Master of Nursing in the USA

Master of Nursing in the USA

Master of Nursing in the USA
Sahil Dahal

The USA is regarded as one of the most developed countries in the world. It has emerged as a hub for overseas education aspirants in health care, engineering, management, IT, agriculture, etc. 

Master of Nursing is a revered degree offered by many best US universities in the USA. 

Master of Nursing in the USA is generally a 2-year long degree. Students need to be of nursing background to pursue a master of nursing in the USA. 

Follow this complete guide to Master of Nursing in the USA to know in detail about the cost of studying Master of Nursing in the USA, the eligibility criteria, job after graduation and so on. 

The strong economy and vast job prospects accept skilled professionals with open arms. If you are thinking of opting for a master of nursing in the USA, then it promises a bright and secure future.

Why Study Master's in Nursing in the USA?

America is the best country choice for pursuing a Master's in Nursing. The universities of the USA offer tons of benefits and advantages to students planning on getting an education from foreign institutions. Here are a few of them-    

  • Some of the best nursing schools in the world, like the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, John Hopkins University, Duke University, and Columbia University, offer Masters in Nursing in the USA.
  • Master of Nursing comes with several specializations in the US.
  • The demand and job opportunities for Registered Nurse is likely to increase even more in the future.
  • Master of Nursing in the USA opens the door to differing nursing careers like nurse practitioner, nurse supervisor, nurse manager, nurse educator etc., to International Students.
  • A registered nurse can make from USD 60,000 annually to over USD 100,000 yearly.

Top Universities in the USA to Study Master of Nursing

For studying Masters's in Nursing in the USA, students can choose from plenty of options. The universities of the USA provide good knowledge of the general subject and emphasize overall personality development. 

International students also get real-time exposure along with a fun academic life.

Some of the top universities in the USA for a Master of Nursing by QS News Ranking 202 are:

●      University of Pennsylvania

●      Johns Hopkins University

●      University in Washington

●      Yale University

●      Duke University

●      University Of California Los Angeles

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Tuition Fees for Master in Nursing in the USA

The fees for a master's in nursing in the USA mainly vary according to the university. Other factors, like region, specialization, city, etc., can influence the fee. The Masters of Nursing Science degrees cost about $35,000-$70,000.

Here are course fees from some of the top institutes in the USA offering Master of Nursing programs:

University/College Name Total Course Fees
University of Pennsylvania $161,598
Johns Hopkins University $143,588
University in Washington $31,474 (for 1st year)
Yale University $139,332
University Of California Los Angeles $56,518






General Admission Requirements

The process of application can vary depending on the particular university. Though most of them follow the general procedure, which you can apply through three modes:

●      Online through the university website

●      By external agent

●      Offline by visiting the campus

Masters in nursing in the USA students will have to comply with the following criteria when applying to the respective universities:

University of Pennsylvania

●      Duration: 36 months (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Official Transcripts (attach certified translated copy for the documents if they are not in English)

o   Completed BSN Degree with 3.2 GPA minimum

o   English Language Proficiency- IELTS (7.0) or TOEFL (100) (Scores obtained in GRE are not accepted by UPenn)

o   Personal Statement or Essay

o   3 Letters of Recommendation

o   Copy of Active Nursing License

o   Resume or CV

o   Applicants will have to attend an Interview

●      Application Intake: Fall (November)

●      Application Deadline: USD 80

Johns Hopkins University

●      Duration: 1.5-2 years (Normal) & 2 years (Joint Degree) (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Applicant should have a complete Bachelor’s Degree (not in nursing from a recognized institution)

o   Minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) is required

o   Statement of Marks

o   Letter(s) of Recommendation

o   Higher Secondary School Certificate

o   CV or Resume of the Applicant

o   English Language Test- TOEFL (iBT-100), IELTS (Academic-7.0), & DET (120)

●      Application Intake: Fall & Spring Sessions (between January to November)

●      Application Fee: USD 75

University in Washington

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Filled Application Form

o   Complete Education Transcripts (accompanied by English translated copies if needed)

o   Minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA is required

o   Statement of Purpose or/and Essay

o   Letter for Recommendation

o   Bank Statements

o   Proof of Financial Support (Affidavit or Verification)

o   Scores of ACT/SAT along with English Proficiency Tests

o   Completion of College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

●      Application Intake: September to November (based on Session)

●      Application Fee: USD 90

Yale University

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Complete Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 3.2 GPA or Equivalent Qualification (GRE or MCAT)

o   English Language Proficiency Proof- TOEFL iBT (100) or IELTS (7.0)

o   3 Letter of Recommendations (Clinical, Academic, or Professional)

o   Short & Long Essays

o   400 – 500 words essay; 2 150-300 words short essay

●      Application Intake: Fall (December)

●      Application Fee: USD 105

University Of California Los Angeles

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   All applicants must have a BSc degree from an accredited institute with nursing programs

o   They should have scored a 3.0 GPA out of 5.0. And 3.0 in UG coursework for the second and third years.

o   7.0 in IELTS or 87 in TOEFL for English Language Proficiency Tests (GRE not applicable)

o   Copy of Valid Nursing License (authorized by the State of California)

o   Students will have to appear for Interviews

o   Letter of Recommendation

●      Application Intake: Fall (December)

●      Application Fee: USD 140

Need of IELTS for Masters of Nursing

It is essential to have good English knowledge if you plan to study master's in nursing in the USA. All universities need a minimum English proficiency score to accept international students. 

International students must sit for IELTS exams for admission to any university in the USA. The minimum score range varies according to the university's requirements. The fee for IELTS is around USD 240, while the fee for TOEFL is around USD 180.

Scholarships for Students for Master in Nursing from the USA

For international students, there are a lot of scholarships and funding programs to support their education. This scholarship aims to cover the expenses of the students and encourage their studies. 

These scholarships are provided by the universities as well as by the government of the USA. There are also several non-governmental scholarships to cover the finances of the students. Some of them are mentioned below:

●      Joseph Hageman Memorial Scholarship

●      After college/AACN

●      NURSE Corps Scholarship Programs

●      Future Nurse Scholarship Program

●      Health Professional Scholarship Program [HPSP] Nursing Scholarship

Job Opportunities after Master in Nursing in the USA

The nursing and medical domains offer students many opportunities to build successful and stable careers. There are plenty of job prospects for students after completing their master's in nursing in the USA. 

The average earning of a nurse in the USA is estimated to go up to $110,000. Let's look at some of the most popular job prospects for students after a master's in nursing in the USA.

●      Nursing Supervisor ($76,112)

●      Nursing Executive ($83,128)

●      Nursing Tutor ($68,987)

●      Clinical Instructor ($75,000)

●      Assistant Nursing Superintendent ($70,225)

PR Opportunities in the USA after Masters in Nursing

Masters of Nursing students can apply and stay in the USA after completing their course. While F1 Student Visa holders have opportunities to work 20 hours a week, practising in-field is different. After you complete your Master, you can apply for the following:

●      OPT: Optional Practical Training is the job that allows the students to remain in the US for work after degree completion. However, students must apply and get approval from the International Student Office of their respective institutions and USCIS. After this, the applicant will have permission to work for a year in the USA.

●      CPT: Curricular Practical Training is another post-degree employment option for students. This is only available to students who have an F1 visa. The applicants must apply at the International Student Office to gain authorization to remain in the country and work. You must also make the approval known to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

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