Top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India

Top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India

Top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India
Study Info CentreWed Jul 14 2021

Chartered Accountancy or CA is a standard course that encompasses curriculum like accounting, taxation, financial assessment, financial economics. CA course in India is a 3 level course with high demand not just in the Indian market but also in the international market.  

There are over 30 CA colleges and institutes in India that offer either full time, part-time, or online CA classes to the students. The top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India offer this program at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels with reasonable tuition fees. 

Some of the most famous Indian cities for studying CA are Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Students are often seen studying CA and B.Com simultaneously. Other than students from India, students from Nepal are also seen going to India to pursue a CA course

Generally, private and semi-government institutes offer CA courses in India. After completion of this course, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) deems the students certified and qualified Chartered Accountants (CAs) 

List of top CA Colleges in India

  1. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Noida
  2. Indian Institute of Finance and Accounts, Pune
  3. Pearn Accountants, International Accountants and Business Consultants, Kochi
  4. Zell Education Mumbai
  5. Vista Academy, Dehradun
  6. ETEN CA, Guwahati
  7. PIRON Scholl of Business and Finance, Mumbai
  8. Siddhartha Academy, Thane
  9. Navkar Institute, Ahmedabad
  10. CMS For CA, Hyderabad
  11. PIRON School of Business and Finance, Bangalore
  12. International School of Financial Studies, Secunderabad

How can you study CA in India?

Eligibility criteria to study CA in India

Students need to show their eligibility in the eyes of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Generally, there are 2 ways for students to get enrolled for CA in India. 

  1. Foundation route
  2. Direct Entry route

The details of this route are illustrated in the flow chart below which is obtained from the official website of ICAI. 

CA Eligibility requirement
CA Eligibility requirement

Source: ICAI CA Prospectus

Cost of studying CA in India

The cost of studying CA in India ranges from INR 20000 to INR 3 Lakhs. There are plenty of CA institutes with a course fee of less han 1 lakh. These colleges have made studying CA in India affordable for national as well as international students. 

 Below listed are the cheap CA colleges in India. 

  • CMS for CA, Hyderabad
  • Vista Academy, Dehradun
  • Siddartha Academy, Thane
  • International School of Financial Studies, Secunderabad
  • IIKMFEE Financial Education, Chennai

CA course in India

Foundation Course

  1. Principles and Practices of Accounting
  2. Business Laws
  3. Business Correspondence and Reporting
  4. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and statistics
  5. Business Economics
  6. Business and Commerical Knowledge

Intermediate Course

  1. Accounting
  2. Part I: Company Law
  3. Part II: Other laws
  4. Cost and Management Accounting
  5. Income tax law
  6. Indirect taxes
  7. Advanced Accounting
  8. Auditing and Assurance
  9. Enterprise Information Systems
  10. Strategic Management
  11. Financial Management
  12. Economics for Finance

Final Course

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management
  3. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
  4. Corporate & Economics Law
    1. Part I: Corporate Laws
    2. Part II: Economic Laws
  5. Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
  6. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
    1. Part I: Direct Tax Laws
    2. Part II: International Taxation
  7. Indirect Tax Laws
    1. Part I: Goods and Services Tax
    2. Part II: Customs and FTP

CA curriculum in India

The Chartered Accountancy course in India aims to produce graduates with problem-solving skills, finance knowledge and an accounting foundation. Below listed are some of the contents taught under the CA curriculum in India. 

  • Accounting Process
  • Common business terminologies
  • Concepts and accounting of Depreciation
  • Company accounts
  • Financial statements of Not-for-profit organizations
  • Accounting for special transactions
  • Final accounts for Sole proprietors
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Business Economics
  • Theory of demand and supply
  • Theory of production and control

Scope of CA in India

CA is one of the most sought after courses in India. After completing CA in India, students are exposed to an ocean of opportunities. However, students first need to pass the common proficiency test (CPT), Intermediate/ Integrated Professional Competence Exam and final exam and stand out. 

CA is regarded as one of the toughest courses and professions in the world. They can find jobs in both private and public government offices. Some of the jobs that CA graduates can take on after completing their Chartered Accountancy courses are:

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Professor/ Lecturer
  3. Financial Manager
  4. Fund Manager
  5. Data Analyst
  6. Management Accountant
  7. Company liquidator
  8. Tac Advisor
  9. Financial Accountant
  10. Forensic Accountant
  11. Government financial and economic advisor
  12. Data analyst

CA placements and top recruiters in India

Although not all CA institutions of India offer placements to the students,  Some best CA institutions of India like The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Noida and Navkar Institute offer placements to students with a starting salary package of about INR 6 to 10 Lakhs.  These institutions provide placements in companies like Adani, Reliance, Indian Oil Bharat Petroleum, PWC, Swiggy and so on. 

Indian firms, Indian companies and multinational companies offer taxation, finance and auditing related jobs to CA. Some of the top CA recruiters are the State Bank of India, Deloitte, KPMG, BNY Mellon, Citi Bank, Qatar Insurance Co, JP Morgan Chase, RBL Bank, Federal Bank, TR Chadha and Co.


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