Master of Public Health in UK

Master of Public Health in UK

Jyoti L.Mon Aug 02 2021

Master in Public Health in UK is an interdisciplinary sector that teaches and promotes good hygienic conditions, prevention of diseases, and precautions and medication of virus infection. 

It is expanded to diverse disciplines such as epidemiology, fitness schooling, mental health, health economics, and occupational health protection.

In the last few years, the United Kingdom has become an international education aspirant hotspot. It has numerous universities and colleges that offer Master in Public Health Study courses to the applicants. 

The course duration usually ranges between 10 months to 2 years. The average salary that a Public health graduate earns is approximately 27,460 GBP.

Why Study Master of Public Health in UK?

By choosing to study in UK, you not only receive a world-class education, but you also get first-hand exposure to British tradition, culture, lifestyle, history and beliefs. 

If you wish to gain an enriching experience, then you should definitely opt to study for a Master in Public Health Study in UK

Few other reasons to choose UK over other options include:

Unique Teaching Pattern

The exceptional education and academic approach are some of the primary factors that make the UK one of the best options.

Each year, UK universities and colleges are listed in the global ranking of best educational institutions for the master o public health degree. 

Fitting for All Students

Even Universities in the UK evaluate their education on the basis of environment-friendly culture, student-centric approach, average student's income, research paper, and practical knowledge.

Scholarship Offerings

Universities, institutions, and many other NGOs award Scholarships to international students that provide student financial support.

Learning Queen’s English

If you are studying in the UK you have the best opportunity to learn Queen's English, which is also known as BBC English. It is regarded as the highest level of English language that one can speak.

It includes correct grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening activity of English that helps you to understand the highest standard of English.

Higher Job Prospects and Scope

After studying Masters in Public Health from UK universities, students can plan and apply for some of the leading posts available. These will also be some of the highest paid jobs for the fresh graduates.

Apart from the best colleges and educational facilities, the UK is also known for offering some of the finest job opportunities for fresh graduates. We have listed some of the popular job profiles in the sections below. 

However, one must remember that in upcoming years, the number of openings for Public Health professionals will increase gradually. This is mainly because of the growing physical and mental health concerns.

These are the reasons why UK is one of the best places to study Master of Public Health in the world. 

Top Universities in the UK to Study Masters in Public Health

British Education delivers the highest level of learning, which makes it a fitting and finest education centre for all. 

The professors, teachers, administrators, and other professionals involved in managing the Universities, Academic Institutes, and Colleges are well educated, experts in subjects, highly qualified.

The lecturers of the University do not rely on the book-teaching method. Rather they keep the students engaged through classroom discussion, debates, quizzes, and cultural activities, projects, arts and creativity, theatre activity, etc. 

The top universities and colleges that offer Master in Public Health Courses are as follows:

●      University of Cambridge

●      University College London (UCL)

●      Imperial College of London

●      University of Edinburgh

●      University of Manchester

In all these universities, you will study the fundamental and in-depth aspects of public health. 

This includes forming a balanced diet, maintaining hygienic conditions, the importance of nutrients, precautions from unwanted diseases and viruses, and the medication process.

Tuition Fees in the UK for International Students

If you are selecting a Master in Public Health from the UK, you will have to check the financial support and investment as Universities in the UK can be expensive. 

To study Public Health, international students have to pay more fees as compared to the other domestic applicants.

The approximate tuition fee for international students, who wish to study Master in Public Health in UK universities, is stated below:

University/College NameTotal Course Fee
University of Cambridge$37,955
University College London$33,647
University of Edinburgh$26,339
University of Manchester$2,721 to $23,030
Imperial College of London$50,279

Scholarships for Master in Public Health Study in UK

This is another major advantage of opting to study in UK. The authorities and government have made various scholarships available to international students. Some of the popular scholarships are:

●      The Chevening Scholarships

●      Euraxess UK

●      The Royal Society Grants

Some of the universities also provide scholarships to international students excelling in academics or co curricula.

However, applicants from European Union are not eligible to apply for either of these. Furthermore, students from Cyprus and Malta can apply for Commonwealth Scholarships.

