Best Country To Study Architecture

Best Country To Study Architecture

Best Country To Study Architecture
Saru Niraula

Each nation's architectural aesthetic is shaped by its history, culture, and experiences. The best country to study architecture is difficult to determine because different cultures value architecture differently. 

The best method to respond to this inquiry is to consider the following: What styles of architecture inspire you as a future architect? Do you prefer postmodern, gothic, or classic design more than contemporary? 

Architecture is a field of study that combines aspects of art and science to give physical life. Architecture has evolved, taking oke gothic, classical, and postmodern styles. Living and studying architecture abroad has many advantages. 

Through the study of Architecture, you get to witness many architectural types and how other cultures have influenced these styles. 

Although architecture is a vocation, studying overseas gives you access to top teachers, cutting-edge facilities, a global perspective, and top-notch programs—all of which open up countless employment prospects. You can select from bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs while deciding on the best nation to study architecture abroad.

Let's think about the best country to study architecture in this article. This article will assist you in learning more about the nations that provide the top architecture programs and give you a list of recommendations before applying to any university.

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Top Universities in the World for studying Architecture

Let's find the top 10 architecture universities worldwide before learning which country is the most excellent place to study architecture. 

The QS World Institution Rankings publishes a list of subject-specific rankings every year so that students, recent graduates, and working professionals can determine which university or college is the most excellent fit for them: 

The top 10 universities for architecture, according to the QS World Rankings for 2022, are listed below:

QS World Rankings 2022

University Name



Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Harvard University



ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology



University of Cambridge









University of California, Berkeley



Delft University of Technology


Politecnico di Milano


Manchester School of Architecture


6 Best Countries to study Architecture

Below are the countries that are recognized to be the best for studying architecture abroad. To help you properly select the finest nation to study architecture, this article has provided information about each country.


Many people aspire to study in the United States. This is because the United States is one of the top destinations for international students. 

The nation's finest universities and colleges provide more than 200 professional and non-professional architectural programs, and it is home to some of the most dazzling architectural marvels the world has ever seen. 

Most schools provide bachelor's, master's, and diploma programs in the area and have a long list of technical prerequisites that must be met for international students to be admitted. 

Some of the best architectural universities in the United States are listed below:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • University of California, Berkeley

United Kingdom (UK)

One of the most sought-after locations for architecture students is the United Kingdom, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and design. 

You can enroll in short-term architecture courses some UK schools offer to learn more about the industry and get practical experience. It is regarded as the ideal nation to learn architecture

One of the main advantages of studying there is the possibility of entering the UK labor market. International undergraduate and graduate students are granted a post-study work visa by the UK government, which is suitable for two years following graduation. 

Among the top universities in the UK offering architectural programs are:

  • Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
  • Cardiff University
  • Manchester School of Architecture
  • the University of Bath,
  • University of Cambridge


German architecture combines robust gothic designs with contemporary, eco-friendly ones. Germany is a popular destination for international students because of its top-notch educational system, booming economy, and high standard of living. 

You should choose Germany to study architecture abroad because of its renowned technical institutes and public universities that do not charge tuition. 

The top universities in Germany for studying architecture are, in order of preference for the finest nations to study architecture abroad:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Technical University Dresden
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Stuttgart University
  • the Technical University of Berlin
  • BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
  • TU Dortmund University

The Netherlands

For individuals who are driven by contemporary trends and technological breakthroughs that can help the industry and are interested in architecture's technical components, the Netherlands provides some extremely excellent programs. 

Most students choose to study in the Netherlands for this reason. Many people think that it is the ideal nation in which to learn architecture. The architectural creations of the Netherlands are inventive, futuristic, and complicated fusions of aesthetic integrity and urban requirements. 

The language is a significant barrier to studying in the Netherlands; many of the institutes' courses are offered in Dutch, which is also their official language. So, if you can get past the language barrier, these are the architecture schools that you should consider:

  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Leiden University
  • Delft Institute of Technology
  • the University of Groningen


For many students, choosing to study in Italy is a popular decision. Every architect's ideal location and the chance to study in a nation home to wonders like The Colosseum, Milan Cathedral, and Pantheon should not be missed. It is the finest country to study architecture because it is full of architectural marvels. 

The architecture programs offered by Italian institutions combine scientific and artistic disciplines; the courses can be challenging and demanding, focusing equally on the technical and creative facets of architecture and its application. 

The nation contains the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and if you're interested in learning more about Roman architecture, these universities are for you:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Politecnico di Torino 

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.


Many students aspire to attend university in Japan. It is the center of technology, science, and an amazing fusion of old and modern architecture. 

The nation is renowned for rethinking architecture and expanding its parameters. Because of their high standards of education, an abundance of scholarships, and employment options for students, Japanese institutions have experienced a significant rise in the number of international students over the years. 

One of the greatest countries to learn architecture is Japan. You should research the prerequisites and entrance tests if you're interested in studying architecture in Japan. The following universities are listed:

  • The University of Tokyo
  • Kyoto University
  • Keio University
  • Waseda University

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