Profile Building to Study in USA: How to Create a Strong Profile for Admission into US Universities?

Profile Building to Study in USA: How to Create a Strong Profile for Admission into US Universities?

Profile Building to Study in USA: How to Create a Strong Profile for Admission into US Universities?
Mahima Acharya

Learn why foreign students enjoy studying in the US!

Most foreign students study abroad in the United States of America (USA). Numerous international students choose to study in the US for various reasons, including the high quality of instruction, the distinctive curriculum, the diversity of the country, and the abundance of chances.

Why Study in the USA? 

Here are the top reasons why studying in the US could be the best decision of your life:

Some of the most outstanding universities in the world, many of which consistently rank well in international university rankings, are located in the US. The reputation of American institutions extends to their high academic standards, adherence to rigid guidelines to assure excellence, and strong financial backing to ensure that their students receive top-notch educations. 33 of the top 100 institutions are American, according to the 2023 QS World University Rankings. According to the Times Higher Education Ranking, seven American institutions were ranked among the top 10 universities.

Various courses and programs are available in American universities and colleges. You are allowed to choose both the course's structure and its content. Before declaring your major after your second year at the undergraduate level, you can take whatever courses you like. This makes it easier to research your area of interest before deciding slowly. Like undergraduate studies, graduate studies allow you to pursue your preferences. When you work on your dissertation, you may concentrate on the concepts you wish to emphasise.

American colleges are aware of the difficulties faced by overseas students and often hold orientation programs, workshops, and training to provide support. In reality, the office for foreign students supports students like you as you adjust to a different way of life. Whether you have a question about academics, culture, or social life, staff members are there around-the-clock to help.

There are many different cultures, races, and ethnicities in the US. Its multicultural setting assures that all communities are accepted and that discrimination is not tolerated. Your education will be rich and fascinating since you will study with kids worldwide. You will develop strong personality traits and marketable abilities due to growing up in a diverse environment. Employers today appreciate pupils with diverse backgrounds, which the US would provide you with an excellent taste.

The US has unrivalled college life, which is a well-known truth. You will encounter new cultural experiences and the American way of life regardless of your university. Accept it and be receptive to fresh perspectives and new acquaintances.

What is profile building?

Building your profile involves acquiring talents that you may highlight on your resume. Creating a portfolio to display your areas of interest is the goal of establishing your profile. Building your profile involves engaging in activities that promote the program, develop skills, highlight accomplishments, and help you pursue your educational or professional goals.

It all comes down to creating a profile highlighting your advantages and expressing who you are. You begin constructing your profile while still in high school, which is a long-term process.

Why is Profile Building essential today?

The percentage of students earning 90% or above has doubled over the last four years. This makes it clear that grades alone are insufficient to gain admission to prestigious foreign universities. Before the epidemic, an applicant's academic standing was the foremost criterion for selection; today, universities must adopt a new admissions process. Colleges are increasingly considering factors other than academic performance when choosing the top applicants to distinguish between the student profiles they receive for admission.

Some employers seek leadership and creative abilities to get to know a candidate better, while others search for field interests. They will pick the student whose interest in the subject has spiked.

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How to Create a Strong Profile to Study in the USA?

Knowing and developing the abilities required to design and display the profile is essential, complementing the milestones and achievement highlights shown on the CV. Your statements of purpose and writings are equally crucial to the profile. The following list highlights the critical components of your profile:

Academic Transcripts

The critical element of a strong profile is the academic record. Your academic achievement and SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL scores will likely catch the admissions committee's attention first. As a result, you should focus on getting a decent mark and prepare for your tests thoroughly.

Extracurricular Activities

Instead of emphasising students' academic success, American universities greatly emphasise their total development. So it would be best if you went forward with the extracurricular activities on your list.

You could do this in a couple of different ways as well:

  • Take Online Courses: You can enrol in an online or offline course or pursue your interests. You could enrol in programs for online credentials that interest you.
  • Participate in Inter-School Competitions: Another fantastic approach to showcase your extracurricular abilities is to enter competitions hosted by your school.
  • Take Offline Classes: Start taking online courses if you wish to explore another hobby.


Work experience offers you an edge over other applicants since it illustrates the virtues of responsibility, time management, and cooperation. Additionally, it helps you subsequently have better internship and employment prospects in the USA. If you finish training, you have a greater chance of earning a LOR from your employer.

Things to remember before you apply for internships:

Remember to intern in a field that challenges you while still being comfortable.

You'll benefit if you intern in a position relevant to your field. This can help you measure your enthusiasm in the industry and reduce the likelihood that you will lose interest in the job. It will also increase your chances of getting practical experience.

A plus will be demonstrating honest and responsible behaviour and building strong relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and bosses.

Voluntary Work

Volunteering with an NGO enhances your college application and significantly positively affects your personal growth. Volunteering may offer you an edge because universities in the US favour students who do it.

Letters Of Recommendation

American universities often require approximately three letters of recommendation (LOR) and your college application. Your LORs might come from former employers, professors currently teaching the topic you are interested in or even the dean or principal of your school. Ensure the LORs follow the university's rules and represent you and your abilities favourably.

Statement of Purpose

You must go into great detail about your interest in the program you are applying for, why you chose it, how it will help your career, and why you decided to attend that particular university in this section. Remember to discuss your academic achievements and any projects you may have worked on related to the course you applied for. A declaration of purpose emphasises your dedication, zeal, and drive to move forward.


Working on projects, one of the most respected extracurricular activities is a terrific opportunity to raise your profile.

The assignments you complete can be optional for your course study. You may choose any topic, find a partner, use all the required materials, and then get to work.

Course certifications

Universities search for applicants that possess a particular set of abilities. And regrettably, not all of what you need to know is covered in the curriculum.

Therefore, students with a genuine interest in their topics turn to the internet for materials. They enrol in popular courses and get credentials.

They can demonstrate their abilities while learning about the most recent advancements in their industries.

Research papers

If writing a research paper is optional for you to complete as part of your program, do it yourself.

Weeks of arduous study, analysis, and conclusion are required. When you're done, you may submit it for publication and see how the authorities in your field respond.

Publishing research articles will become a terrific learning experience rather than a profile-building activity!


Starting your own business will help you develop your individuality and profile.

Although it is not required to use this advice, doing so will teach you a lot about who you are, such as your motivation level, proficiency in managing your funds while a student, ability to manage others, and approach to failure.

If you're willing to take a chance, work on one of your startup ideas (we know you have one; everyone does), see how it turns out, and then add it to your MBA profile-building toolkit!

Social media presence 

Do a Google search for your name before discussing this subject to see what comes up. This is how others now perceive you online. And when universities assess your application, they will see this.

If you believe your profile needs to be updated, update your website (if you have one) and update your social media persona.

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