Master of Engineering in USA

Master of Engineering in USA

Study Info CentreWed Aug 18 2021

USA is one of the best countries in the world for a master of engineering. Year after year thousands of engineering aspirants apply to Engineering Universities in the USA for getting a master degree in Engineering. 

Master of Engineering in USA is particularly popular due to the world-class engineering universities in USA, the engineering courses, the scope of engineering, the multinational companies creating tremendous job opportunities and so on.

In this blog, we have covered all the important topics related to master of Engineering in USA like the best Engineering Universities in USA, Eligibility criteria to study Master of Engineering in USA and so on. 

Takeaways of Master of Engineering in USA

  • What is the cost of Masters in Engineering in USA
  • Master of Engineering courses in USA for international students.
  • Can we study Master of Engineering in USA without giving GRE?
  • What is the scope of Software engineering in USA?

Why study Master of Engineering in USA

  • The USA houses the maximum number of engineering universities in the world and the Master of Engineering specialization diversity offered by the US is simply outstanding.
  • USA is the home to some of the best engineering universities in the world like MIT, University of California, Columbia University, Stanford University and so on.
  • The job demand for engineers is increasing in USA and engineers are paid handsome salaries anywhere from USD 50,000 to over USD 300,000 per year.
  • The USA houses the lead companies like Google, Microsoft, NASA, APPLE, IBM, Intel, Facebook, Toyota Motor, HP etc making it irresistible to engineering aspirants.
  • The research faculty, professors and opportunities in USA in the fields of engineering is unparalleled.
  • USA offers stipends to eligible engineering aspirants to help them with their tuition fees and living expenses.

Top Universities in the USA for masters in engineering

USA is the most popular study destination for engineering aspirants throughout the world. The top universities with appropriate internships, up to date curriculum, placements and recognition throughout the world have a role to play in this. 

These are some of the best universities in the USA for Engineering according to the ranking of US NEWS Education. 

Best Engineering Universities in USAGlobal RankingAnnual Tuition fees
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1$45,000- $55,000 
Stanford University2$50,000- $65,000
University of California3$ 15,000- $ 43,000
California Institute of Technology4$ 23,000- $60,000
Carnegie Mellon University4$ 45,000- $ 60,000
Purdue University- West Lafayette4$ 15,000- $ 45,000
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor7$ 25,000- $ 45,000
Georgia Institute of Technology8$ 10,000- $ 38,000
University of California9$ 8,000- $ 36,000
University of Illinois10$ 12,000- $ 37,000
Texas A&M University11$ 16,000- $ 43,000
Cornell University12$ 19,000 -  46,000
University of Southern California12$ 32,000- $ 60,000
The University of Texas- Austin12$ 8,000- $ 32,000
Columbia University15$ 45,000- $ 72,000
University of California-Los Angeles16$7,000- $ 26,000
John Hopkins University17$ 35,000- $ 65000
University of Pennsylvania18$ 32,000- $ 55,000
North Western university19$ 42,000- $ 73,000
University of Maryland20$ 19,000- $ 48,000

In the table above, the tuition fees for MS in Engineering in the Universities of USA in mentioned. In general, the tuition fees of a Master of Engineering in USA ranges from USD 10,000 per year to USD 70,000 per year for International students depending upon the university and the engineering program. Thankfully, Universities in the USA offer plenty of scholarships and stipends for international students. 

Masters of Engineering in USA entry requirements

The top Universities in USA have tough entry requirements for a master of engineering. Students need excellent academic profiles, with innovative projects, GRE score, IELTS score, and experience to get admission into the top Engineering universities in USA. 

That being said, GRE is not a compulsory entry requirement for a Master of Engineering in USA.  

The most basic GRE score is a total of 300 with a minimum of 60% in the quant section and 3.0 in the AWA Section. 

IELTS/ TOEFL Requirement

While some US universities accept IELTS Score as well, TOEFL is accepted by almost every US university as an English language proficiency test. Some universities require as high of a TOEFL score as 105. Most of the US universities have cut off scores of 96 for USA. 

Make sure to check the official website of the university and also the program to ensure that you have passed the English language requirement for your program. 

Academic Requirement 

Students need to bring a minimum of 60% in a relevant field in bachelors to study Master of Engineering in the USA. Again, this requirement can differ from University to university and program to program. 

Most popular Master of Engineering Courses in USA

  • Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Bioengineering
  • MEng in Aerospace Systems in Engineering
  • MEng in Plasma Engineering
  • MEng Robotics and Automation
  • Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation
  • MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Computational Mechanics and Scientific Computing
  • MEng in Cybersecurity
  • MEng in Financial Technology
  • MEng in Photonics and Optical Sciences
  • Master of Engineering in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
  • ME ing Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in System Analytics
  • MEng in Railway Engineering
  • MEng in Computer Science
  • MEng in Risk Engineering

Application Requirements for applying in Masters in Engineering in USA

  • Bachelor level transcript, provisional certificate and character certificate (in the relevant field of graduate diploma is required)
  • 2- 3 letters of recommendations (Academic are given more priority over professional)
  • Intermediate level transcript, provisional certificate and character certificate
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of Scholarships if any
  • Application fees
  • Passport
  • CV/ Resume
  • GRE generally asked
  • The English Language proficiency test (TOEFL) is the most popular one.
  • Proof of experience (For some programs experience is compulsory)

Scope of Master of Engineering in USA

The scope of Master of Engineering in USA is tremendous thanks to the huge engineering industries in USA. The USA has good scope for any engineering. In the table below, popular career opportunities and respective salaries for engineers in USA

Master of Engineering Jobs in USAAnnual Master of Engineering Salary in USD
Chemical Engineer92,300
Technical Project Manager201,000
Product Engineer79,200
Automation Engineer88,500
Quality Control Manager92,400
Software Engineer106,683
Mechanical Engineer85,000

The Master of Engineering degree obtained from the USA is revered throughout the world. So, if you wish you can also pursue an engineering career in other countries like Canada, Australia, UK etc. 

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