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    College of Applied Food & Dairy Technology (CAFODAT)

    CAFODAT, or the College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology, is a college in Nepal. Kumari Marg, Purnachandi, Kumaripati, Lalitpur is the college address. The College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT) is a popular choice for Nepal's Food Technology, Dairy Technology, and Nutrition and Dietetics education. 

    It is a world-class education facility that trains its graduates to lead in their chosen fields. CAFODAT has been offering a Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology through the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), a Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech. Food), a Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B. Tech. Dairy), and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics through Purbanchal University since 2005. 


    CAFODAT aims to develop professionally competent and highly qualified human resources in food/dairy technology, nutrition, and dietetics who can work as food/dairy technologists, food inspectors, food scientists, quality controllers, nutritionists, and dietitians.


    Developing talented and qualified people resources via excellent education and training to manufacture high-quality food items, analyze nutritional qualities, and promote balanced diets that influence the nation's socioeconomic change.

    CAFODAT is dedicated to creating professionally competent food/dairy technologists, nutritionists, and dietitians capable of addressing the national demand and objectives for the growth of the agroeconomic and service sectors. The college is renowned for learning nutrition, food, and dairy technology, with well-equipped classrooms, a library, and labs staffed by academicians, research scientists, and professionally experienced faculty members. 

    The institution's ambition is to become the college of people's choice by providing global standard food, dairy, and nutrition education through practical laboratories, audiovisual classes, a computer lab with internet, a library with great books, guest lectures, relevant workshops, seminars, industrial visits, excursions, and so on. Because the college has excellent contacts with many colleges, food companies, and organizations within and beyond Nepal, it may assist you in your future profession.

    Why should you attend CAFODAT?

    • Excellent Educational Opportunities: To assist students in preparing for future professions, the college places a significant emphasis on practical learning. As a result, graduates are well-prepared and well-equipped to join the workforce as skilled professionals.
    • The institution is an active and creative academic institution that strives to give its students the most outstanding education possible while adhering to strong beliefs and preserving a focused atmosphere. The institution is founded on high expectations and standards for each student regarding academic achievement, co-curricular involvement, and responsibility.
    • Outstanding Faculty: The faculties are excellent, the school administration is active and inventive, the professors are highly motivated, and students benefit from the expertise of a dedicated group of academics.
    • Participate in everything the institution offers and make new friends for an excellent student experience. Its society and co-curricular opportunities provide a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant learning environment.
    • As a CAFODAT student, you will access events and initiatives that will enhance your employability and link you directly to the industry. Undergraduate students can work on real-world challenges while participating in an industrial project and collaborating with a top organization.
    • Relationships between institutions give numerous benefits, from supporting vocational and higher education to forming joint economic endeavors.

    College Highlights

    College Type



    Purbanchal University

    Number of Programs


    Tuition Fees

    3-5 lakhs



    Main Intakes

    The main intakes for most programs are from August - October.


    The students are selected based on their previous academic performance and demonstrated potential by their results. Some major scholarships are:

    • Basanta-Michiko-Shah Scholarship
    • Mohan Bikram Shah Raj Raja Scholarship
    • DDC Scholarship-Provided by Dairy Development Corporation
    • Merit-Based CAFODAT Scholarship

    Application Process

    Applicants can apply for admission to the college in two ways: online through the college website or by visiting the college.

    Documents/Qualification required for Admission

    Academic Documents

    • SLC Mark sheet
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • SLC Character Certificate
    • Transcript of 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th-grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th-grade

             For Masters, include the following:

    • Transcript of Bachelor's Degree 
    • Individual Mark sheets of Bachelor's Degree
    • Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree 
    • Provisional Certificate of Bachelor Degree 
    • Migration Certificate of Bachelor Degree 

    Qualification Requirements

    • Bachelor: Candidates who have completed I. Sc., +2 Science, and a diploma in food and dairy technology from an accredited institution by PU are eligible to apply for the program.
    • MSc. : Candidates who have completed a four-year bachelor's degree course in Science and Technology, such as B. Tech Food, B. Tech Dairy, BSc. in Nutrition, Nursing/B.N, Public Health, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Medicine, or similar degree courses from reputed institutions, will be considered for enrollment to the M Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum.


    Where is the College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology located?

    The college is conveniently located on Purnachandi Road, Kumaripati, Lalitpur-19, Nepal.

    What is the primary intake date?

    The main intakes for most programs are from August - October.

    Does the college provide scholarships to students?

    Yes, the college does provide scholarships to students. The students are selected based on their previous academic performance and the potential demonstrated by their results. 

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