Cost Of Living In the USA

Cost Of Living In the USA

Cost Of Living In the USA
Tn AryalMon Jan 16 2023

According to estimates, the average Cost of living in the US is between $10,000 and $18,000 per year or around $1,000 and $1,500 per month. Your housing, board, meals, transportation, textbooks, appropriate clothing for the weather, and entertainment are all included in this fee.

Because of its academic brilliance, active campus life, cultural variety, flexible education system, and plenty of work prospects, the USA is a popular study destination for international students. Despite this, 1.67 lakh Indian students attended US institutions in 2020–21, according to the most recent Open Doors Report 2021. Compared to Indian students who travelled to the USA for higher education in 2019–20, this shows a reduction of 13%.

The COVID-19 limits or the higher living costs in the US for overseas students might be to blame for the fall. For international students, living expenses in the USA are more significant than in places like Canada, France, Malaysia, etc. International students may frequently wonder where they will live, whether their budget will cover their food, insurance, and tuition costs, and how much money should be set aside for unforeseen expenses. This article provides the Cost of living for international students in the USA in this post.

The following table details the anticipated cost of living for students in the USA based on several expenses.


Average Yearly / Monthly cost

Books and study material

$900 - $2,000 per year


$300 - $700 per year


$9,800 - $11,100 per year


$100 - $150 per month


On-campus: $250 per month / Off-campus: $400 - $600 per month

Phone subscription

$50 per month

Home Internet

$45 - $50 per month

Health Insurance

$700 - $1,100 per year


$500 per year

Water, Trash and Sewer

$50 - $75 per month

Living Expenses in the USA for the Different States

The Cost of living for international students varies depending on where they live in the United States. For instance, students' worth living in the USA will be significantly greater in large cities like New York, Boston, or San Francisco than in suburban areas like Seattle, Texas, New Orleans, and others. Let's look at the average Cost of living for international students in urban and suburban areas of the USA.

Big Cities

Average monthly expenses in the USA

New York






San Francisco


Cost of Living in the USA for sub-urban cities

Suburban cities

Average monthly expenses in the USA



New Orleans










Housing Accommodation in the USA

Housing Accommodation

Average monthly/yearly Cost

On-campus stay

Private colleges: $1,100 yearly

Public colleges: $9,800 yearly

Off-campus stay

Sharing: $450 per month

One-bedroom apartment in rural states: $500 per month

One-bedroom apartment in urban conditions: $3,500 per month

Living Expenses in the USA for the Different States

When studying in the US, students should be able to cover the following expenses. Inflation and outside variables may cause costs to rise by around 6 to 9% annually. According to EducationData."College Org's Tuition Inflation Rate" study, the US's yearly inflation rate for higher education was 8%. Keep $2,000 aside to cover additional living costs when visiting the USA. The following are some examples of the increased living expenditures in the USA:

  • Travel costs between India and the US throughout the summer.
  • Purchases that are significant, like a PC, furnishings, or even a rental car, etc.
  • Medical costs, such as those for dental, vision, and cosmetic procedures, are not covered by health insurance.
  • For the additional summer months, you stay in the US without school; you will need to pay for accommodation, board, and groceries.
  • Travelling out from campus is one example of additional costs.
  • Weekend getaways, social events, and entertainment.

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