Phd Stipend In USA: How to Find a Job After PhD in USA

Phd Stipend In USA: How to Find a Job After PhD in USA

Phd Stipend In USA: How to Find a Job After PhD in USA
Rojina RautMon Dec 12 2022

The USA is home to several of the most significant research universities in the world, so it should be no surprise that PhD students go there in droves.

Despite having a bad image for being an expensive study destination, the United States offers some incredible chances for PhD financing (including many fully-funded PhD programmes for international students).

A PhD is one of the most challenging degrees in the world, but it's also one of the most rewarding. A PhD in the USA can be earned anywhere between 4 and 6 years. The fact that you are paid for a PhD is one of its finest features. A PhD can advance your career and increase your pay by roughly 25% compared to a master's degree if you are interested in the academic profession. You will be qualified for a lucrative income after receiving your PhD in the USA, ranging from $60,000 to $1,000,000 and higher, in addition to a PhD stipend of between $15,000 to 30,000 yearly.

To learn more about the PhD stipend in the USA, you've arrived at the perfect spot. This article will provide information on the PhD stipend in the USA for international students, the typical pay after a PhD in the USA, and the solutions to your often-asked concerns regarding finding a job after a PhD in the USA. This article will provide an overview of standard doctoral program costs in the USA and a guide to some of the more generous PhD funding options American colleges offer.

Pros of Getting A PhD from the USA

Opportunities for a Successful Career: D. academics are favoured candidates in their respective employment fields. They stand out as possible candidates for any company not just because they have a higher level of education but also because their experience and research come before that of other applicants. And if it isn't already clear, one of Americans' "favourite" fields is research. Because of this, PhD holders frequently have an advantage while looking for rewarding careers.

Enhanced Skills: D. Degree programs in the USA aren't just interested in your potential as academics; they're also interested in your potential as an "all-rounder" in the real world. Many PhD programs strongly emphasise developing your time management, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities, which may help you build your personality.

Job and Salary after PhD in the USA

Your pay after earning a PhD in the USA will rely on various criteria, including the kind of work, industry, amount of experience, and talents. The individual is more likely to search for an academic position after receiving a PhD, such as a professor, lecturer, postdoc, etc. Since international corporations are also seeking experienced researchers who can advance their organisations, obtaining work outside the academic sector is becoming usual.

Having said that, let us take a look at the table below and explore the various job and salaries after PhD in the USA:

Job Title

Average Annual Salaries

Assistant Professor


Associate Professor



142K USD


131K USD

Market Research Analyst

107K USD


135K USD

Life Science Researcher

157K USD

Laboratory Researcher


Data Scientist

155K USD

Research Scientist

151K USD

Quantitative Researcher

139K USD

Biomedical Scientist

205K USD

Top Employer and Income in the USA after a PhD

The possibility of finding employment after receiving a PhD in the USA is often thought to be restricted to academics. In contrast, you may contact recruiters in various sectors, including government organisations, hospitals, insurance companies, labs, major firms, and private companies, by demonstrating your degree of knowledge and area of experience.

Following your PhD in the USA, you may want to keep a watch on the following top recruiters:


Average Annual Salary


104K USD


125K USD


135K USD





Goldman Sachs


New York University

136K USD

Penn State University

151K USD

Northwestern University

137K USD

Texas A&M University

110K USD

How to Find a Job after PhD in the USA?

You must have seen from the explanation above that academic occupations have a connection to PhD employment responsibilities. It is important to note that, as a PhD candidate, you will be considered more like a member of the university staff than a student in this situation. A PhD job opening is when a post becomes available at an institution where you may apply and receive financial support.

Following a PhD, you can employ the following methods in the USA:

Research is fundamental on your side since finding a job after earning your PhD, which will already be a difficult path, cannot be done by just sitting back and relaxing.

Nearly 70% of job openings in the USA are filled through networking, making it essential in today's labour market.

The university's career services provide: Your PhD's alma mater can assist you by giving you access to resources and details about available jobs.

Newspapers: Keep an eye on the newspapers to learn more about positions that call for PhD candidates.

Applying for jobs that are related to the topic of your research or earlier studies may be your natural inclination.

However, a PhD is a flexible enough degree that you can frequently look outside your discipline area.

What job can I do after a PhD

PhD holders may be found in many spheres of life. Options for PhD graduates include the public sector and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, you are not required to start your industrial position immediately after graduation. At any point in your career, you might transition from academics to industry (or the other way around).

Here are some illustrative examples of PhD jobs if you're curious about the kinds of industry work you might be qualified for:

  • A PhD in the humanities or arts exhibits superior writing and spoken communication, presenting abilities, originality, and critical thinking. You could be qualified for civil service, publishing, or digital marketing positions.
  • A PhD in biological and medical sciences enhances subject-matter expertise, data proficiency, and teamwork abilities. Work in fields like pharmaceuticals, genomics, or clinical care will benefit from this.
  • A PhD in business and finance can help develop the organisational and data skills that could be useful in accounting, data science, or consulting careers.
  • With a PhD in chemical sciences, you'll have the laboratory expertise and advanced chemistry knowledge you need for careers in chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, and food technology.

Non-academic PhD graduate jobs in STEM subjects

A STEM-related PhD can be helpful in various non-academic areas, including industrial research environments and the public sector. PhDs in STEM fields may pursue professions in intellectual property, regulatory issues, big data, medicines, or consulting.

Non-academic PhD graduate jobs in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

If you hold a PhD in art, humanities, or social science (AHSS), you have different skills to offer than PhD holders in STEM fields.

Your talents as a PhD alum are well suited for professions requiring strong communication abilities. Numerous top businesses and industries will need someone with the capacity to conduct research on and write about complicated subjects. Employers will also place high importance on innovative thinking in fields like marketing or strategic planning.

Why leave academia?

After earning your PhD, there are many good reasons why you might want to stop working in academia. Three and a half years after receiving their PhDs, slightly over 70% of PhD holders no longer work in academia, according to the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI). You won't be alone if you decide this is the right course of action.

The good news is that your PhD allowed you to gain practical knowledge and valuable abilities. These will help you stand out from Bachelor's and Master's degree holders when looking for work.

This was all about students' PhD stipends in the United States. We hope this post clarifies that PhD jobs and salaries are available outside your all-time favourite academic discipline.

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