Master of nursing in the UK

Master of nursing in the UK

Master of nursing in the UK
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If you have completed your graduation in Nursing and are looking forward to increasing your knowledge in the same field, then a master of nursing in the UK could be the right choice for you. Want to know why? Follow this guide. 

The master's degree in nursing will let you learn more about senior nursing, midwifery, and healthcare roles and is designed to equip ambitious healthcare practitioners. With this course, any person can develop greater depth, skills, and capacity for nursing roles.

Masters of Nursing in the UK

Offered by more than 80 Universities in the UK, MSc in nursing is regarded as one of the most popular courses for professional success and advancement in medical services. 

MSc. in Nursing in the UK is a long-term program with several specializations, modern study methods and a strong patient care foundation. 

The average expense of seeking a graduate degree in nursing from colleges in the UK is around 10,000 GBP to 40,000 GBP. 

The program assists the professional with being presented with cutting-edge well-being science, progressed therapeutic and preventive medication research, and general information.

MSc in Nursing in the UK allows you to work under NHS (United Kingdom National Health Services), and the beginning pay rates for graduates are from Band 5, i.e. 24,000 to 30,000 GBP, to Band 7, i.e. 37,000 to 72,000 GBP.

Need For Pursuing Masters of Nursing in the UK

  1. All the leading ten colleges in the UK offering Masters in Nursing likewise offer grants to international students.
  2. The UK offers some affordable Master of Nursing programs.
  3. The social consideration area in the UK utilizes 1.48 million individuals, with a more noteworthy per cent being attendants. The area will have a large portion of 1,000,000 different positions accessible by 2030.

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Top Universities in the UK for Masters in Nursing

Master in Nursing in the UK is accessible in some of the highest-level UK colleges and schools. These colleges are illustrated underneath as indicated by the course positioned by the QS world positioning stage alongside the program specialization, the span of the study, and the program charge. 

These are the top universities in the UK for master's.

Global Ranking University/ College Program/ Specialization Program Fee (GBP)
#20 The University of Edinburgh Master of Science by Research in Nursing (1 year) 22,850
#33 King’s College, London Master of Science in Clinical Nursing (1 year) 24,850
#67 University of Glasgow Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Science (1 year) 21,920
#78 University of Sheffield Masters of Medical Science in Nursing Studies (1 year) 19,000
#96 University of Nottingham Master of Science in Advanced Nursing (1 year) 19,170
#181 University of Liverpool Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 19,900
#302 University of Dundee Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 18,150
#531-540 Coventry University Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 14,700
#600-650 Ulster University Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 14,480
#701-750 Northumbria University Master of Science in Nursing (1 year to 20 months) 15,500
#801-1000 University of Salford Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 14,670
#801-1000 University of Central Lancashire Master of Science in Nursing (1 year) 13,200 (for full-time)












What is the Eligibility for MSC Nursing?

To pursue a master’s degree in nursing, an applicant should meet the following requirement.

  1. A bachelor's degree in nursing or related field with a grade point of 55%, i.e. equal to UK’s second class lower).
  2. Other institution demands 75% and above from a recognized institute, i.e. UK’s first-class or second-class upper honours).

Note that academic and IELTS requirements to study in the UK can differ from the eligibility criteria mentioned above depending upon the university’s guidelines. Check the official website for the more authentic and latest information. 

Masters in Nursing in the UK – Master Degree Scholarships

Below are all the scholarships available to international students in the UK.

UK Scholarships Annual Program Fees UK Universities
King's International Scholarship 25,000 King's College London
Chevening Scholarship varies University of Liverpool
Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship 5,000 University of Dundee
International Postgraduate Scholarship 2,000 Ulster University
International Academic Excellence Award 1,500 Coventry University
Year of the Nurse and Midwife Scholarships 2,000 University of Salford
Excellence Scholarship for International Students 3,000 University of Central Lancashire
Helen McArdle Nursing Scholarship 1,200 per year for a maximum of three years (3,600) University of Sunderland
The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship Varies University of Edinburgh
International Postgraduate Taught Scholarship 2,500 University of Sheffield
UK International Postgraduate Excellence Award 4,000 University of Nottingham
University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship 10,000 University of Glasgow
International Academic Excellence Fee Scholarships Varies University of Bradford
















Also, the UK government has decided that nursing, midwifery, and many allied health students will benefit from guaranteed support of at least 5,000 GBP a year.

Masters in Nursing in the UK- Application Requirements

The following documents are required by an applicant for considering admission.   

  • Academic documents (transcripts) up to bachelor's.
  • Character certificate up to bachelor
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendations if asked
  • English Proficiency tests: Could be IELTS or TOEFL
  • Scholarship proof, if any.

Confirmation of Language Proficiency: Applicants whose first language isn't English should give English language capability assessments, like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, and provide their eligibility. 

Masters in Nursing in the UK – Job

Students who graduate from international universities have higher chances of seeking jobs in UK universities after graduation. After completing a master's in nursing, students get higher chances of working as nurses and getting higher payments. 

The course also opens the gates for freelance work.

Also, after pursuing a master's in nursing in the UK, you prepare yourself for grabbing job opportunities in the relevant nursing field across the globe.

Below is the list of jobs with salaries available for Nursing graduates in the UK.

Nursing Professions in the UK Average Annual Salary in GBP
Critical Care Nurse 107,000
Clinic Manager 129,000
Clinic Navigator 80,700
Clinical Application Specialist 112,000
Care Assistant 75,000
Care Coordinator 130,000
Caregiver 81,300
Nurse Educator 108,000
Nurse Midwife 112,000
Nursing Coordinator 100,000














Nursing graduates can also go to Australia, Canada or the USA after completing their master's in Nursing in the UK. 

MSc Nursing energizes qualified medical attendants, maternity specialists, and well-being guests from all fields of training to foster significant degrees of reflection, dynamic, and criticality in nursing hypothesis and exploration. 

This is especially valuable for medical attendants who wish to foster their vocations and take a stab at advancement. This holds even more accurate, especially for those nursing aspirants seeking higher jobs in the examination, initiative, and training.

MSc in Nursing is bound to add more value to one’s knowledge. It paves the path for more future success and 

Post an MSc. in nursing in the UK. An understudy encounters a climb of around 29%, contrasting with the yearly compensations offered to a four-year certification holding proficient.


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