Study in New York

Study in New York

Study in New York
Ashma Shrestha

New York has a lengthy history of serving as a hub for immigration to the country, which is well documented. New York is the country's most popular and culturally significant town, home to almost 8 million individuals of various ethnic backgrounds living or attending school there.

The American Dream of possibility and self-determination couldn't be more tangible for a foreign student in New York. The most stunning nightlife scene in the world is undoubtedly found in New York, which is also widely regarded as the financial and tourist hotspot of the world.

International students studying in New York can be assured that there are several top-tier private and public educational institutions to pick from when it comes to schools and universities. The illustrious Cornell University is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, and the venerable Columbia University is tucked away inside New York City, making New York one of the few American states to be home to several Ivy League institutions.

Studying and living in New York City is an extraordinarily international experience because there are so many cultures to observe and learn from in one location. NYU gives many awards to non-American citizens, who make up a sizeable fraction of the student body. 

Therefore, if you're interested in attending school in New York, this blog has listed all the information you need to know so that you can recognize it and submit an application to the appropriate universities.

Benefits of studying in New York for International Students

  • More than 400 schools and universities, including New York University, Columbia University, and Cornell University, New York, can provide students of various disciplines with a well-rounded education.
  • For students wishing to gain practical industry experience, New York, which is home to more than 50 Fortune 500 businesses, offers a wide range of choices. Many companies provide students with internship opportunities.
  • The city boasts a thriving student community. Student life includes recreational activities, hiking, skiing, museum visits, and more, in addition to academics.
  • They are renowned worldwide for their top-notch courses, instructors, settings, and supplies. To guarantee performance standards, higher education in New York has certification programs in place.

Popular Courses

When studying in New York City, there are plenty of excellent courses. Students can pick the classes they want to take based on their areas of interest. You may expect the best education possible, which will help you gain more information and skills.

Some of the popular courses to choose from are:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Management 
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Performing Arts
  • Data Science 
  • Computer Science 
  • Sociology 
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Philosophy

Top Universities in New York

Some of the most famous and sought-after institutions, which are well-known worldwide, are located in New York. Although there are many universities to choose from, several have had long-standing popularity.

The best universities in New York for international students are listed below:

Columbia University

The top institution in New York City is Columbia University, recently ranked 7th in the QS World University Rankings: USA. Columbia University is a research powerhouse with an extensive curriculum covering many subjects. It has the third-largest foreign student enrollment of any US university, with 37% of its 33,000 students coming from abroad and an exceptionally diversified faculty (nearly 4,200 academic staff).

New York University

Students from all over the world can find education and inspiration at New York University. The institution provides training for various specializations, including engineering, finance, the arts, economics, and computer science. The university offers more than 400 courses throughout its 10 undergraduate and 15 graduate programs.

The institution has drawn a diverse range of writers, musicians, artists, and intellectuals to study in New York over the years, which is a big draw for many artistically inclined students.

Cornell University

One of the most esteemed Ivy League schools for students is Cornell University. The university offers top-notch engineering, business administration, and computer science studies. Placement and internship possibilities are available to students here.

It provides a variety of academic and professional courses. Cornell Institution holds the distinction of being the first US university to teach contemporary Far-Eastern languages. Cornell University is also recognized as the first US university to provide a degree in veterinary medicine.

Fordham University

Fordham University, one of the best private institutions in New York, is highly sought after by students looking for leading education and research facilities. At ten different institutions, students are trained in arts, science, technology, engineering, management, and other areas.

Fordham University, which refers to itself as the Jesuit University of New York, focuses on business, science, and liberal arts. Ten colleges make up Fordham University; four are for undergrads, and six are for graduate students.

University of Rochester

One of the most desired private research universities in New York is the University of Rochester. 24 Ph.D. degrees, 18 master's degrees, and 73 undergraduate programs are available through the university's 25 academic institutions and 21 research centers. This institution offers students training in various fields, including the arts, sciences, commerce, etc.

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Cost of Study at Universities in New York


Tuition Fee Approx

Columbia University


New York University


Cornell University


Fordham University


University of Rochester


Yeshiva University


Stony Brook University


Binghamton University


University at Buffalo


Clarkson University


Eligibility Criteria

International students have many options regarding where to study in New York. Students must first complete the prerequisites and conditions to be eligible to apply for a place to learn in the city. Each university may have its own set of requirements. However, all institutions adhere to a few common standards. 

These requirements are listed below.

  • High School/ Bachelor’s Degree
  • ACT/SAT Scores
  • English Language Score Sheet
  • Entrance Exam Requirements 
  • GPA ScoreRequirements
  • New York Student Visa
  • Additional Requirements

Documents Required

Students interested in attending one of New York's top institutions must provide some supporting documentation along with their application.

  • Translations of the academic records
  • Evidence of employment (for masters and doctoral programs)
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Test results for English language proficiency
  • NY Reports from entrance exams for students with valid visas (GRE, GMAT)
  • ACT/SAT results
  • Proof of GPA 
  • Updated CV or Resume
  • Receipt for an application fee

The application process to enroll at New York Universities

  • Selecting the program and concentration you want to pursue in New York.
  • Browse over the top colleges in New York, then pick the one that offers your preferred program.
  • Check the admission and eligibility requirements on the universities' official websites.
  • Verify whether there are any entrance test prerequisites.
  • Before the deadline, submit all necessary paperwork, your application form, and the cost.
  • Wait for a scheduled interview when your application has been reviewed.
  • The university will provide you with an admission letter if you succeed in the interview.
  • You can now begin the session and pay your program cost.

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