Master of Business Administration (MBA) in USA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in USA

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Master of Business Administration in USA is one of the most prestigious and sought degrees in the world by national and international students. 

If you want to study MBA in USA and are interested in knowing more about the top universities for MBA in USA, Master of Business Administration fees and admission requirements, this MBA in USA guide is for you. 

The United States of America is also regarded as the birthplace of Masters of Business Administration. The Global Ranking of Financial Times says that there are 51 top business schools from the USA that come in the top 100 names.

 Just like other locations, MBA in USA is a two-year-long master's program that educates students about business and management.

Why Study MBA in USA?

Settling for one study abroad location for MBA can be a challenge for many students. The student should assess all the pros and cons before making their final decision. For any student, the USA has emerged as the best option for pursuing their MBA degrees. Let's see what are the advantages of doing an MBA in USA

  • USA has excellent global business schools as per QS Global MBA ranking like Harvard Business School. For instance, 13 out of the top 25 MBA Programs in the world are found in US Business Schools.
  • Many USA universities offer internships and placements for MBA graduates with attractive MBA packages.
  • The average salary for MBA graduates in USA is around USD 100,000. As a result, USA is one of the most generous countries in the world in terms of offering salaries to MBA pass outs.
  • US Economy is the strongest economy in the world thus there is a huge scope of MBA graduates in the USA job market.
  • MBA degree obtained from USA is revered all around the world thus after passing Master of Business Administration in USA, students can go to other top countries like Australia, Canada, UK etc. to pursue a career in MBA

Top Universities for Masters of Business Administration in USA

The USA is home to the best business schools and top universities for MBA in the world. As mentioned above, they are known for their modern teaching approach and exposure.

If you have made up your mind to study in the US, then the first step towards achieving this goal is to select an educational institution. Here are some of the most popular names in this list:

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia Business School
  • Yale School of Management
  • Sloan School of Management
  • Wharton University
  • Columbia University
  • University of California- Berkeley Campus
  • Duke University
  • Yale University
  • Cornell University
  • Indiana University

Top Courses for MBA in US

Based on their interests, students can choose a specific course that prunes their skills in a particular specialization. 

The business schools of USA provide a wide spectrum of options for selection. International students generally opt for the following courses:

●      Consulting

●      Marketing

●      Finance

●      Information Management

●      Technology

●      Entrepreneurship

Tuition Fee & Other Expenses for MBA in United States

The total fee of studying MBA in USA depends upon the university chosen by the student. 

Other factors affect the fees, including region, specialization, city, etc. For instance, if you are selected in the best institutions like Harvard or Stanford, then the tuition fee is around US$120,000.

On the other hand, fees for other B-Schools is approximately US$70,000 for the international students. 

This is comparatively higher than what the charges are for a domestic student. Here is a quick glance over the MBA course fee in different institutions. 

University/College NameTotal Course Fee
Stanford Graduate School of Business$166,578
Harvard Business School$157,136
Columbia Business School$165,184
Yale School of Management$160,936
Sloan School of Management$302,270

Academic Requirements for MBA in US

All applicants must comply with the regional eligibility criteria to increase their chances of getting into one of the top business schools in USA

The academic requirements differ according to the university a student selects. But, the general eligibility requirements remain the same:

Students will have to provide a certain set of documents for getting admission to any American university. 

The documentation requirement for pursuing MBA in the US varies in different colleges. However, they generally ask for the following:

Stanford Graduate School of Business

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Complete 4 year Bachelor degree from a recognized university with a minimum 3.6 GPA

o   English proficiency- PTE (68), TOEFL (100), IELTS (7), or GMAT (730)

o   3 Letters of Recommendation

o   Statement of Purpose

●      Application Intake: Round-based Intake (Check Official Website)

●      Application Fees: USD 275

Harvard Business School

●      Duration: 2 years 

●      Requirements:

o   Bachelor degree from a recognized university with at least 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

o   Applicant must have studied Science & Math in their Junior College

o   GMAT: 730

o   English Proficiency Test Scores- IELTS (7.5), TOEFL (109), etc.

o   Letter of Recommendation

o   Statement of Purpose

o   Proof of Finances

o   CV or Resume

o   Transcripts from previous College education

●      Application Intake: September & January (for Rounds 1 & 2 respectively)

●      Application Fees: USD 75

Columbia Business School

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Bachelor degree from a recognized university

o   English Proficiency Scores- TOEFL (100), IELTS (7.5), GMAT (720), etc.

o   Letter of Recommendation

o   Statement of Purpose

o   Minimum 5 year Overall Work Experience

o   Academic Documents & Transcripts

o   Resume/ CV

●      Application Intake: August 

●      Application Fees: USD 250

Yale School of Management

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Bachelor degree from a recognized university or Equivalent Qualification

o   English Language Proficiency Test- IELTS (7), TOEFL (100), etc.

o   Complete Transcripts & Academic Documents

o   Resume or CV

o   Letters of Recommendation

o   Video Essay (might be required)

●      Application Intake: Check the Official Website

●      Application Fees: USD 250

Sloan School of Management

●      Duration: 2 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Bachelor degree from a recognized university or any other Qualification equal to the certification

o   Scores from English Proficiency Tests-

o   Resume or CV

o   Letter of Recommendation

o   Transcripts of previous Education

o   Video Statement of Purpose, etc.

●      Application Intake: Check the Official Website

●      Application Fees: USD 250

General Requirements For Studying MBA

Applicants with no work experience are accepted in a few institutions. However, students with experience have an upper hand over those who don’t. You will have to check the university-based requirements from their official website.

●      Applicant should have at least 15 or 16 years of education (including schooling and undergraduate course)

●      Pass Result in required English Language Proficiency Test

●      Pass Result in GMAT or GRE (minimum 600 or 300+ scores)

●      Work Experience (minimum 2-3 years)

Need of English Proficiency Tests

Every university demands a minimum passing English proficiency from students from non-English speaking nations before admission. The score and exam may differ depending upon the university.

With a validity of 2 years, these tests are important for getting admission in any American University. Generally, institutions request for scores in IELTS or International English Language Testing System. Therefore, students are asked to prepare, appear, and clear this exam.

Scholarships for International Students in USA for MBA

There are various scholarship programs in USA for international students to fund their education. Various universities, as well as NGOs, work to encourage education and higher studies by providing scholarships. The US government has also launched a few scholarships to support the expenses of international students.

●      Chicago Booth University Scholarships

It is given in two categories named as Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala, which provides 1 million USD for the student. The next one is Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship, which gives $25,000 per annum to the students.

●      Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

It is for Indian students pursuing their MBA at Stanford University. Under this scholarship, the student gets the complete cover of his or her tuition fee.

Job Opportunities after MBA in USA

International students receive job opportunities after completing their MBA from the United States

Not only this, the offers are from leading companies and applicants receive great payrolls. Here are a few job prospects that students can pursue after finishing their Masters of Business Administration from USA:

●      Assistant BD manager [$99,000 per annum]

●      Project manager [$106,000 per annum]

●      General manager [$128,000 per annum]

●      Human resource manager [$144,000 per annum]

●      Business development manager [$128000 per annum]

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