Australian School of Accounting (ASA)

    Australian School of Accounting (ASA)
    Australian School of Accounting (ASA)
    Established on: 2017

    The founders of the Australian School of Accounting (ASA) have been actively involved in professional accounting education and training for many years. Over that time, they have seen a trend in the quality of accounting educational standards being dumbed down.

    This has been reinforced by professional level exam data that indicates that accounting graduates struggle with the content, complexity and rigour of the professional accounting qualifying standard. This situation is echoed by employers regularly voicing their dissatisfaction with the general lack of preparedness of accounting graduates for a career in professional accounting.

    All professions, including accounting are facing challenges and disruption from increasing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and impact of digital technology. This also impacts on not just what but also how students learn. Traditional accounting education is failing to adapt to rapidly changing dynamics of the business environment that graduates are entering. In 2016, the founders realised that something needed to be done to improve the quality, relevance and work readiness of accounting graduates for the workforce of tomorrow.

    In 2017, ASA was established with the purpose of becoming a quality focused higher education provider. it would provide an industry-focused accounting education by addressing the perceived weaknesses of traditional accounting education. It would focus on quality and excellence in teaching and learning as part of an aligned industry-relevant approach. Through a differentiated and personalised approach ASA will prepare the accounting and finance professionals of the future with the passion, demonstrated capabilities and transferable skills to continue lifelong learning.

    In 2019, ASA was approved by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) to be a higher education provider.

    In 2021 ASA will be offering its first course, the Bachelor of Professional Accounting.

    It is the founders’ intent that ASA graduates will develop a balanced, focused edge and industry know-how that will provide them with outstanding knowledge and skill base that make them the preferred choice of employers.

    (CRICOS 03847F)


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