MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA

MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA

MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA
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MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA covers many specializations, such as Core courses such as mathematics, data science, computer science, engineering, physics, biological sciences, health care, etc. As a result, a Master's in Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity among students of diverse disciplines. 

This is a computer science degree with a gigantic career outlook in the USA and the entire world. The tuition fees for MS in AI in the USA range from USD 20,000 to USD 80,000 annually. Depending on the providers, this course can be 1 to 3 years long. 

Some of the core programs comprehended by Master of Science in the USA are: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Learning
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Software Engineering


  • MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: English Language Requirements
  • MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Academic Requirements
  • MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Tuition Fees
  • MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Career opportunities 

Why MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA?

  • As you will see in the table below, the USA houses the best Artificial Intelligence universities in the world. 
  • USA is the jackpot for AI aspirants thanks to the world-class university for AI, the popularity of the US AI degree amongst employers and the job market. 
  • The USA offers impressive scholarships and financial aid- in the name of Research assistantships and Teaching Assistantships- to deserving international students to help with tuition fees.
  • There is a huge demand for AI professionals in the USA.  Additionally, the job market pays in entry-level job positions as well. 
  • Some universities demand GRE, and universities that do not require GRE for admission to a Master in AI. As a result, you can choose how you want your pursue your master's. 

Top Universities for MS in the USA

According to US NEWS, these are the top universities in the USA for master's in AI. 

US News Ranking




Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA


Massachusetts Institutes of Technology

Cambridge, MA


Stanford University

Stanford, CA


University of California- Berkeley

Berkeley, CA


University of Washington

Seattle, WA


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY


Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA


University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Urbana, IL


University of Texas- Austin

Austin, TX


University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Amherst, MA


Columbia University

Columbia University


University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA


University of California- Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA


University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA


University of Maryland- College Park

College Park, MD


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Application Process for Master of AI in USA

  • USA offers several specializations in Master of AI at the masters level. First, research and finalize the course and the University of College in the USA offering that program.
  • Scan the admission requirements of the institute by specifically going under the Admission Requirements of the MS in AI program website and prepare the documents accordingly. 
  • Give IELTS or other English language tests. 
  • Prepare and give an aptitude test like GRE if your program demands it.
  • Collect all the documents(Academic transcripts and certificates from all the academic institutions attended ahead, resume, SOP, English language proficiency test, Passport etc.), scan them and fill in the application form. 
  • Wait until you get an offer letter, also called a letter of acceptance (LOA) from the university of college. (It could take from 6 weeks to 3 months).
  • Upon receiving the LOA, begin the VISA Process. Finally, apply for a VISA and wait until you get an answer. 

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in relevant coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (differs dispensing on the university)
  • Resume/ CV with your academic and career achievements, experience etc.
  • Letter of Recommendations (2 to 3 are asked)
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Past: Your educational path and career so far. The turning point and realization of your passion.
    • Present: Why did you choose that university and program?
    • Future: How do your career goals align with the degree you are trying to get into? 

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in AI in the USA for international students

Boston University

  • Course name: MS in Artificial Intelligence
  • Course duration: 2 years
  • English Language Requirements:
    • TOEFL IBT: 92
    • IELTS: 7.0
  • Academic Requirements: A minimum 3.0 GPA in students with a strong background in CS and coursework such as algorithms, computer systems, programming languages, and theory in a 3 or 4-year bachelor's degree.
  • Other Requirements: 3 LOR, Statement of Purpose, GRE Scores, Official academic transcripts. 
  • Application fees: USD 95
  • GRE Scores are mandatory: No minimum  GRE scores are in states. The average percentiles of admitted students have scored 60% for Verbal and 80% for Quantitative.
  • Fall intake deadline: April 1

University of Arizona

  • Course name: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Artificial Intelligence), MS
  • Course duration: 1 to 2 years
  • English Language Requirements: Minimum scores are: 
    • TOEFL ibt: 79
    • IELTS: 7.0
  • Academic Requirements: A minimum GPA of 3.0 in STEM bachelor's coursework. 
  • Other Requirements: 3 LOR, Statement of Purpose, GRE Scores, Official academic transcripts. 
  • GRE Requirements: A minimum of 308 in GRE.
  • Fall intake deadline: December 31
  • Spring intake: April 15

