Why study in the USA?

Why study in the USA?

Why study in the USA?
Bibek PoudelWed Mar 10 2021
Why study in the USA?

Why study in the USA?

The United States (US) is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations by international students around the globe. Because of the world-class education and quality standards, innovation, endless opportunities, and the culturally diverse environment it offers, the US has always been the first choice of every aspiring student. 

With thousands of renowned universities that offer a wide range of courses and degrees, you will find excellent study programs that will enrich you with invaluable academic, professional, and personal growth. The US has so much to offer to its students and here are some of the reasons why it is the best study destination for your higher studies.

The USA and its vibrant cities

It is a huge country comprising 50 states and home to some of the world’s most renowned and vibrant cities like New York City, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles to name a few. From infrastructures, lifestyle, technological advancements to some excellent academic and employment opportunities, these cities have it all and thus, are undeniably the ‘dream destination’ for many. 

New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, etc present you with some of the most glamorous lifestyles and the best nightlife experience you ever wish for. There’s a lot you can do, explore and experience in these American cities with enormous opportunities for students in almost every sector. 

These elegant cities of the United States have many features that make them unique- from the best colleges to historical sites to corner cafés. Major attractions include gigantic theme parks like Disneyland, the famous Statue of Liberty, famous casinos in Las Vegas, sunny sandy beaches, and the list goes on. 

The climate, however, varies in different regions where the western and southern parts have warmer weather as compared to the eastern and northern parts. These eastern/northern regions have harsh winters with heavy snowfall and pleasant summers whereas the western/southern part has extremely hot summers and moderate winters.

A lively multicultural environment

The quality of studies and student life in the US still remain unmatched with any other country in the world. You will find yourself amidst such a vibrant and culturally diverse environment, it will become a roller coaster of new experiences, and undoubtedly you will love every bit of it.

 Students from different corners of the world come to the US to pursue their dreams marking it as a rich multicultural society thereby contributing to its diverse culture, language, lifestyle, and cuisine. While you move around the cities, you will encounter varieties of cuisines, cultural practices, and festivals being observed that give you a great learning opportunity. 

The rich diverse environment makes the towns and cities more vibrant and colorful. The American culture values independence, freedom, privacy, family, and friendships, and therefore, the US appears to be a country of high human values and morals.

Unmatched lifestyle

It is undeniable that people in the US have the most glamorous and sophisticated lifestyle which serves enough to attract thousands of students every year. 

USD$7.25 per hour being the minimum wage, access to good facilities, infrastructure, quality education, and social security contribute to the higher living standards of the people here. Similarly, a healthy work-life balance is practiced in the US which helps students sensibly work on their study skills and still manage time for recreation. 

The living expenses in the US are expected to be anywhere around $700 to $1000 a month, and if you are able to get a decent paying job, you can live comfortably and go for holidays and outings which entirely depends on your spending habits.

Excellent education and work opportunities

It is a very well-known fact that the US boasts some of the world’s best and high-ranking universities that offer globally recognized degrees with high academic standards. 

There are technological advancements even in the education sector and thus the students are able to experience a convenient and modern education system focused on practical learning. With an emphasis on the overall development of the students, they are provided with all the necessary resources to help them research, learn, and grow. There are all kinds of study programs to suit each student’s career choices and these degrees illustrate strong quality assurance. 

Similarly, students are provided with opportunities to work within the campus or can get a part-time job in which they can work for 20 hours a week during regular sessions and up to 40 hours a week during holidays and breaks. Getting a job will help you pay for your living expenses and also save some up.

Academic flexibility and support systems to students

The study environment in the US is such that it focuses on the overall growth and development of its students and thus provides a flexible academic environment where constant improvements in class structures, curriculum, and study programs are made. Also, there’s not too much pressure on students regarding attendance, so you’ll find a rather relaxed study environment.

 Moreover, there are excellent support facilities for students during their study period through seminars, workshops, student assistance, and also after graduation with placement and internship opportunities facilitating students to build their international careers. 

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