Universities Accepting TOEFL Scores 75 and Below!

Universities Accepting TOEFL Scores 75 and Below!

Universities Accepting TOEFL Scores 75 and Below!
Sahil Dahal

Embarking on the journey of higher education often involves careful consideration of various factors, and one pivotal aspect is the choice of an institution that aligns with academic aspirations and individual circumstances. A selection of diverse and esteemed universities awaits individuals aiming to pursue their studies with a TOEFL score of 75 and below. This compilation encompasses institutions across the United States, England, and Australia. Each university accommodates a range of TOEFL scores and offers unique programs and rich academic environments. Let's delve into the details of these universities that warmly welcome students with TOEFL scores of 75 and below, opening doors to a world of educational possibilities.

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University in Ohio is a public institute covering 1338 acres. It is renowned for its diverse academic offerings, including business, scientific and social sciences, health and wellness, technology, arts, and humanities. The university provides nationally acclaimed programs and excellent facilities. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive higher education experience.

Golden Gate University

Founded 1901 in San Francisco, Golden Gate University is a private non-profit institution with a strong focus on professional education. Specializing in taxes, business, law, and accounting, it caters to candidates seeking specialized training.

East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University is a public research institution in Johnson City, Tennessee, part of the Tennessee State University and Community College System. An institutional board of trustees governs it, offers diverse academic programs, and is dedicated to research excellence.

Lehigh University

Established in 1865 in Pennsylvania, Lehigh University became a coeducational institution in 1971-1972. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, it has grown into a community of 7,000 students, offering various undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Cleveland State University

Founded in 1964, Cleveland State University, based in Ohio, became operational in 1923 after acquiring Fenn College. Notably, this public university has a TOEFL score requirement of only 65, making it accessible to a broader range of international students.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University, a public land-grant research institution, offers over 200 undergraduate programs, doctoral degrees, and graduate-level courses, providing diverse student options.

Ohio State University Columbia

As a top TOEFL college accepting scores below 75, Ohio State University Columbia, located in Columbus, Ohio, is among the most significant public universities in the US. It is recognized as a public Ivy and offers a range of academic programs.

Indiana State University

Founded in 1865, Indiana State University accepts TOEFL scores below 75. With a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate degrees, it is classified as a doctoral/professional university.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, a public research institution in England founded in 2004, offers around 100 programs in business, science, humanities, and engineering. It was ranked 27th in the QS World University Ranking 2021 and is a prestigious choice for international students.

University of St. Andrews

Founded in 1413, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland is one of the oldest universities. It offers courses in business, liberal arts, science, and pre-professional programs, providing a rich educational heritage.

University of Newcastle

Ranked among the top 5 universities globally, the University of Newcastle in Australia has been operational since 1965. It offers business, creative industries, and law programs and attracts students with diverse academic offerings.

Deakin University

Established in 1974, Deakin University is a public institution in Victoria, Australia. It is recognized among the top 50 young universities worldwide and offers many courses in a modern and dynamic learning environment.

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Why is the TOEFL score significant for admission to universities accepting scores of 75 and below?

Prospective international students must understand the role of the TOEFL score in the admission process for universities that accept scores of 75 and below.

How do universities like Bowling Green State and Cleveland State support international students with TOEFL scores below 75?

Explore the specific measures and support systems at universities such as Bowling Green State and Cleveland State that facilitate integrating students with TOEFL scores below 75, making education accessible to a broader range of international students.

Given its focus on professional education, what advantages does Golden Gate University offer to candidates with TOEFL scores of 75 and below?

Discover the unique advantages for students with TOEFL scores of 75 and below at Golden Gate University, known for its specialized focus on taxes, business, law, and accounting, catering to aspiring professionals.

How does the University of Newcastle's global ranking impact opportunities for international students with TOEFL scores below 75?

Explore the potential advantages and opportunities for students with TOEFL scores below 75 at the globally top-ranked University of Newcastle, examining how the institution's reputation influences the educational experience.

What insights can you provide into the diverse academic programs at Deakin University and how they accommodate students with TOEFL scores below 75?

Delve into the academic landscape of Deakin University, emphasizing its diverse program offerings and how it caters to students with TOEFL scores below 75, showcasing the breadth of available courses.

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