5 Best Countries to Study and Work

5 Best Countries to Study and Work

5 Best Countries to Study and Work
Saru Niraula

There are specific study-abroad countries with the best opportunities for both studying and working. Studying abroad is filled with exploring opportunities. However, the benefit of studying abroad also extends to the work opportunities these countries provide. 

In this guide, we have listed the top countries to study and work for international students. 

After this guide, you will thoroughly understand the best countries for study and work. These counties are listed based on the availability of top universities, global recognition of the degree, variety of courses offered, part-time work opportunities as students, safety, post-study job opportunities and average top salaries earned by professionals.


Australian Universities have various programs, and the universities are comparatively less tough to get into than Canadian or US Universities. 

Students get up to 3 years of work permit after completing their degree in Australia to make things even more appealing. 

Australia also has provisions for professional year programs to help students find internships and jobs. Students can make around $20 per hour even while studying in Australia, which is among the highest pay for working part-time worldwide. In Australia, international students work in services, clerical work, carpentry, hospitality, retail, etcetera.

These are some of the highest-paid jobs in Australia. That being said, this is not the salary employers get in their first year. Salary in Australia depends on experience and expertise in the field. 

Australia’s top-earning jobs The annual salary in AUD (salary of the upper band)
Surgeon $394,303
Anaesthetist $ 286,065
Internal Medicine Specialist  $304,752
Financial Dealer $275,984
Psychiatrist $235,558
Other Medical Practitioners $222,933
Judicial or Legal Professionals $188,798
Mining Engineer $184,507
CEO or Managing Director $164,896
Engineering Manager $159,940

This is the data, according to the Australian Tax Office

Top Universities in Australia

  • Australian National University
  • The University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • Monash university
  • University of Western Australia


Canada has become one of the most popular and sought-after countries because of its study and work prospects. There are countless degrees available in Canada for international students. Furthermore, Canada also stands out in terms of job opportunities. Students are likely to get 1 to 3 years of work permit after study, which will help them build a career.   

Even studying, students can work up to 20 hours a week. In Canada, students are likely to make from CAD 11 to CAD 23 per hour once the study is over and the pay increases. 

Following are some of the highest-paid jobs in Canada

Highest paying jobs in Canada Average salary per year in CAD
Specialist Physicians $190,000
Dentist $135,500
Engineering Managers $120,000
Construction Managers $107,000
Lawyers $97,000
Actuaries $89,000

Top Universities in Canada

Canadian Universities provide course-based and thesis-based coursework to students. These universities are also affordable and prepare students for careers in engineering, management, science, etc. 

Some of the renowned universities in Canada for international students are: 

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Montreal
  5. University of Alberta
  6. University of Waterloo

Top College in Canada for International Students

Canadian public colleges provide diplomas, bachelor (honours) and postgraduate programs (graduate certificates). These courses are popular among international students since they are short, affordable and skill-based. This course prepares the student for the job market and paves a path for Permanent residency in Canada.

Some famous College for international students in Canada are- 

  • Durham College
  • Loyalist College
  • Centennial College
  • Conestoga College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Seneca College
  • Fanshawe College

United States

The craze in the US is growing with time, and the education system and the job market of the US ultimately justify it. The USA is another one of the countries that have policies of part-time hours for international students. As a result, you will be earning a degree and earning money simultaneously. 

However, there are certain restrictions for international students to work in the USA. Because of these restrictions, international students can work on campus and in specified training but not overall. 

 The USA also has programs like Optional Practical Training (OPT) to help students. 

After completing the degree, the USA has excellent work opportunities for deserving candidates. 

These are some of the highest-paying jobs in the USA. 

Top paying jobs in the US Average annual salary (USD)
Health Care Professionals (Dentists, Nurses, Surgeons) $ 160,000
Petroleum Manager  $156,370
IT Manager $ 152, 860
Podiatrist $148, 220
Marketing Manager $ 147,240
Financial Manager $ 146,830
Actuary $116,250

Top Universities in the United States

These are some world-class universities in the United States. These universities are 

Dream universities of international students. 

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California Berkeley
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • New York University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Chicago
  • Cornell University
  • Duke University


The UK is one of the best countries in Europe to study and work in. Depending on the course in the UK, you can study up to 20 hours a week in the UK during the term. Likewise, you can work full-time (up to 40 hours) during the holiday break. 

Foreign students get jobs in student support offices, sales assistants, receptionists, waitresses, customer assistants, bartenders, personal tutors, newspaper distributors, tour guides, etcetera. 

UK Universities also have provisions for scholarships for deserving International Students. 

After completing a degree, students can use their European University degrees and qualifications to grab high-paying jobs in the UK. 

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK Average salary per week in Pound
Aircraft Controllers £1,960
CEO and senior officials £1725
Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers £ 1491
Marketing and Sales Directors £ 1397
IT and Telecommunication Directors £ 1380
Legal Professionals £ 1349.3
Brokers £ 1250
Medical Practitioners £1220

Top Universities in the UK

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London (KCL)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • University of Bristol
  • The University of Warwick

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world for international students. It is A- level university and a world-class education system. It also has part-time work opportunities for students and a post-study work permit after course completion. 

Thus, making it one of the most preferred countries for study and work. 

Normally, full-time students can work up to 20 hours during the academic session and 40n hours per week during the semester break. 

Furthermore, the research and PhD students can work 40 hours a week throughout the year. 

Students will likely find work as retail sales assistants, seasonal workers, supermarket assistants, and waiters/waitresses. 

These are some top-paying jobs in New Zealand

Highest-paid jobs in New Zealand Average salary per year in NZD
Chief Executive $ 560,000
Judge $412,000
Diagnostic Radiologist $387500
Radio Oncologist $387,500
Fishing Skipper $205,000
Pathologist $204,500
Ophthalmologist $196,000

Top Universities in New Zealand

There are some of the best universities in New Zealand. Besides providing world-class education, these educational institutes are famous for providing scholarships.

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Canterbury
  • UNiversity of Waikato


Japan is one of the best countries to study and work in. This is even more true if you seek a degree and a career in technology. Japan is known for its top-class universities, world-quality education, unique culture and good job opportunities. 

It encourages international students and provides scholarships and internships for international students. 

Some of the highest-paying Careers in Japan

Careers in Japan Annual Salary in Japan
Surgeons/ Doctors 23,000,000 JPY
Judges 19,300,000 JPY
Lawyers 15,600,000 JPY
Bank Managers 14,700,000 JPY
Chief Executive Officers 14,700,000 JPY
Chief Financial Officers 12,900,000 JPY
Orthodontists 12,400,000 JPY
College Professors 11,000,000 JPY
Pilots 9, 190, 000 JPY
Marketing Directors 8,270,000 JPY

Top Universities in Japan

  • University of Tokyo
  • Osaka University
  • Hokkaido University
  • Nagoya University
  • Kyushu University

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.


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