Masters of Clinical Psychology in United Kingdom

Masters of Clinical Psychology in United Kingdom

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Master of Clinical Psychology in United Kingdom is a one-year academic course that allows you to gain comprehensive knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of Clinical Psychology with a graduate award from the world top-ranked universities. 

If you are aspiring to pursue a master in Clinical psychology in the United Kingdom, it would definitely be the best choice to get an intensive knowledge of the international health system, and skills of applied clinical psychology on physical as well as mental health.

Once you get a graduate degree in Clinical degree from United Kingdom, you will get ample of opportunities to work in the United Kingdom, your home country or any health care system of mental and physical health care spectrums, public health, psychotherapy, behavioural change, and private hospitals and clinics over the world. 

In the context of the modern hectic world, mental distress, anxieties and depression and other mental diseases are increasing day by day globally, so the demand for clinical and counselling have been growing.  

The tuition fee for this course ranges from £13,500 to £ 24,400 annually with research and internships. Most of the universities in UK offer scholarships for deserving students.

Why Study Master of Clinical Psychology in UK?

  • UK offers full time as well as part-time masters and postgraduate comprising a wide range of specialization and research in clinical psychology.
  • UK has top-ranked universities that offer scholarships, grants, and placement programs for students pursuing master degrees in clinical psychology.
  • The demand for Clinical psychologists have been growing in UK and globally and is likely to be increased in future.
  • Get extensive practical knowledge in reputed health institutions and get a chance to meet reputed psychologists and consultants while studying. So you can fast track your career easily.
  • Clinical psychologists earn £65000 to £ 80000 annually in UK.

Top Universities for Master of Clinical Psychology in UK.

 Some of the renowned universities of UK offering Masters in Clinical Psychology are listed as follows.

1.      The University of Manchester

2.      University of Edinburgh

3.      University of Birmingham

4.      University of Hertfordshire

5.      University of Sussex

6.      University of Strathclyde

7.      Newcastle University

8.      University of Reading

9.      University of Central Lancashire

10.   Swansea University

11.   University of Plymouth

12.   University of Southampton

13.   Anglia Ruskin University

Cost of Master of Clinical Psychology in UK

The tuition fees for the Master of Clinical Psychology in UK range from £13,500 to £24, 400 including pre-arrival and post-arrival costs.

Master of Clinical Psychology in UK: Entry requirements for International Students

To apply for admission within UK universities you need a 4 or3 year's bachelor degree in psychology and other equivalent subjects foremost. Subject except Psychology should be accepted by The British Psychological Society, should submit appropriate supporting documents as per University requirements. In addition, English Language Tests like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE are required for international students. 

At least 6.5 IELTS score no less than 6.0 in each band is required to get admission in Masters in Clinical Psychology. However, to get admission to top universities and to get a scholarship 7.0 is required.

The academic requirement is (50-70 %) marks in the 4 years bachelor, although 3 years bachelor should justify with relevant documents like cover letters and work experiences.

UK University Requirements Criteria and Information

Different universities have set their own requirement criteria. Requirements for Mater in Clinical Psychology in top-ranking universities of UK are as follows:

UniversityAcademic requirementEnglish Language ProficiencyAnnual Tuition Fees
The University of  Manchester

-Bachelor in psychology (60-70%), (3.0-3.59 GPA)

-For irrelevant subjects need to prove with appropriate reasons for shifting the field.

-A short academic essay(personal statement) expressing your interest to pursue a Master in Clinical Psychology 

IELTS:7.0 (at least 7.0 in writing module)


PTE: 65-70

University of BirminghamBachelor degree (60-70%)

IELTS: 6.5 ( no less than 6.0 in the module)

TOEFL: 88 (at least 21 in Reading, 20 in  Listening 22 in Speaking and 21 in Writing)

PTE: Academic 67 with no less than 64 in all four skills

£20, 250
University of Edinburgh

-Bachelor degree in psychology and relevant subjects (60-70%)

- personal statement

IELTS: 7.0 no less than 6.5 each band

TOEFL: 100 (no less than 23 in each module)

University of Herefordshire

3  years bachelor degree 65% or above

4 years bachelor degree 60%or above

IELTS: 6.0 or 6.5(no less than 5.5 in each band)£14850


List of Universities Offering Masters in Clinical Psychology in UK without IELTS.

1.      University of Liverpool

2.      University of Sussex

3.      University of Bath

4.      University of East Anglia

5.      London South Bank University

6.      University of South Wales

7.      Goldsmith University

Scholarship for Master of Clinical Psychology in UK

1.      International Excellence Scholarship.

2.      International Merit Scholarship

3.      Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

4.      Chevening   Partner Scholarship Scheme

5.      Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

Application Requirement for International students while applying for Masters in Clinical Psychology in UK

  • Official intermediate (10+2) level transcripts, character certificate and provisional certificate.
  • Official bachelor level transcripts, character certificate and provisional certificate.
  • References of 2-3 (at least 2 academics and 1 professional as per requirements of university).
  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement.
  • Resume with academic qualifications and professional experiences.
  • Valid documents of Scholarship.
  • A valid English Proficiency test result.
  • Sample of work if required
  • Valid Passport

Scope of Clinical Psychology in UK

After completion of Master in Clinical Psychology, you can easily get employed in Clinical Practices in health care system of UK. The job placements of clinical psychologists are in government and private hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. 

The demand for clinical psychologists has dramatically increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. Psycho-social counselling and psychotherapy are integral parts of universities, hospitals, police, sports forensic and legal, and other government agencies in the UK.

 The earning of a clinical psychologist is significant in the UK. The salary package for clinical psychologists is one of the highly paid salary scales in health services. The annual salary ranges from £38,000 to £60,000, generally. Specifically, the salary scale according to the designation of Clinical Psychology is given below:

DesignationThe average salary in GBP(£) per annum
Head Clinical Psychologist£103,860
Consultants Clinical Psychologist£ 86,687
Clinical Psychologist£60,000
Trainee  Clinical Psychologists£37,570


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