchester Library, Student Hub, Food Court, Sports Centre, Health and Wellbeing Centre, etc. Not only do these facilities provide an ease of living, but they also help in community building and networking.

    Various other facilities, such as Mock Law Court, High-Performance Engineering Centre, etc., that aid the students in their academics.



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