UK Post Study Work Visa

UK Post Study Work Visa

UK Post Study Work Visa
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The Study Work Visa, also called the Graduate Route, is a new visa that provides graduates an exciting opportunity to live and work in the UK.

International students with a current student visa who have earned an undergraduate or higher degree from a recognized higher education provider can apply for a Study Work Visa in the UK.

The UK has top-notch educational institutions and gives students the best career opportunities. Business, science, technology, healthcare, and education thrive in this nation. 

The cost of living in the UK, which has the sixth-largest economy in the world, may be high. Still, it also has a rising employment rate and promises a high standard of living in a multicultural environment. For this reason, international students in the UK or PSW UK apply for post-study work permits.

While seeking an education career in one of the top study destinations, like the UK, students frequently want to investigate employment opportunities in the same nation.

So, how do you obtain a post-study work visa in the United Kingdom? Explore this all-inclusive guide to assist you with your work permit after studying in the UK.

Why Apply: Post-Study Work Permit in the United Kingdom?

Career Opportunities

Several top companies in the UK, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Meta, welcome top candidates worldwide and offer financially rewarding career opportunities.

Growth Prospects

In one of the biggest economies in the world, you can foresee success and the opportunity to learn new things. Your job will not only pay well, but it will also help you learn skills essential for your professional and personal development.

Flexible Work Schedule

In the UK, employees work from Monday through Friday, 8 hours every day. Additionally, you are entitled to 28 paid vacation days each year. You can choose from part-time jobs in the UK during your leisure time.

Switch to skilled work.

You will be free to work as a freelancer, complete an internship, or gain work experience in the UK. You can change to a skilled work route and stay in the UK after your two or three years are up once you have found a job position in the UK.

Types of Post-Study Work Visa in the UK

Skilled worker visa

The Level Two (General) work visa has been replaced by qualified workers' access in the UK, which enables you to remain in the country while working for a recognized employer.

Senior or Specialist worker visa

If you travel to the UK to work in an eligible position at your employer's UK branch, you may be eligible for this visa. The Intra Company Transfer Visa has replaced this visa (Tier 2.)

International sportsperson visa

If the governing body of your sport has certified you as an elite athlete or a skilled facilitator at the highest possible level of your profession, or if your employer has the potential to aid in the growth of sports in the UK, you need such a visa.

Health & Care working visa

Medical professionals can stay in the UK and work for the NHS, a supplier to the NHS, or an adult social care facility with this type of visa.

Minister of religion visa

If you are offered a job in a faith-based organization in the UK, you will require this visa.

Post-Study Work Visa Eligibility in the UK

  • You must apply from the UK.
  • A Tier 4 (General) student visa is required.
  • You must finish an undergraduate or graduate degree in the UK with your student visa.
  • Once your education provider has verified that you have successfully finished the program, you are registered. You can submit your application.
  • You must be economically secure.
  • The visa application must be submitted within a year of the program's final result.
  • In the coming year, you should search for employment opportunities.
  • Those who have not finished their degree in the English language are required to take the IELTS, in which you must obtain a score of 6.5 in each of the test's four sections.
  • You would need to obtain the funding from the source the UK government mentioned.

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Basic Requirements to apply for a UK Post-Study Visa

  • A valid passport as identification and nationality confirmation
  • Permit to Reside Using Biometrics (BRP)
  • The CAS reference number for verification of acceptance for studies
  • If your fiance or kids are accompanying you, you must provide documentation of your relationship
  • A document from your funder or scholarship provider (if they paid for your expenses in the last 12 months)
  • IELTS Score
  • Information on the job title and the annual salary
  • Code of your profession

Additional Documents Checklist

  • Bank statements or other documentation of personal savings to assist yourself in the UK
  • Reports of your Tuberculosis test if you are from one of the countries on the list
  • Criminal history record report
  • Evidence of the relationship with the spouse or kids who are claiming to be your dependents
  • Present ATAS certification

Application procedures for post-study work visas in the UK

Before your student visa expires, you must apply for the Graduate Visa. You don't need to wait until you've earned a diploma to use; you can do so as soon as your lecture provider notifies you that you've successfully finished your course of study.

While you are in the UK, you must submit an online application. To do so, use the website's online application form. You must complete the application form and provide identification documentation as part of your Graduate Visa application application.

You can verify your identity if you're from a nation outside the EU or EEA by visually inspecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) in the app. If you cannot scan your BRP (photograph and fingerprints), you must schedule an appointment to take your biometric data.

You can anticipate hearing about your visa request within eight weeks of submitting the application and providing identification.

How to apply for a UK Student visa?

Cost of UK Post-Study Work Visa

The UK Post Study Visa application fee is £715, and the annual healthcare service fee is £624. A minimum of £1,270 must be available for support when you arrive in the UK.

What after visa expiration

As everyone is aware, under the new laws and regulations, international students with a UK work permit or Post-Study Visa can remain in the UK and look for employment in the same field as their studies. They may work on any project they choose during this time, provided it is unrelated to their study area.

Students or candidates who are prepared and want to stay longer in the UK must apply for a skilled work visa or a general work visa, i.e., the Tier 2 Visa, after the UK work permit expires after two years. However the applicant needs to be able to bring in at least £30,000 annually to qualify for a Tier 2 Visa.

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