List of US Universities that Accept GRE Score of 290-300

List of US Universities that Accept GRE Score of 290-300

List of US Universities that Accept GRE Score of 290-300
Rojina RautWed Jan 04 2023

Has attending an American institution always been your goal, but you're anxious about how well you'll perform on the GRE? Indeed, the competition facing US universities is unmatched. As a result, students make doing well on tests and moving up the rankings their primary focus. A GRE score of 320 or higher is needed to be admitted to the best US universities to pursue an MS or PhD in the country.

Exams like the GMAT, LSAT, and others are necessary to be admitted to graduate programs, and as we all know, the SAT and ACT are vital to enrol in undergraduate courses. The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is one such test for those interested in postgraduate degrees.

If you have exam grades between 290 and 300 and are wondering if you will be admitted to a reputable university, the answer is yes. Many US colleges give admission to eligible individuals who, for some reason, didn't perform well on the GRE test by looking beyond the general statistics.

These institutions of higher learning may not rank among the top 10, but they are reputable, have top-notch facilities and teaching staff, and a wide range of study options. Check out the list of the leading institutions in the USA that accept applicants with GRE scores between 290 and 300 for admission to a range of study programs.

GRE Overview

The GRE is designed to test verbal and mathematical reasoning, writing and critical thinking skills, and writing analysis. The GRE assumes that the applicant is fluent in English, but its verbal reasoning parts emphasise compelling reading more than memorising and understanding terms in context.

Numerous graduate and business schools all over the world accept the GRE. A GRE score's significance in graduate school admissions can range from being a formality to one of the most crucial considerations.

Institutions and departments within schools differ significantly in how much weight they give to GRE results. High GRE scores are crucial when candidates have gaps in their other credentials. A strong GRE score in this situation evens out the applicant's profile.

The GRE topic tests last for two hours and fifty minutes.   GRE topic scores on a scale from 200 to 990. The system makes use of 10-point increments. Each sub-area on the GRE subject test has a score level of 20–99 with 1-point increments.

Top US Universities that accept GRE Scores of 290 - 300

Below is a list of top US institutions with QS World University Rankings that allow GRE scores between 290 and 300.


GRE Score Accepted

QS World Ranking

Boston University



Purdue University



University of Southern California



University of Florida



Illinois Institute of Technology



Florida State University


511 - 520

University of Texas


521 - 530

University of South Florida


601 - 650

University of South Carolina


701 - 750

Indiana University


801 - 1000

You can enrol in a reputable university in the United States with a GRE score between 290 and 300, which will help you advance in your profession. You can choose from a choice of courses and MS programs in addition to that.

To get started, here are some other top colleges for GRE scores between 290 and 300:

California State University

Over 40,000 students live on campus, giving the university one of the most multicultural areas. Through its nine colleges, California State University provides 84-degree programs in 133 different fields. It also ranks among the top universities for master's programs in ECE and computer science. This university is one that you should take into consideration if you're seeking a reputable institution that accepts applicants with GRE scores between 290 and 300.

Cleveland State University

The university, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is well known for its innovative research and advancement. Cleveland University is run by its ten schools and colleges, each focusing on a particular study area. These comprise engineering, teaching, the humanities, the law, etc. A chosen university for the category, the university has a relatively good admission rate.

The minimum GRE Score requirement of this university is 295.

Kent State University

It is a public research university that US News and World Report has identified as having the best research capabilities. Through its 11 colleges, Kent State University provides an extensive selection of graduate and postgraduate degree courses. Business, aeronautics, liquid crystals, journalism, history, fashion design, and nursing are some of the notable academic specialities offered by the university.

GRE Score Requirement: 295 and above

The University of Colorado

One of the most well-known research institutions in the state is the university. It provides more than 150 courses in topics like business, public policy, computer science, art, engineering, and more through its eight colleges and schools. Due to its high post-graduation job growth of 75%, it is one of the universities that overseas students select.

GRE Score Requirement: 293 and more

Houston University

The university is well known for providing top-notch instruction in undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. The university, which delivers an unmatched curriculum through its four colleges, the College of Business, Education, Human Sciences and Humanities, and Science and Engineering, offers 97 courses and 40 disciplines. The university's prominence can be attributed to the almost 40,000 students it enrols each year.

GRE Score Requirement: 290

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