Why Study in Scotland

Why Study in Scotland

Why Study in Scotland
Ashma Shrestha

Did you know that Scotland has the highest ratio of top universities to its population of any country in the world? Did you know that in the UK, graduates from Scottish universities have the highest rates of employment or further education? Or that in all of Britain, Scotland has the highest rate of academic achievement with the quality level of teaching?

Scotland is known for creating innovative thinkers and a top-notch educational and university system. Because of this, more than 40,000 foreign students from more than 180 nations choose to study in Scotland each year.

Students come to Scotland not only for the top universities but also for the high standard of living. International students can enjoy a wide range of cultural, recreational, and shopping opportunities in the nation, which also boasts a low crime rate and a moderate climate. In a recent poll, more than 85% of students said they would advise others to visit Scotland, and more than 90% thought it was an excellent place to live.

Scotland has significantly influenced the modern world for such a small country. Scotland continues to be a center for academic innovation and research. It is a bright spot in computing, aviation, and medicine. Due to this, Scotland is becoming a more sought-after study-abroad location, particularly for those looking to pursue postgraduate research.

Here are some main reasons to study in Scotland if you're looking for a place to advance your studies.

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World Class Universities

According to the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2020, Scotland is home to four universities that are among the top 200 in the world, including the renowned Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews. 

In addition, Scottish universities provide a variety of educational options, flexible course schedules, and educational philosophies. You will learn in Scotland through lectures, seminars, and tutorials and use cutting-edge tools like online learning. Scottish university graduates have achieved great success as a result of the caliber of Scottish universities and the caliber of their graduates.

Skill-Based Learning Strategy

An immense focus is placed by Scottish universities on producing highly skilled graduates who are prepared for the workforce.  While those studying media, business, and tourism have the opportunity to gain practical experience through placements and internships, science and medical students are introduced to the lab during their initial term. 

This learning strategy was created to prepare students to move from higher education to well-paying, professional roles.

Best Location

Universities in Scotland provide spacious, open green spaces. This indicates that you can access many outdoor areas for studying, playing sports, relaxing, or just taking in the scenery.

Scotland is a great place to study and live because it bursts with exciting events throughout the year. There are more than 350 festivals held in Scotland annually, from the TRNSMT Music Festival, which features the most incredible musical performances, to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. This is another excellent reason to study in Scotland.

Rich Cultural History

Scotland has a long cultural history that dates back nearly 1,000 years. Living in Scotland means getting up close and personal with the country's countless historical battlegrounds, palaces, and landmarks.

Over 100 galleries and 250 museums help visitors understand Scotland's history and culture. Scottish art, culture, and science offer a wealth of knowledge, from independently run studios to large city museums.

This makes the perfect choice for students to study in Scotland as they can discover and learn about the nation’s diverse culture.

Prioritize women in the tech field

The Scottish Minister of Education has launched a new initiative to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. The Ada Scotland Festival featured many events emphasizing the current gender imbalance in STEM fields. More importantly, they investigated ways to achieve equal opportunity for female students interested in information technology and other STEM subjects.

The Scottish Education Minister believes programs such as the Ada Scotland Festival are critical to breaking down educational barriers. He stated, "The perspective limits young women's potential that computing and associated subjects are only for boys. We require a diverse pool of talent."

The minister also emphasized the need for an additional 13,000 computing women graduates to meet the future demands of Scotland's technology industries.

This is an excellent chance for students to choose Scotland as their ideal destination for further education.

Excellent Opportunities for Work

A Scottish education offers excellent job prospects. Employers place a high value on graduate students from Scottish universities, with nine out of ten graduates finding work or continuing their education within six months of graduation. This is due to many educational institutions collaborating with employers to prepare the students for the transformation into the workplace fully.

Learning and studying in such an academically recognized country is ideal for work opportunities. For graduate employment, the University of Stirling, for example, is ranked first by the Higher Education Statistics Department. When you graduate from university in Scotland, you will have numerous job opportunities.

Renowned Research Facilities

One of the most compelling reasons to study in Scotland is to participate in world-class research. Scottish universities have developed many world-changing inventions, including the MRI scanner and keyhole surgery. The high quality of Scottish academic achievement is reflected in the fact that 86% of Scottish research has been judged to have a significant impact.

Universities typically provide the best research facilities in the world. It is reflected in the number of journal articles and bibliographies by Scottish students. The Scottish research teams have published and proven numerous discoveries in quantum mechanics, medicine and surgery, and natural disaster risk estimations.

All students are strongly advised to study in Scotland for a more research-based education.

Offer Scholarships

Scottish universities are also well-known for providing excellent assistance to overseas students. They facilitate you with everything you require. Scholarships from different universities are awarded to approximately 35% of students.

Many Scottish universities provide scholarships and financial assistance to help students with tuition and living expenses. Visit the institution's website to which you want to apply to learn about the tuition fees for your course of study and any scholarships or bursaries available.

Super Friendly Surroundings

It's no myth that Scotland is known for its friendly nature. Scotland is a warm and inviting place to study. At least 21% of students at Scottish universities are not Scottish, with more than 11% coming from the EU or EEA. That means you're not alone in being unaware of your environment, no matter where you're from. 

There are also many associations for students from and outside Scotland to socialize and get to know the country to help you settle in.

Offer a range of Scholarships

Scottish universities are also well-known for providing excellent support to overseas students. They assist you with anything you require. Scholarships from various universities are awarded to approximately 35% of students.

Many Scottish universities offer scholarships and financial assistance to help students with tuition and living expenses. Visit the institution's website to which you want to apply to learn about the tuition fees for your desired course and any scholarships or bursaries available.

The students receive a nearly £8,000 saltire scholarship for postgraduate study; studying in Scotland is the best option for the students.

It's no surprise that so many students choose to study in Scotland. Scotland has it all for an international student, with universities worldwide, a rich cultural background, and vibrant cities.

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