Accommodation in the UK

Accommodation in the UK

Aditee NeupaneWed Feb 10 2021

Accommodation in the UK

Finding safe, reliable and good quality accommodation in a foreign country is not as easy as it looks and demands some of your valuable time, attention and money. Students seek to live in a place where they can relax and spend quality time.

On-campus accommodation

You can always opt for University accommodation for your initial years when they provide halls of residence, so you can share spaces with other students or even get private rooms. The on-campus stay allows you to blend into the college culture, and it’s a good opportunity to make new friends. 

It is a cheap and reliable option since you’ll be provided with a room to live on the campus or near it, which saves you the travelling time and expenses. For meals, there are catering facilities, or you can cook your own meals. These residence halls can cost anywhere around £300-£700 per month depending on your university, approximately £500 on an average, and is higher in London.

 The rooms are well-equipped with facilities and are maintained to an acceptable standard. 


Homestay is the most favourable option for students wanting to blend into the local culture, learn traditions and languages and for those who prefer more interaction and a homely environment. 

There are plenty of homestays available around the UK with meal options, so you get familiar with their cuisine. Since it is a contract based accommodation, make sure you book your stay for a month in advance and only extend your stay if you grow to like their environment. 

Also, in homestays, you are required to follow some rules set by the owners. Homestays can cost you anywhere from £600-£800 per month and this varies depending on your meal options. 

Shared Housing

With the help of agencies, you can easily find a house/flat for rent on a sharing basis and the prices can vary according to the facilities provided, location and quality. So, you will need a group of 4-6 people to hunt for a suitable place and keep the monthly rent as low as possible by sharing costs because the rental costs are too high to handle alone for a student. 

We recommend you thoroughly check the place out by yourself before renting and not fall for advertisements. These can cost anywhere from £600-£700 per month (utility bills included) and you are required to pay rent on a weekly basis. The shared housing unit can cost almost £1000 a month or even higher in London. 

Private halls of residence

These are similar to university halls of residence but are far more expensive because they are owned and managed by private companies. They are equipped with all the necessary facilities required by students and are situated in a central location to attract more students from universities. 


These are temporary options and offer single or shared rooms where people from different cultures come together. The daily rate depends on the number of people staying in a room and almost all kinds of facilities are provided like breakfasts, TV room, shared kitchen, games, fitness centre etc. You can easily book a hostel room online. 

Before arriving at a decision, assess all the options, take your time and choose the one that perfectly suits your budget, lifestyle and interests. 


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