How to choose the Best Education Consultancy in Nepal

How to choose the Best Education Consultancy in Nepal

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How to choose the Best Education Consultancy in Nepal
Tn AryalTue Jun 15 2021

When a student decides to go abroad for further studies, very often rather than not, one of the first things that come to their mind is the best education consultancy in Nepal. 

This guide simply aims to help those students of Nepal choose the right education consultancy in Nepal for them no matter their dream study destination- Australia, UK, Canada, USA and so on.

Like every other journey, the study abroad journey begins with the first step.

You may decide the country and institute for higher studies on your own. But, getting admission to that college or university is not as simple as you might think. Yes, you read it right; it is a complicated and time-consuming process.

You would be lucky if you have someone to guide you through every step of the process. But not everyone is able to find a mentor and therefore has to rely on education consultants.

Consultancies offer assistance through a professionally trained team of experts in the industry. 

Additionally, the consultancies offer free counselling sessions. They have contact with international colleges and universities and have countless diverse programs in their bag. 

As the idea is to find the right one, there are few things you should keep in mind while searching for a reliable education consultancy.

Benefits of education consultancy while applying for abroad studies

Almost every student does preliminary research on various aspects of study abroad such as course, fee, country, college, scholarships, work permit, scope and so on.

In addition, applying to foreign universities demands a lot of planning and preparation. From language tests to preparing SoP, LoR to visa interviews, preparing financial documents to notarising, there is a lot to put in order.

Before you realise how to find the best education consultants, you must understand the advantages of consultancy or education consultants while applying for study abroad.

  • Access to all the required information about your desired course
  • Professional guidance to identify the suitable country, institute and courses
  • Guided assistance for legal and financial documentation
  • Support in travel arrangements
  • Guidance for English language proficiency tests
  • Guided assistance at disposal throughout the admission process
  • A thorough guide of the VISA process
  • A number of options of international colleges and universities that you can pick from.
  • Waiver of Application fees (You need not pay application fees sometimes)

Things to consider before choosing a consultancy

By now you might be clear that if you aspire to pursue a degree in a foreign university, you should first assess your needs.

Additionally, you also need to choose a consultant who meets your requirements.

100's of consultancies are registered in Ministry of education nepal. Meanwhile, many hundreds more display their services along the roads adding to the confusion.

Most of the consultancies are reliable, yet you never know the reality under the veil. Therefore, a thorough background check is a must prior to agreeing to any of their services.

Here are a few queries you may want to look at before deciding on the best education consultant for your study abroad journey.

  1. What is their past experience in the sector?
  2. What is their past performance record?
  3. How qualified are the counsellors and trainers?
  4. Is the consultancy accessible from your place?
  5. Which countries are available for study abroad?
  6. Do they provide a scholarship structure?
  7. Are they willing to support all visa formalities?
  8. What is the cost of their consultancy service?
  9. Will they help you find the right institution and destination?
  10. Are they willing to help/guide with your SoP?

These alone may not suffice your concerns; nevertheless, it all means that if you are vigilant and are less likely to be fooled.  

What services do consultancies provide?

Any education consultancy you choose is at your disposal at all times. The services they provide are almost similar which is to assist you entirely during the admission application process. 

The services offered by the consultants are including but not limited to :

  • Support in-country/ course/ fee comparison
  • Pre-assessment
  • Standardized test tutorials
  • Application support to college/university
  • Editing services for SoPs, LoRs, Resume, University essays, etc.
  • Documentation related to admission or scholarship
  • Full guidance for visa interview
  • Budgeting and financial document preparation
  • Shipment services
  • Personalized counselling

Right consultancy for you is the best consultancy for you

Data reveal that as of August 2019, more than three hundred thousand Nepali students sought permission for abroad studies. And this number of students who aspire to study abroad is only increasing every year.

Likewise, data also reveals that a huge 95% of all Nepali students in Australia applied to their university/college with the help of an education Counsellor.

In Nepal, searches undertaken by students on study abroad begin with a search engine. And most of the searches made are found as "the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia '', "best education consultancy for Canada '', "top consultancy in Nepal '', "best consultancy for study in the UK '', etcetera.

Almost every consultancy bids to be the best with their services, expertise and professionalism.

In this context, it might be unfair to declare any consultancy as best among others.

Nevertheless, after thorough research, the decision of whether you will apply online, or through an online portal, or with a consultancy is up to you and so is the choice of education consultancy. 

It might be surprising to know that these consultancies have been helping many students with average academic and financial profiles also get successfully enrolled in the institutions they dream of.

This being said, you need to double-check some factors told by the consultancies instead of blindly believing everything they say. If you have your preference of location, course or educational institution, you can put it forward to the consultants so that you have a say in the course you are going to pursue.