Master of Accounting in UK

Master of Accounting in UK

Master of Accounting in UK
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Master of Accounting is the best course to study if you want to make your career in Finance. There are so many reasons to pursue a postgraduate degree in Accounting. These courses also get you industry-ready.

The most preferred place for every international student to study for a Master's degree in Accounting is the UK. Education in the UK is highly demanded and recognised across the world. Furthermore, postgraduate courses are highly valued by companies in the UK.

Why Study Master of Accounting in the UK?

Top Universities

In the stream of Accounting & Finance, various institutions of the UK are included in the top 10 QS World University Ranking 2023. 3 out of the top 10 universities in the QS ranking are from the UK. As per QS's top 50 global university ranking, eight universities in the UK are listed in this category.

Inclusive Courses

In the United Kingdom, the courses related to accounting and finance educate international students to get a job in the field of banks, accounts, corporate, and economic sectors. Master of Accounting allows the students to study corporate finance, financial risk, management accounting, management, HRM, cost accounting and audit.

High Paid Jobs

Based on their position and company, UK-based employees in the field of accounting and finance receive well-paid jobs. A practising accountant earns 55,030 GBP, whereas a company accountant receives nearly 68,004 GBP.

Future Prospects

After completing a Master's in Accounting from the University of the UK, you can get an opportunity to work with the London financial sector. It is the best and largest financial sector across the globe. Predictions are made that there will be an extra demand for around 80,000 candidates in the accounting field.  

More About the Course

In the UK, a full-time or part-time Master in Accounting degree is usually a 10 to 12 months program. At the same time, the duration of a part-time program at the University of Cambridge is 2 years.

Every university has a different syllabus, curriculum and content structure for the Masters in Accounting program. For instance, some consist of finance as a core subject, and others combine the two subjects in an integrated program.

Top Universities in the UK

Wondering which are the top accounting universities in the United Kingdom? According to the QS Ranking of 2023, here are the first 5 institutions and their rankings:

University Name QS Ranking 2023
Oxford University 4
University of Cambridge 6

The London School of Economics and Political

London Business School 12
Imperial College London =19







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Best Courses for Master of Accounting in the UK

The following are among the top-rated courses that are available in the UK:

⮚ Accounting, Organizations and Institutions

⮚ Business with Accounting and Finance

⮚ International Accounting and Finance

⮚ Accounting and Financial Management

Tuition Fees for Master of Accounting

If you want to study in the UK, the biggest hurdle you might face could be the university's tuition fee. Let's look at top UK universities' tuition fees and offered courses. 

Provides a Master in Data Science program.

University Name Course Name Tuition Fees
University of Edinburgh MSc Data Science £38,500
Kings College of London MSc Data Science £31,080
University of Manchester MSc Data Science (Computer Science Data Informatics) £31,000
University of Bristol MSc Data Science £30,500
University of Glasgow MSc Data Science £29,370






Master of Accounting Scholarships in the UK

Pursuing a Master's in Accounting from a university in the UK can get expensive for international aspirants. However, the UK offers different scholarship schemes for exceptional students to manage their fees. This is offered based on merit, qualification, and university eligibility criteria. Some of these include:

⮚ British Council’s 70th Anniversary Scholarship

⮚ GREAT Scholarship

⮚ JSCCA Bursary

⮚ QS Leadership Scholarship

⮚ Master Scholarship for Indian residents

General Requirements for Master of Accounting in the UK

The London School of Economics and Political

●  Duration: 9 months (full-time) or 21 months (part-time)

●  Requirements:

o   An accounting & finance or similar field degree with above 2:1 grading/75% or equivalent.

o   For all international students, GMAT scores are mandatory.

o   English Proficiency test: IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (100), PTEA/LSE

●  Application Intake: None (Rolling Admissions)