Admission Requirements to Study in the UK

To apply to either of the Universities for studying a Master in Public Health course from UK, you will have to provide the following documents:

University of Cambridge

●      Duration: 2 year (part-time)

●      Requirement:

o   Complete Upper Second Class Honors from either a UK university or Overseas Institute with Equivalent Qualification

o   Proof of Previous Course/ Training Completion

o   Proof of Funding (requirements and payability)

o   Scores from IELTS and TOEFL Proficiency Tests. Check the exact marks required from their Official Website.

●      Application Intake: by June or July

●      Application Fees: GBP 70

University College London (UCL)

●      Duration: 1 year (fulltime) or 2 year (part-time) or 2-5 years (flexible)

●      Requirement:

o   Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree from any of the UK’s institutions or Equivalent Qualification from International institutions

o   Work Experience in Professional Field

o   Scores from English Language Proficiency Tests, etc.

●      Application Intake: November to May

●      Application Fees: GBP 90 (Online Applications) or GBP 15 (Paper Applications)

Imperial College of London

●      Duration: 1 year (full-time)

●      Requirement:

o   Applicants need at least a 2.1 Degree in any Science program or an MBBS Degree. Students from Science backgrounds are prefered.

o   All candidates must appear in English Language Proficiency Test (Check Official Website for all Approved Tests and Scores)

o   Certain requirements differ based on the home country of the applicant. Visit their Website to know more)

●      Application Intake: Fall (June)

●      Application Fees: GBP 80

University of Edinburgh

●      Duration: 1 year (full-time)

●      Requirement:

o   Student must have a 2.1 UK Honors Degree or any other Qualification Equivalent to it

o   English Proficiency Test Scores are a must- IELTS, PTE, & TOEFL

o   Financial Documents

o   Statement of Purpose

o   Statement of Marks

o   Letter of Recommendation

o   Scores from GRE or GMAT exams

o   CV or Resume of the Applicant

●      Application Intake: Check the Official Website

●      Application Fees: No Fees

University of Manchester

●      Duration: 1 year (full-time)

●      Requirement:

o   Applicants must have a Grade A*AA in all Science subjects (and Maths)

o   English Language Proficiency- IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL-iBT

o   Complete Transcripts and their English Translations

o   Statement of Purpose

o   1-2 Letter of Recommendation

o   Resume or CV

●      Application Intake: Fall & Spring Sessions

●      Application Fees: GBP 60

Work Permit in UK after Masters in Public Health

If you want to work full-time or part-time in the UK, then you must comply with certain terms and have a work visa. 

In case you have a Biometric Residence Permit, then your work prospects should be stated clearly on these.

BRP Application

In this Visa Application, you will be allowed to work in the UK, as long as you are a Tier 4 student and have a valid visa. With this, a student will become eligible to work at least 20 hours every week.

Skilled Worker VISA Application

This Visa option is ideal for students who wish to stay and work after completing their Master in Public Health in UK

With this, you will have a 5-year permit, after which the visa should be renewed. Following documents are required to get this Visa:

●      Students ID or passport

●      Certificates of qualified degree

●      National Insurance Number, after selecting a job.

●      Certificate of English Proficiency test

●      You have to apply 3 months before you start to work

●      You will be allowed to work for 48hours per week

●      The minimum wage you will receive will be 2,022 EUR per Month

Tier Graduation Route

In this application for VISA, you will get a work permit in the UK for 3 years. In this application, they also have to submit a few documents as per the official UK guidelines.

The UK education offers you new opportunities with the best package as compared to the other universities of the world.  

Job Opportunities for Master of Public Health UK Graduates

If you have decided to take a degree in Public health then there are various opportunities for you to enter. These include:

●      Nutritionists ($61,270)

●      Health Education Teachers ($55,220)

●      Biostatisticians ($118,078)

●      Health Responders ($52,746)

●      Health & Safety Advisors ($63,346 to $76,304)

●      Epidemiologists ($70,990)

PR Opportunities in UK

In the UK, students can apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR) Visa, if they want to stay in the country and work. This visa option is only available to applicants who have 5 years experience of working a graduate job. 

Furthermore, if you have not cleared English Proficiency Test, then you will have to appear for the same. During the 6 month processing period, the applicants will also have to clear the Knowledge of Life in the UK assessment.


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