MBA in USA Without GMAT: Know About MBA Colleges in USA Without GMAT

MBA in USA Without GMAT: Know About MBA Colleges in USA Without GMAT

MBA in USA Without GMAT: Know About MBA Colleges in USA Without GMAT
Dilip Chaulagain

The United States is the most popular study international destination for Graduate programs among foreign students because it is home to the world's top-ranked academic institutions and the leading provider of STEM courses. It has one of the world's most important economies and is known as a centre for MBA programs and capitalism. 

The country's MBA programs provide one more comprehensive look at international corporations, broadening your cultural horizon and career options in international business.

If you have never desired to take the GMAT exam for whatever reason and are unsure how to proceed with your studies without it, you are not alone. Many universities worldwide do not care about the GMAT because they are more concerned with other attributes a student may possess.

The United States, in particular, values students with leadership, teamwork, intellectual abilities, and so on.

This article will explore the universities in the United States that provide admission without a GMAT score, their fees, courses, admission process, and much more.

Why is GMAT required for MBA in the USA?

  • This can assess your ability and represent your intellect, competence, focus, and diligence.
  • Measures your requisite experience and the skills required by the university.
  • Examine your motivation and dedication to the course.

Admission Requirement to Study MBA in USA Without GMAT

MBA programs in the United States that do not require GMAT scores have comparable needs and requirements as those that do. While some of these essential components may differ from one university to the next, the fundamental ones remain the same.

  • A GPA of 3.5 or higher on a scale of 4.0 can help you apply to universities in the United States without taking the GMAT.
  • You can also take the University aptitude test and pass it to avoid having to take the GMAT. These exams are equivalent to the GMAT but are typically easier and less competitive.
  • A well-written Purpose Statement
  • Students seeking admission to MBA programs must have three to five years of professional experience. This will add weight or significance to the application for an MBA in the United States.
  • Recommendation Letter
  • A relevant university degree can help you
  • get into MBA colleges in the United States without taking the GMAT. Many MBA programs cancel the GMAT exam for students with a previous graduate degree in a related subject.

MBA Courses in the USA Without GMAT

  • Executive MBA
  • One-Year MBA
  • MBA in Finance Management
  • Professional MBA
  • MD/MBA dual degree program
  • Blended Learning MBA
  • Fast track MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Weekend MBA
  • Immersion MBA
  • Leadership MBA
  • Global MBA

Top Universities in Australia Without GMAT

MBA programs are the most popular among foreign students. Because of their growing market, most experts seek admission to the top MBA universities. The blog has compiled a list of the best MBA programs in the United States that do not require the GMAT.

Northwestern University

The MBA degree at Northwestern University will offer a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts of growth and the foundation for advanced, specialised work in academic subjects and technical experts. 

This one to two-year US MBA without GMAT program includes nine-course work in essential areas such as accounting, management and organisations, finance, marketing, decision sciences, managerial economics, operations and direction, and strategy.

University of St. Thomas - Opus College of Business

Opus College of Business's Masters of Business Administration program will provide you with a general business administration that will prepare you to impact the organisation. 

The university's MBA program offers four distinct degree programs: a Part-Time Flex MBA, an online MBA, a Global Healthcare MBA, and an Executive MBA. This "no GMAT MBA in the USA" program focuses on key business fundamentals, leadership development, and the global nature of the industry.

Suffolk University

By discussing business difficulties, promoting creative solutions, and merging functional skills with entrepreneurial ventures, the university's Master of Business Administration curriculum strikes a unique balance between business competence and experiential learning. The concentration of the course will be on practical instruction in creating new business strategies, adjusting to a changing work environment, and effectively leading people.

Pace University

Through considerable research and program re-engineering, the college offers a full-time, online MBA program in the United States without the GMAT. 39 credit points make up the program, which can be finished in one or two years. Multiple professional courses are available, including those in economics and finance, financial accounting, international business, operations management, marketing effectiveness, and many more.

University of Delaware

A strong foundation in business administration knowledge, skill across functional business areas, and the freedom to specialise in majors and specialities are all provided by the University of Delaware's MBA program. 

Students can complete the one- to two-year full-time, part-time, hybrid, and online MBA programs this US program offers without taking the GMAT. Business analytics, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, and other electives are covered in the course material for majors and concentrations.

University of Phoenix

Students can complete a 16-month MBA degree program at the University of Phoenix. The curriculum will prepare you to develop organisational success strategies consistent with the organisation's goal and vision. You can use your decision-making abilities to generate administrative value in a highly dynamic environment and to assess the global environment to maintain a corporate edge.

Tuition Fees


Tuition Fee 

Northwestern University

105,000 USD

University of St. Thomas

89,550 USD

Suffolk University

1,590 USD per Credit

Pace University

53,000 USD

University of Delaware

950 USD per the Credit

University of Phoenix

698 USD per Credit

The application process for an MBA in the USA without GMAT

  • You first choose the college that allows GMAT-free MBA program enrollment.
  • Browse the university's official website to acquire all the necessary details and course prerequisites.
  • Transcripts, a sop, a resume, and other required papers should be uploaded in scanned form.
  • Complete the university registration and submit the required fee.
  • You will reserve your seat at the specific university after receiving a conditional acceptance letter once you have been chosen.
  • Apply for a student visa at the closest US embassy after getting approval from the institution side.

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