Tips for getting a part-time job while studying abroad (Australia, Canada, UK, US)

Tips for getting a part-time job while studying abroad (Australia, Canada, UK, US)

Tips for getting a part-time job while studying abroad (Australia, Canada, UK, US)
Karuna KarkiMon Apr 19 2021

Tips for getting a part-time job while studying abroad (Australia, Canada, UK, US)

Finding a good part-time job while studying abroad is one of the major concerns for most international students. 

Part-time jobs help international students to manage their finance. There’s no doubt that part-time jobs can be a steady source of income to aid you to cover your living expenses and even tuition fees. 

Additionally, part-time jobs also help you learn the language, integrate into a foreign culture, build your social network, travel, and learn significant workplace culture

However, without a concrete degree and networking opportunities, finding a good part-time job as an international student is rather cumbersome. 

Here are some steps you can take if you are wondering how to get part-time jobs overseas as a student.  

Resume, Resume and Resume

A resume is a way for the employer to know about your skills and experience in a single go. So, the first thing to do is develop an intriguing and honest resume that is appropriate for the workplace. 

Your resume should convey you as an honest and confident person in search of opportunities. You should add the formal means of contacting you like your phone number, LinkedIn Id and Email Id. This will help the employer reach you conveniently. 

When you are sending out the resume/CV for a job position, make sure to customize the resume and present the skills in the job responsibilities as your skill in the CV. 

For instance, if you are applying for the position of restaurant server, it’s better if you add “people skills”, “patience” etcetera as a skill in your resume. 

An effective resume has a clear section for experience, skills, contact and reference information.
An effective resume has a clear section for experience, skills, contact and reference information. 

Keep your options open

Finding a job in a foreign land with a foreign language is no piece of cake. So, you will have to keep your options open in the beginning phase. Remember: no work is created big or small. Overexpecting with the first job might disappoint you and be flexible with the part-time jobs can take you a long way. 

With experience and an increase in your expertise, you can demand jobs with better pay and better positions. 

Learn the demanded skill while in your home country

One thing you can do is learn about the popular part-time jobs that students are doing and prepare for them. For instance, you can prepare for Barista, driver cook, nursing assistant etcetera. With these skills under your belt, it will be more convenient to get part-time jobs. If you have great communication skills, you can give a shot to customer service-related jobs and call centre. 

Barista: Coffee making skills
Barista: Coffee making skills

Give a shot to part-time job websites/ Recruitment agencies like Student jobs and Careers Group London 

You can make a profile and submit your details to student job websites. You can fill up your location, skills, and the job you are interested in. Once a job is published and your profile meets the criteria, you will be notified about the availability of the job. 

You can then apply for the job and ace the interview to get the job. 

If you are a student looking for part-time jobs in the UK, the recruitment agencies like Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB), Save the Student, Prospects etcetera can help you find jobs and internships. 

Use social media for the part-time job search tool

Leverage social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to land job opportunities. Different organizations, companies, and job portals run job pages or groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Joining discussion groups also helps in getting part-time jobs for students. You can also volunteer in some programs through social media handles. This will allow you to build greater connections which will be beneficial in the long run. 

Contact the universities Careers Team

Generally, the universities abroad have their own University Career Centres formed to assist the students to find a part-time job during their study period. The career team of the university can help students get on-campus or off-campus jobs. 

Students can meet with the career team and discuss their skills, location, available time, and other circumstances. The career team of universities is linked with many industries and thus is updated with a wide range of jobs

They can help you get a part-time job.    

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