US Travel Checklist: Things to Carry to USA for Students from India

US Travel Checklist: Things to Carry to USA for Students from India

US Travel Checklist: Things to Carry to USA for Students from India
Saru Niraula

You've been accepted to the university of your dreams! Your visa request has been granted. And you're ready to take off for the United States to start your studies. 

However, you must be completely aware of your "Essentials" checklist, more precisely your USA student packing list, before you go on your eagerly awaited travel to study there! 

To ensure that everything is set up and prepared, you have a lot of things to take care of. This article has created an all-important checklist with items to bring to the United States for Indian students to help you.

Documents Required to Travel to the USA

Let's first introduce you to the most crucial documents without which you won't be allowed entry into the US before discussing what students from India should bring with them.

The following list contains the documentation that must be shown to immigration agents at US airports:

  • The university requires admissions, aid, and forms.
  • Original academic transcripts: These will also include your degree certificate, school certificate, original mark sheets that have been attested, letters of recommendation, etc. Keep copies of the same documents on you as well.
  • Scoresheets for standardised or entrance exams (TOEFL, GRE or GMAT, etc.)
  • Immunisation report: Examine and strictly abide by each university's obligatory immunisation standards.
  • I-20 Form: This document, given by an educational institution recognised by the US government, attests to your admission to a full-time program and your capacity to support yourself financially while studying there. Your designated school official (DSO) sent this document to you.
  • Receipt for SEVIS Fee: Separate from the costs of their student visas, all overseas students must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee. The price is currently 350 USD, and payment must be made online.
  • Letter of acceptance from your university 
  •  passport, 
  • visa, 
  • LORs, 
  • SOPs, 
  • and a departure letter

Students Packing List for the USA

There are many items to carry from India to the United States while going to study. All of these items are listed in the various packing lists for US students that are shown below:

Let's take a closer look at the list of things to bring for Indian students travelling to the USA:

Travel Checklist

When packing necessary items for your trip from India to the United States, a student packing list for the country is the most crucial travel checklist. 

Your plane tickets, passport, credit cards, and student visa permission are the items you must have when travelling to the US.

  • Passport: You'll need your passport to prove your identity when you enter the US.
  • Payment Cards: When arriving in the US, you will first require a credit or debit card to pay for basics and utility services. Particularly well-liked payment options in the United States include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.
  • Student Visa: Before departing for the US, you must present a photocopy of your approved F-1 student visa at the airport.
  • Carry no more than 1,000 USD in actual currency; the remaining sum can be transported on loaded foreign exchange cards. Remember always to take a loose change for eating and drinking while travelling.
  • Because they are inexpensive, carry most of your cash on Forex cards.
  • It is recommended to wire the money straight to the university for tuition.
  • mobile, Laptop, tablet, and charger
  • Pen-drive/Hard-disk
  • Indian to American plug adaptor This is necessary. They are required to power the electronics you transport from India to the US.
  • digital camera
  • earbuds with microphone
  • Calculator
  • Additional batteries
  • a desk clock
  • HDD external, and so on.

Health Checklist

Let us now assist you with a few health-related items that you must put on your India to USA student travel checklist.

The following items should be on your packing list as a student from India travelling to the US:

  • Health Insurance: A visit to the emergency room typically costs 700 USD, and additional expenses like testing or prescriptions can quickly bring that figure well above 1,000 USD. All international universities require student health insurance. Instead of acquiring it from your university, you can get this from any insurance company in India at a lower price.
  • Health Examination: Before you depart, be sure to have a complete health examination performed. The cost of treatments, particularly eye and dental care, can be high in the US.
  • Cold, fever and cough medications include Crocin, Combiflam, Diziron, Vicks, Avail.25, etc.
  • lenses for the eyes

Clothing Checklist

The following is a list of clothing to bring for students travelling to the USA:

  • Bring winter, summer, and fall apparel for the state's weather.
  • Bring your toiletries.
  • Carry additional pillows and blankets if you can't live without them. But watch out for going over your luggage allowance.

Food Checklist

Now that we've got that out of the way, here are some necessities for your student packing list for the USA in terms of food:

  • Masala, packaged spices, and oils are permitted imports into the US, according to the US Customs and Border Protection website. So yes, you may import spices from India to the United States.
  • Prepared meals: You can bring prepared foods into the US (such as Maggi and pickles) in case of crises.
  • Three to a seven-litre pressure cooker.
  • Using rice, forks, knives, bowls, veggies, dal, and other items are generally forbidden and unnecessary. These might be discovered abroad as well.

Guidelines for Students Traveling to the US Regarding Luggage

After learning about the packing list for Indian students travelling to the USA, it's crucial to be informed about the criteria for and guidelines for luggage:

  • Each check-in bag's total linear dimensions shouldn't be at most 158 cm (62 inches). The combined weight cannot exceed 23 kg (50 pounds).
  • A laptop, briefcase, and purse are also permitted in addition to one piece of hand luggage. There should be a restriction on the maximum weight of hand luggage, often 5 to 10 kilograms.
  • Transportation Security Administration should be purchased.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance that protects you from baggage loss and catastrophes. You can get this service from an Indian insurance company.

You can feel comfortable that your necessities are in order and won't change now that you have them all. 

Before starting your mission, all the items above must be checked. 

Once they are, remember to inform yourself of any new paperwork or reports your preferred university may need.

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.


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