Cheap Community Colleges in USA: Top 6 Cheap Community Colleges in the USA for International Students

Cheap Community Colleges in USA: Top 6 Cheap Community Colleges in the USA for International Students

Cheap Community Colleges in USA: Top 6 Cheap Community Colleges in the USA for International Students
Saru Niraula

Attending one of the best private universities in the USA can be costly, particularly for students from outside the country. On the other hand, the community college system is a distinct category of educational institution that offers a quality education at a reasonable cost. The most prestigious and reasonably priced institutions in America are community colleges. Local and international students can enroll at these colleges.

You should also be aware that these universities are home to around one-fifth of all overseas students studying in the United States of America. In the United States, community colleges are typically located in California, Washington, Texas, New York, and Florida.

Community colleges are the institutions that primarily draw students from that area. Living at home while attending a community college near them saves time and money for the students. Students with little financial resources favor these colleges because they are more economical than universities.

Although community schools provide bachelor's degrees, associate, diploma, and certification programs are the most popular. Community colleges admit international students more readily than universities, encouraging many foreigners to apply there.

Community colleges are intended to meet the requirements of high school graduates seeking higher education degrees without fuss. To serve the needs of such students worldwide, the blog shared provides you with the list of the least expensive community colleges in the USA for foreign students.

Why study in community colleges in the USA

  • One of the main reasons students with low financial capacity select community schools is that they are less expensive than private institutions.
  • Additionally, the admissions process is fairly liberal, increasing your likelihood of being accepted quickly.
  • Community colleges are excellent for international students because of the diversity and exposure to typical American college culture. 
  • Unlike in universities, the batch size is less, allowing the staff to provide each student with personalized attention.
  • Community colleges might be beneficial since credits earned there can be transferable to other universities and institutions for further study.
  • Another benefit of attending a community college is obtaining a bachelor's degree at a low cost.
  • Online classes are available at community colleges.
  • The most significant benefit of attending a community college in the United States of America is that its laws, standards, and guidelines allow you to live and work in the United States for up to one year.

Top 6 cheap community colleges in the USA

The City University of Newyork

One of the least expensive community institutions in the USA for foreign students is the City University of New York. It is a public institution located in New York City and part of one of the country's most prominent systems of urban universities. 

Since its founding in 1961, this institution has provided its students with various degrees and courses in numerous subjects. 

The tuition fee costs about $18,000 yearly.

East Mississippi Community College

In Scooba, Mississippi, a public community college known as the East Mississippi Community College was established in 1927. A wide variety of academic courses are available at post-secondary colleges to help students prepare to transfer to four-year universities and colleges. There are also specialized professional programs offered to provide students with in-demand job skills.

EMCC examines and accepts foreign students without imposing strict standards and keeps tuition costs low, positioning the campus among the most affordable community colleges in the USA for foreign students. 

The annual tuition for out-of-country students is $6,500.

South Texas Community College

With a tuition fee of $4,500, this institution is among the country's best and cheapest public community colleges. It is currently situated in the South Texas section of the Rio Grande Valley. The main selling point of South Texas University is the forty or so associate's degree options it provides to both domestic and international students.

It was founded in 1993 and grants degrees and bachelor's, associate's, and certificate programs to students from diverse backgrounds.

South Texas Community College includes five physical campuses spread around Texas and a digital campus that supports online education.

California State University

The ranking of the cheapest community colleges in the USA for foreign students includes California State University, a public university. Additionally, it was listed as #196 in the list of top universities by US News. Long Beach, California, is where this community college is situated. 

There were roughly 21,460 undergraduate students enrolled in the previous autumn intake. There are numerous degrees available in the more than sixty open fields.

With an annual tuition cost of $8,500, it is also one of the most affordable community colleges in the USA for foreign students.

 Hutchinson Community College

The Kansas City of Hutchinson population is approximately 45,000, a large number compared to other small American cities. More than 3,000  students attend this college, which offers a wide range of degrees in business, science, agriculture, information technology, healthcare, and many more.

Degrees and certifications are available to students. They provide a range of programs in several sectors, including Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Related Protective Services, General Studies and Humanities, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Health Professions and Related Programs.

The annual cost of tuition at Hutchinson Community College is about $5,000.

In the Hutchinson community, the admission rate for colleges is 100%. Therefore applying will likely result in admission.

Trinity Valley Community College

Trinity Valley Community College, founded in 1946 and located in Athens, Texas, USA, is one of the least expensive community colleges in the US for overseas students. It has four campuses and serves five areas in the province's southeast and east.

The institution offers a wide variety of curriculums that suit the needs of students from various backgrounds in terms of quality instruction, workforce development, and community service.

With an annual tuition cost of $6,000 for overseas students, this community college is among the most affordable in the USA.

Tuition Fees of Community Colleges

Many community colleges in the USA provide low-cost education to applicants domestically and abroad. 

The following list includes some of the absolute cheapest community colleges for students from abroad, along with their yearly tuition costs:

Name of College

Annual Tuition Fee Average

Bristol Community College


Lehman College


Greenfield Community College


Brigham Young University


University of Minnesota


Arkansas State of University


Houston Community College


Alcorn State University


Oxnard Community College


Central Wyoming College


Roxbury Community College



Application Requirements

  • The college's application form must be completed with all the necessary information.
  • Report cards from secondary and higher education, together with a student's grade sheet, are all evaluated by a recognized organization.
  • Scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, although they are currently optional in most colleges and universities.
  • A copy of the student's passport.
  • Financial records that include bank statements or a financial declaration from a sponsor testifying to funding.
  • Scores from English proficiency tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo that meet the minimum requirements.
  • Medical history and insurance.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • CV & Resume.

Application Process

  • The deadline for applying to the college you want to attend must be known.
  • You must send your high school diploma, the application fee, and the college's application form (in English, translate if not).
  • In addition, you'll need a copy of your current passport, financial documentation, evidence of your English language ability, a medical history form, a letter of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and your CV or résumé. A personal email can also be required from you.
  • Some institutions demand that you take an entrance exam, which you must pass with a specific minimum score.
  • You must wait for the results after completing the required paperwork.

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