How To Start Preparing For The GMAT

How To Start Preparing For The GMAT

How To Start Preparing For The GMAT
Sahil Dahal

Embark on a journey to elevate your GMAT preparation and achieve a stellar 700+ score! Uncovering effective strategies is paramount for ambitious individuals pursuing an MBA or other graduate management programs. This article serves as your guide, offering valuable insights and presenting 40 free GMAT resources to empower you on your path to success. Get ready to unlock the doors to academic excellence and professional achievement through strategic GMAT preparation.

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Importance of GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is pivotal in determining one's eligibility in the competitive landscape of business school admissions worldwide. This standardized exam meticulously assesses critical thinking, analytical writing, problem-solving, and data interpretation skills — all essential attributes for thriving in the dynamic business environment.

To secure a coveted spot in top-tier business schools, grasping the profound importance of excelling in the GMAT is imperative. This examination is a powerful tool for admissions committees to gauge your intellectual capabilities, making it a critical milestone in your academic journey.

Standing out in the applicant pool requires more than just familiarity with the exam format. It demands a comprehensive understanding of the skills and competencies the GMAT evaluates. This includes thinking critically under time constraints, articulating well-structured analytical essays, tackling complex problem-solving scenarios, and interpreting data effectively.

Moreover, achieving success in the GMAT requires a strategic and well-informed approach. Aspirants need access to the proper knowledge and resources to navigate the intricacies of the exam confidently. From understanding question types to mastering test-taking strategies, a holistic preparation plan becomes the cornerstone of a successful GMAT journey.

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Overcoming GMAT Preparation Challenges

Consistency Is Key

Maintaining a regular study routine is paramount for GMAT success. Allocate dedicated time each day, even if it's just an hour, to prevent skill stagnation. Consistent daily practice enhances productivity and prevents performance hindrances.

Clarify Your Goals

Lack of clarity about your GMAT goals can lead to aimless studying and procrastination. Reflect on your aspirations, research dream colleges, and align programs with prospects. Setting a target score motivates focused preparation.

Develop a Well-Structured Plan

A haphazard study approach yields poor outcomes. Develop a well-structured plan covering content knowledge, test-taking strategies, and extensive practice. Create a roadmap, allocate time for review, and assess progress regularly.

GMAT Resources to Boost Your Preparation

5 Best GMAT Apps


Ready4GMAT stands out with its extensive question bank, offering over 2000 free verbal and quantitative questions. What sets it apart is the in-app score analysis, providing valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. The app also offers one-on-one online tutoring for personalized guidance. With adaptive algorithms, it tailors your practice sessions to focus on your specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted approach to GMAT preparation.

Manhattan Prep GMAT

The Manhattan Prep GMAT app is a powerhouse of resources featuring 1,110 practice questions. Its strength lies in detailed progress tracking and in-depth statistics, allowing you to monitor your performance precisely. Covering a wide range of content in both verbal and mathematics, the app ensures a holistic preparation experience. Whether brushing up on fundamentals or tackling advanced concepts, Manhattan Prep GMAT has you covered.

Magoosh, GMAT Prep & Practice

Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice takes a tailored approach to enhance your overall GMAT preparation. The app offers two math and idiom flashcard tools, focusing on essential formulas and idioms with a smart algorithm. The adaptive nature of the app ensures that your practice adapts to your progress, optimizing your learning curve. With Magoosh, you get a personalized and efficient study plan to boost your confidence on test day.

Bloomberg GMAT Tutor

As the companion app to the Economist's best GMAT prep course online, Bloomberg GMAT Tutor brings a wealth of expertise to your fingertips. The app employs adaptive learning technology to tailor your study sessions for personalized improvement. The "Ask-a-Tutor" messaging tool is a standout feature, providing direct access to additional assistance when needed. With Bloomberg GMAT Tutor, you're not just preparing; you're guided by experts toward achieving your best GMAT performance.

GMAT Toolkit 2

GMAT Toolkit 2 distinguishes itself by combining resources from five reputable test prep companies. This app provides tips, tricks, and the latest GMAT news and trends. The inclusion of quant and idiom flashcards ensures a comprehensive preparation journey. Whether seeking a quick review or staying updated with the latest developments in the GMAT landscape, GMAT Toolkit 2 is your go-to resource hub for a well-rounded preparation experience.

5 Free GMAT Mock Tests For Effective Preparation

Kaplan Free GMAT Practice Test

Kaplan's Free GMAT Practice Test offers a realistic simulation of the actual exam with high-quality questions. What sets it apart is the live explanations provided by Kaplan faculty, ensuring a deeper understanding of each question. Access to meticulous video answer explanations further enhances your learning experience. With Kaplan, you practice and receive expert guidance to refine your GMAT skills.

Veritas Free GMAT Practice Test

Veritas Free GMAT Practice Test provides a realistic testing environment with high-quality practice questions. Its unique pause feature allows you to simulate real timing and build stamina for the actual GMAT. Additionally, the availability of computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests adds versatility to your preparation, ensuring you're well-prepared for the dynamic nature of the exam.

