A 7 Step Process To Get Into Harvard Business School

A 7 Step Process To Get Into Harvard Business School

A 7 Step Process To Get Into Harvard Business School
Ashma Shrestha

Attaining an MBA from Harvard Business School is a coveted achievement. The program holds a prestigious reputation and boasts a notable alumni network of influential leaders in the corporate world. The resources, connections and prestige that the Harvard MBA program provides can significantly enhance one's opportunities for career success. The school's reputation and the program's potential benefits make it an attractive choice for those looking to further their careers in business. The resources, network and prestige offered by the Harvard MBA program can significantly benefit your career goals.

However, gaining admission to the program is highly competitive, as the school is selective in accepting applicants. The admissions committee at Harvard has specific expectations for applicants. It is essential to put in the time and effort to meet those expectations to increase your chances of getting accepted. 

If you possess the appropriate qualifications and are interested in attending Harvard Business School but feel daunted by the application process, you have come to the right place. This guide will provide all the necessary information on how to apply to Harvard Business School successfully.

A 7-Step Process To Get Into Harvard School

Research the Program

One of the first steps in applying to the Harvard Business School MBA program is to research the program itself. This includes understanding the program's curriculum, culture, and resources. Examining the program will ensure that it aligns with your career goals and will provide the education and opportunities you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Understand the admissions criteria

The next step in applying to the Harvard Business School MBA program is understanding the admissions requirements. This includes reviewing the necessary test scores, work experience, and other qualifications required for admission.

The most common test scores required for admission to the Harvard MBA program are the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The scores from these tests are used to assess the applicant's aptitude for graduate-level business studies. The admissions committee typically looks for scores in the top percentiles, and a strong score can help to strengthen your application.

Prepare your application materials

An essential step in applying to the Harvard Business School MBA program is to prepare your application materials, such as your resume, cover letter, essays and other required documents. These materials highlight your qualifications and demonstrate your fit with the program.

Your resume should highlight your professional experience, education, and relevant skills or accomplishments. Remember to highlight your leadership experiences and notable achievements in previous roles. Additionally, it is essential to tailor your resume to the MBA program and its requirements.

A cover letter should be written professionally and is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you are applying to the program. It should also highlight your qualifications, skills and experience that match the program's requirements.

The essays are an opportunity to showcase your personality, qualifications and motivations and are an essential part of the application process. The admissions committee will evaluate the articles to determine your fit with the program, your goals, and how you will contribute to the community. 


Reaching out to alumni who have graduated from the program can give you an understanding of the curriculum, culture, and opportunities the program offers. They can also offer advice on navigating the application process and what the admissions committee looks for in applicants.

Prior students can offer a unique perspective on the program and give you a sense of the day-to-day experience of being a student at Harvard Business School. They can also provide insight into the resources available to students and how they have made the most of their time in the program. This can provide valuable information about the program and give you insight into the application process.

Take the GMAT or GRE

Preparing well for the test is essential as it is one of the most critical factors in the admissions process at Harvard Business School. GMAT and GRE are standardised tests that measure your aptitude for graduate-level business studies. They assess your math, verbal and writing skills. Many resources are available to help you prepare for the test, such as study guides, practice tests, and online courses. It would be best if you also gave yourself enough time to prepare and take the test. 

By preparing well and taking the standardised test required for admission, you will demonstrate your readiness for the rigorous coursework of the MBA program and your ability to perform well academically. This will increase your chances of acceptance into the prestigious Harvard Business School MBA program. 

Submit your application

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, the next step in applying to the Harvard Business School MBA program is to submit your application materials by the deadline. This includes submitting test scores, essays, and other required documents.

It's essential to be organised and to keep track of all the deadlines and requirements of the application process. Make sure to submit all the materials required by the deadline, including transcripts, test scores, essays, and references. It's also important to double-check that all the materials are complete, accurate, and error-free.


If you are selected for an interview, it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate further your qualifications, fit and potential as a candidate to the admissions committee. Therefore, preparing thoroughly for the interview is crucial to increase your chances of being accepted into the program.

Before the interview, research the program, its culture and its values. This will help you understand the school's expectations and articulate your fit and motivation for the program. Review your application and be prepared to speak about your qualifications, experience and why you are interested in the program.

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