●      Application Fees: £80

University of Oxford

Duration: 9 months (full-time)


o   Undergraduate degree


o   Work experience (preferable)

o   References

o   Essay

o   Kira Talent video assessment

o   English language proficiency

Application Intake: Check their Official Website

Application Fees: £100

University of Cambridge

●  Duration: 24 months

●  Requirements:

o   Students must have 75% above degree or equivalent

o   It is mandatory to qualify GMAT/GRE/EA test

o   Two years of working experience is required. It is not necessary to have experience in the accounting field.

o   You must hold two professional references, which you should have one from your recent job.

o   Certified English proficiency: TOEFL (110), IELTS (7.5), CAE/CPE scores.

o   Recent Updated Passport

o   Document of Immigration

●  Application Intake: September

●      Application Fees: £150

London Business School

●  Duration: 12-16 months

●  Requirements:

o   Completed form

o   Essay

o   Letter of Reference

o   GMAT, GRE or CFA score above 600.

o   Curriculum Vitae

o   English Language Test Scores of the following: IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE or PTE

o   University Transcripts

●  Application Intake: March

●      Application Fees: £100

The University of Manchester

●  Duration: 12 months full-time

●  Requirements:

o   2:1 Undergraduate degree from the University of UK or international.

o   GMAT or GRE scores are required with a good scorecard.

o   Only Certified English language Test is accepted: IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (100), CAE or CPE

o Every country has different eligibility criteria, so please visit their official website.

●  Application Intake: Visit their Official Website

●      Application Fees: £60

Imperial College London

●  Duration: 1 year full-time

●  Requirements:

o   With a 2:1 or above grade degree in accounting and finance.

o   Please visit the official website's Country and Region Index section for academic admission requirements.

o   For English Proficiency, you must qualify- IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (100), CAE, CPE or Duolingo English test.

●  Application Intake: Mid-August

●      Application Fees: £80

The University of Edinburgh

●  Duration: 1 Year

●  Requirements:

o   Bachelor’s degree in the field of Accounting or Finance or a similar field with solid grades.

o   Working experience is not mandatory but can help you to get admission quickly.

o   Students, who hold better grades and professionally qualified degrees, will be given preference

o   Certified English Language tests will only be accepted: IELTS (7.0), TOEFL iBT (100), CAE or CPE.

●  Application Intake: 5 Different Deadlines (Visit their Official Website)

●      Application Fees: £60

The University of Warwick

●  Duration: 12 Months

●  Requirements:

o   Bachelor's degree with above 75% or 2:1 grade

o   GMAT/GRE is not mandatory but can boost your application with an above 700 scorecard.

o   English Proficiency Test: Only IELTS (7.0), TOEFL (100), CAE/ CPE, or Duolingo English Test.

o   One Letter  of Reference

o   Professional Curriculum Vitae will boost your application.

o   Degree transcripts

o   SOW with 500 words.

●      Application Intake: October

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.

Need of IELTS for International Students

While applying for a postgraduate degree in the UK, international students must have competent English language knowledge. As per UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) authorities, a student must qualify for the Secure English Test (SELT). This test proves that you are proficient in English and eligible to study in the UK.

The UK government officially accepts the SELT exam compared to other English Language tests, including IELTS or TOEFL. If a student wants to get a UK Visa, attempting and qualifying for the SELT test is a must. It is the entrance gate for all international students to pursue any course or degree from UK universities.

Job Opportunities in the UK after Master of Accounting

After receiving a Master's degree in Accounting from a university in the UK, fresh graduates can find fantastic job possibilities with a good salary package. If a student has completed MSc in Accounting from a UK institution, he/she can be appointed in accounting firms, consultancy organisations, corporate and management, research and accountancy.

Finance and accounting is vast subject though a graduate student can get the best salary and job package in any multinational company, bank, or corporate sector in the UK in different positions, including:

⮚ Chartered Accountant Manager (£63,000)

⮚ Auditing Manager (£48220)

⮚ Financial Advisor (£42,920)

⮚ Financial Trader (£51,015)

⮚ Investment Analyst (£47,715)

After getting a postgraduate degree from a qualified university in the UK, a student can also apply for research programs such as PhD and Doctorate.


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