Illinois Tech

  • Course Name: Master of Science in AI/ Artificial Intelligence (MAS)
  • Course duration: 1-2 Years
  • English Language Requirements: Minimum scores at-
    • Internet TOEFL: 90
    • Paper TOEFL: 600
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • PTE: 63
    • DET: 110
  • Academic Requirements: Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, although not necessarily in computer science or a related field of study, with an overall GPA of 3.0/4.0.
    • For those without a bachelor's degree in computer science, prerequisite undergraduate coursework with grades of B or better in Accelerated Computer Science or Object-Oriented Programming I and II, and Introduction to Advanced Studies I and II, is required.
  • Other Requirements: 2 LORs, Statement of Purpose, 
  • GRE Requirements: A minimum GRE score of 305 and 3.5 in AWA

University of Michigan- Dearborn

  • Course name: MS in Artificial Intelligence
  • Course duration: 1 to 2 years
  • English Language Requirements: Minimum Scores are:  
    • TOEFL Internet-based: 84
    • TOEFL Paper-based: 560
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • Duolingo: 105
  • Academic Requirements: An undergraduate or bachelor's degree/ coursework in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) with a B average.
  • Other Requirements: CV, Statement of Purpose, 3 LORs (you must enter your recommender name and email address), and All academic transcripts. 
  • GRE is not required. 

University of South Carolina

  • Course name: Artificial Intelligence certificate (Comprehends curricula such as Big Data Analytics, Robotics Systems, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Warehousing, Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs, Computer Processing and Natural Language, and Pattern Recognition and Classification.
  • English Language Requirements: Minimum accepted scores: 
    • TOEFL: 80
    • IELTS: 6.5
  • Academic Requirements: An undergraduate degree with a minimum B average demonstrating a solid background in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • Other Requirements: 3 LORs, SOP, Official academic documents, GRE scores. 
  • GRE Requirement: Quantitative scores of 160 or higher and GRE Verbal scores of 145 or higher

Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Course name: Applied Artificial Intelligence Master’s Program
  • Course duration: 2 Years
  • English Language Requirements:
    • TOEFL iBT: 79-85
    • TOEFL PBT: 550-563
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • Duolingo: 105
  • Academic Requirements: Bachelor's degree in computer science and related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from an accredited institution. 
  • Other Requirements: 2 letters of Recommendation, Resume, Statement of Purpose
  • GRE is mandatory, though minimum GRE Scores are not stated. 
  • Application fees: USD 60

MS In Artificial Intelligence in the USA Tuition Fees for international students

The cost of a Master's in AI in the USA ranges from USD 20,000 to USD 80,000 annually for international students. Of course, the tuition fees could be even higher in some universities. 


Approximate Tuition fees in USD per year

Contech University


Stanford University


University of Arizona


University of Buffalo SUNY


Carnegie Mellon University


Boston University


Stevens Institute of Technology


North Western University


Columbia University


University of Miami



100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA: Scholarships for international students

  • Fulbright Scholarships for Indians
  • National Overseas Scholarship
  • QS Connect Master’s Scholarship
  • Civil Society Leadership Award
  • PEO International Peace Scholarship For Women

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA without GRE

These universities do not have GRE scores as mandatory admission requirements. The requirements to study in these universities are a 3.0 GPA for a bachelor's degree, at least 6.5 (generally over 7.0) in IELTS, and 2-3 letters of recommendation. Experience, 

  1. Purdue University
  2. Indiana University- Bloomington
  3. University of Saint Thomas
  4. Arizona State University
  5. Western Michigan University
  6. University of Houston
  7. George Mason University (GMU)
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  9. Wichita State University
  10. University of Bridgeport

Masters in Artificial Intelligence salary and scope in the USA

Graduates with an MS in artificial intelligence can pursue a doctoral study in relevant subjects or a job. 

The career opportunities for AI pass-outs extend to numerous industries as varied as manufacturing, financial services, transportation, marketing aerospace, national security, IOT-enabled systems, Technology and Home automation, defence, and health care.

According to Payscale, the average salary for AI professionals is USD 121,000 in the USA. 

Career opportunities for graduates after completing a Master's in AI with an average salary annually:


Annual Salary (in USD)

Machine Learning Engineer


Information Technology (IT) Director


Research and development engineer


Research Scientist


Robotics Engineer


Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Business intelligence developer


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Senior Data Scientist


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