Bachelor of Public Health in the USA

Bachelor of Public Health in the USA

Bachelor of Public Health in the USA
Dilip Chaulagain

Public Health has become one of the most sought-after courses, considering its surge in demand mainly, during and post-pandemic. In 2008, one of the articles from the Washington Post referred to undergraduate Public Health as a “hot field” and one of the critical components of an undergraduate level for a global generation. 

If we want to understand the Bachelor of public health in the USA, it is simply an art and a science dedicated to improving health and well-being, utilizing health care services, addressing policies to prevent illness and promoting sustainable solutions in regard to public health issues and challenges. 

The importance of public health has been growing significantly, especially where the generation is focused on inclusion and reducing inequalities among genders, children, and races within and across countries.

How many years does it take to study public health in the USA?

The four-year undergraduate curriculum is not just designed to give you an academic degree but also to give you a hands-on approach to identifying solutions and redefining policies to prevent morbidity and mortality in regard to chronic diseases, and infectious diseases around the world.

Why study Bachelor of Public Health in the US?

As countries are shifting towards bringing awareness regards to public health programs, it is for sure that the demand for public health will be higher. An undergraduate degree in public health in the US facilitates aspiring students to grab opportunities in the upliftment of public health sectors.

 There are a variety of specialities and sectors that students can enter into, such as healthcare administrations, international health, nutrition-related issues, disease prevention and so on. 

Bachelor of Public Health in the US is a unique and interdisciplinary degree, combined with multi-academic areas in the health care field to facilitate students to grab unlimited opportunities in terms of professional specializations. 

There are some core disciplines incorporated such as epidemiology, health policy and management, nutrition, community health education, biostatistics, environmental health sciences as well as social and behavioural sciences. 

All of these modules studied under public health care are based on some fundamentals of biology, cultural and socioeconomic differences, along with social sciences.

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Top Universities for Bachelor of Public Health in the US

A bachelor's in Public Health along with accreditation from Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), will give me an extra edge to become eligible for careers in the local and federal government as well as the military. According to our survey, the top public health schools and programs in terms of fees and acceptance rate are highlighted in the following table.

College/ University

Ranking in Public Health

Acceptance rate

Total Tuition Fee


Johns Hopkins University





Yes (Need-based


The University of North Carolina at

Chapel Hill




Yes (Academic


University of Florida




Yes (Course-

based scholarships)

The College of New Jersey




Yes (In-state Merit Scholarship,

and others)

University of

Washington- Seattle Campus




Yes(Academic Scholarships)

Ohio State University-Main Campus




Yes (First-Year Merit-

Based Scholarships)

The University of

Texas at Austin






Rutgers University-New Brunswick




Yes (First-Year Merit-Based


Texas A& M University

College Station




Yes (Academic


Ohio Northern University













Bachelor of Public Health entry requirements for international students



Minimum GPA

2.0 GPA or 3.0

Required Admission Materials

  1. Online Application
  2. Transcripts (High-school)
  3. Letters of Recommendation
  4. SAT/ACT scores
  5. Application fee (Can also be waived for some colleges)
  6. Personal Statement and a resume.

Scope of Public Health

Aspiring undergraduates of public health can choose their careers from a wide array of industries in global health, nutrition, epidemiology, and community education. There are limitless opportunities for studying public health as it offers you an understanding and skillsets in order to carry out significant positions in public health. There are some rewarding yet challenging aspects of undertaking this course and succeeding in the same field. One of the most crucial outcomes is finding prevention for diseases and chronic health issues.

  • Lead communities and solve problems: When it comes to community and global health issues, public health enthusiasts will possess the ability to identify potential health risks and develop contingency plans to resolve any potential challenges associated with preventing short-term infectious diseases like Covid-19, measles, malaria, etc. to long- term diseases like brain injury, heart and obesity diseases.
  • Areas of Expertise: The undergraduate degree in public health incorporates several key areas such as epidemiology, infectious illness, global health, public health policy, nutrition, health and behavioural science, maternal and child well-being, and environmental well-being.
  • Salary Range: The average salary range for potential positions in public health is highlighted in the following table.

Positions in Public Health

Average Salary (per annum)

Public Health Attorney/

Policy Analyst




Program Director



Environmental Health





Healthcare administrator


Health economist


Public Health Nurse


Health and safety engineer


The need for public health workers is taking a huge surge after the pandemic, with an increasing number of placement opportunities for graduates. 

Also, according to the survey conducted by the labour statistics bureau in 2018, the top-paying region for health workers and educators was found to be Washington DC.

Be it analyzing health statistics, developing medical care programs, educating communities or developing public health policies, graduates of public health can pursue various avenues among a wide array of career dimensions. 

There are several aspects of public health to concentrate on, but one core aim of every specialization is to prevent disease outbreaks and focus on uplifting healthy lifestyles and community well-being.

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