INSEAD Full GMAT Practice Test

INSEAD offers a Full GMAT Practice Test that allows you to assess your GMAT knowledge using high-quality questions. This resource will enable you to familiarize yourself with the exam's structure and content. As a valuable offering from a prestigious business school, the INSEAD Full GMAT Practice Test adds credibility to your preparation journey.

Princeton Review Free GMAT Practice Test

With Princeton Review's Free GMAT Practice Test, you can access a valuable resource by creating an account. The flexibility to choose between self-proctored or online testing accommodates different study preferences. This resource offers a realistic testing center experience and allows for one-practice test events, enabling you to customize your practice according to your needs.

800 Score Test

The 800 Score Test offers the first of five practice tests for free, featuring realistic questions. Its adaptive format in both verbal and math sections ensures a dynamic practice experience that mirrors the actual GMAT. With the ability to review answers, read explanations, and analyze time spent on each question, this resource provides a comprehensive platform for refining your skills and tracking your progress effectively.

5 Online GMAT Video Resources

Khan Academy GMAT Lessons

Khan Academy offers free GMAT video lessons focused on problem-solving and data sufficiency. These lessons aim to help you master key concepts crucial for academic and professional success. With Khan Academy, you can access valuable insights in an engaging video format, making complex GMAT topics more accessible.

Perfect Scores GMAT Prep

Perfect Scores GMAT Prep stands out with detailed videos on its dedicated channel, designed to guide you toward achieving high GMAT scores. The channel doesn't stop at GMAT; it extends its coverage to the GRE and other SAT exams, providing easy-to-understand lessons that transcend specific exams. Perfect Scores GMAT Prep becomes a comprehensive resource for those aiming for excellence across multiple standardized tests.

Manhattan Prep GMAT

Manhattan Prep GMAT takes pride in being an industry leader in online GMAT test preparation, offering insights from expert instructors. The platform provides a comprehensive approach to GMAT preparation with both online and in-person options. Benefit from the expertise of seasoned instructors to navigate the complexities of the GMAT successfully.

Wizako GMAT Prep

Wizako GMAT Prep is a comprehensive resource hub with quant lessons, practice questions, and valuable test-taking tips. Designed to cover various aspects of GMAT preparation, this platform ensures you have the tools and knowledge to tackle the quantitative section effectively. Access a wealth of resources to enhance your skills and confidence for the GMAT.


GMAT Club is more than just a platform; it's a community and forum where GMAT aspirants unite. Join this online community to explore a wealth of information, resources, and support for your GMAT preparation journey. Engage in discussions, seek advice, and tap into a collective pool of knowledge to elevate your preparation experience. GMAT Club becomes a virtual companion on your path to GMAT success.

5 Essential GMAT Resources

Interactive GMAT Exam Tutorial

The Interactive GMAT Exam Tutorial offers a sneak peek into the GMAT test experience, providing insights into the interface and navigation. This resource allows you to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, test screens, and layouts. By gaining a preview of the GMAT environment, you can approach the actual exam with confidence, knowing what to expect and how to navigate seamlessly.

The Definitive GMAT Study Plan – 2023 Edition

Embark on your GMAT preparation journey with The Definitive GMAT Study Plan – 2023 Edition. This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step study plan tailored to individual learning styles. It provides a structured approach to help you reach your highest potential on the GMAT. By following this detailed study plan, you can optimize your preparation and confidently tackle the challenges the GMAT poses.

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GMAT™ Official Starter Kit

The GMAT™ Official Starter Kit is an exclusive sampler featuring 90 past exam questions and two full-length practice exams. Designed to simulate the real exam format, it progressively increases in difficulty, providing an authentic test experience. This resource is invaluable for honing your skills, gauging your readiness, and familiarizing yourself with the nuances of the GMAT.

60-Day GMAT Study Guide

Enroll in the 60-Day GMAT Study Guide for a structured daily plan delivered via email. This free study guide outlines a 60-day GMAT preparation plan, covering all necessary content and incorporating effective practice. Tailored for a comprehensive approach, this guide ensures you make the most of each day leading up to the GMAT, maximizing your readiness for success.

GMAT Prep Flashcards by Career Launcher

Take a quick and aggressive approach to mastering GMAT concepts with GMAT Prep Flashcards by Career Launcher. These flashcards cover the basics and provide strategies to tackle GMAT questions efficiently. Ideal for those seeking a rapid review and reinforcement of key concepts, these flashcards contribute to a focused and strategic GMAT preparation approach.

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How long does it take to prepare for the GMAT?

The duration varies, but on average, most students spend three to six months preparing.

How do I crack the GMAT and score 700+?

Follow a study plan consistently, utilize various resources, and practice time management.

Where can I find a GMAT prep question bank?

Recommended sources include Official GMAT Prep Software, Manhattan Prep, Veritas Prep, and Kaplan.

Is there a GMAT prep PDF available for self-study?

Yes, many test prep companies offer free and paid PDF guides, such as Manhattan Prep, Kaplan, and Veritas Prep.

Are there any free Pearson GMAT preparation resources available?

Pearson provides free resources on the official GMAT website, including practice questions and test-taking strategies.

Where can I find free PDF downloads of Manhattan GMAT Prep books?

While some free resources are available online, purchasing original books or accessing authorized digital versions for up-to-date and accurate materials is recommended.

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