Bachelor of Nursing in UK

Bachelor of Nursing in UK

Shanti RanaTue Jul 27 2021

The bachelor's in nursing in the UK is a health care program that includes various majors such as adult care, child care, psychiatry, and midwife. In addition, students will need to develop clinical skills throughout the course. 

The Bachelor of Nursing program provides information on the latest research, practices, and policies in nursing.  

Via the bachelor of nursing program in UK, You will receive training and infection protection training in clinics, operating rooms, and rehabilitation rooms. In addition to theoretical knowledge, graduates can also gain practical experience in the same field.

The title is highly respected by males and females all over the world because it is a demanding and honourable profession.

Bachelor of Nursing in UK Curriculum Overview

  • Foundations in Nursing & Health.Development of nursing practice related to the care of patients with acute analgesics; short-term needs.
  • The development of nursing practices related to long-term patient care and outpatient treatment; requires full supervision.
  • Most of the BSc Nursing degrees are taught for three to four years in the UK. During their studies, students will cover a variety of different career paths. Compulsory science courses are provided during internships in various communities and the medical centre enables students to gain direct experience in the profession.

Why study Bachelors of Nursing in the UK

  • The UK provides 3 years of professional nursing education course fees per annum 14,000 GBP–30,000 GBP depending upon college/university and 2-5 years of work experience, you may earn 36% more than their starting salaries £22,000- £30,112 for newcomers per annum.
  • According to another health education study conducted by the National Health Service in England, approximately94% of graduates receive nursing care jobs within 6 months of their post completion of the course.
  • International students must complete the Overseas Nursing Program to be able to intern in the country.
  • After graduation, students have the right to work in the UK or obtain a master's degree in the same industry from prestigious universities in the UK or other regions.
  • According to the QS 2021 World Ranking, the University of Edinburgh, King's College London, and the University of Manchester rank out of the best colleges/universities for BSc Nursing in the UK.
  • According to their qualifications, international students should apply for personal loans and government universities or university scholarship programs that support the education of people already living in the UK.
  • You may apply for financial aid up to £8,000 each year of study.

Top Universities in the UK for Bachelors in Nursing

Bachelor's in Nursing in the UK is attainable in a few highest level UK colleges and universities. These universities are demonstrated beneath as designated by the course positioned by the QS world rank positioning stage beside the program specializations, the duration of the study, and program costs. UK also has some affordable universities with tuition fees in range of GBP 10,000 to GBP 18,000 for international students.  

These are some of the best UK universities for bachelor in Nursing

UK best universities for bachelor of NursingGlobal QS RankingBachelor of Nursing program or specializationAnnual fee in GBP
King’s College London  2BSc Nursing (Adult)-3YR 16,530 
University of Manchester3BSc Nursing (Mental Health) -3YR 24,000
  University Of Edinburgh  25Bachelor of Nursing-4YR  27,550
University Of Nottingham27BSc Nursing (Adult)-3YR   21,150
Ulster University      46    BSc Nursing (Mental Health) -3YR14,060
The University of Glasgow51-100BSc Nursing-4 Years   16,970
Queen’s University Belfast    51-100BSc(Professional & Adult Nursing)-3YR16,900
University of Sheffield51-100BSc Medical Science (Adult Nursing)-3YR 23,750
  Middlesex University121Nursing (Adult) BSc Honours-3YR 14,000
University of Liverpool 181  Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing)-3YR 21,300

                                                     Table 1: Top UK Universities for Bachelor of Nursing in Australia    

What are the BSc Nursing Eligibility to meet?

Entry requirements for BSc Nursing degree courses vary because each university/college has its own entry criteria to meet, but you are required to have a minimum academic qualification 10+2 (55%-60%) ‘C+’ and including English, maths, and science-related subjects (usually biology or human biology) IELTS: 6.5 (with 6 in each component).     

Please Note: The academic and IELTS requirements for studying in the UK can differ from the eligibility criteria mentioned above depending upon the university’s guidelines. 

Visit the official website to get the most reliable and up-to-date information on the subject.

Bachelors in Nursing in the UK – Scholarships

Studying abroad is not very affordable. On that account, scholarship schemes or financial aid are hugely beneficial to international students. UK top universities offer scholarships to help with tuition fees. 

Scholarships provided by UK universitiesThe name of the UniversityValue of scholarship (GBP per year)
International Excellence Scholarships University of Manchester2000
Sanctuary ScholarshipsKing’s College, London12,010
International Office UG Scholarships Queen’s University Belfast 2500-3000
Undergraduate Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of Glasgow 5,000

                                                                Table 2: Bachelor of Nursing Scholarships in UK

Application Requirements for BSc Nursing in UK

Documents required below are from an applicant for considering admission to a preferred university or a college.   

  • Valid Passport
  • Updated CV/Biodata
  • Academic certificates, transcripts from 10+2 or PCL-Diploma’s including character + migration certificate
  • Statement Of Purpose-SOP
  • Letter Of Recommendations minimum of two (On Request).
  • English Proficiency Tests Score: IELTS, TOEFL or PTE
  • Scholarship proof if any

Required Documents for Visa Application in UK 

Please check the following documents required to apply for a UK General Tier 4 Student Visa:

  • Passport and its copy.
  • Latest photos
  • Mark sheets, transcripts of 10th & 12th or PCL-Diploma
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores prove your English proficiency.
  • Financial documents/bank statements.

Notes. In order to prove that you can afford a lower cost of living away from home, you must submit annual financial statements (documents).It costs 1,015 pounds a month in London and 1,265 pounds a month in London.

Bachelor in Nursing in the UK – Job

After completing the BSc Nursing, students can earn £24,214 per year. After more than five years of service, this salary has increased by at least 36%. With a wealth of experience and power amplifier; a qualification certificate can bring you 60,000 to 109,000 pounds of income per year. 

According to the latest report, nearly 50% of UK nurses earn at least £109,000 a year. In addition, in the UK, there are different types of bonuses for this profession. These are rewards for personal performance, rewards for company performance, rewards for achieving goals, and year-end or holiday rewards.

The British Bachelor of Nursing qualification opens the door to vacant positions. You can split the average salary of different nursing positions. 

Bachelor of Nursing jobs in UKAnnual wages in GBP
Health Visitor22,425 – 65,737
Trainee Nurse23,000 – 34,105
Learning Disability Nurse23,023 – 43,041
Nurse midwife23,023 – 43,041
Staff Nurse23,023- 32,000
Children Nurse24,214- 43,772
Mental Health Nurse24,214-30,112
High-Intensity Therapist28,050 – 43,041

                                                                      Table 2: Bachelor of Nursing jobs in UK

After completion of your BSc degree,  you can practice and work as a nurse for a minimum of two years post completion of the course. The new visa rule (Graduate Route) Post Study Work (PSW) allows you to search for job opportunities and work for two years after completing the degree in the UK.

After completing a Bachelor of Nursing in the UK, you can continue to study for a Master of Nursing. Graduates can focus on topics such as good clinical practice and medical decision-making, patient intensive care units, and many other nursing-related projects. 

If you have a bachelor's degree, you may choose to directly enrol in nursing courses at the same college/university in nursing as well as you may enjoy a fee waiver like the one at the University of Manchester.

If you study bachelor of Nursing in the UK, you will get a 10% tuition discount during the master's degree. In the UK, the salaries of nurses after completing a master of nursing are also higher, at £34,000 per year. 

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