Top 5 Colleges Offering Anchoring Courses in India

Top 5 Colleges Offering Anchoring Courses in India

Top 5 Colleges Offering Anchoring Courses in India
Sahil Dahal

Most media industry professionals frequently claim that anchoring is a skill that must be watched and honed over time rather than something that can be learned. This is why locating a course that focuses solely on anchoring as a discipline can be challenging. As a result, those who desire to work as anchors are encouraged to take a comprehensive journalism course before enrolling in an anchoring certification program.

In this article, we will explore some of the top colleges in India that offer courses in anchoring. These colleges provide excellent training and education to aspiring individuals who wish to pursue a career in anchoring. Let's take a closer look at these institutions and the courses they offer.

Top 5 Colleges Offering Anchoring Courses in India

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is a renowned New Delhi, India college. It was established in 1965 by Smt. Indira Gandhi, the former Minister for Information and Broadcasting IIMC, is recognized as one of the country's premier institutions for mass communication. It offers a range of comprehensive courses and programs to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in mass communication. With a strong emphasis on practical training, industry exposure, and a dedicated faculty comprising experienced professionals and academicians, IIMC has produced a multitude of successful alums who have made their mark in various domains of media and journalism. The institute's commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and vibrant learning environment make IIMC a preferred choice for aspiring media professionals seeking quality education and career opportunities in the dynamic world of mass communication.

National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC)

The National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC), established in 2003 and located in New Delhi, is a prestigious institution offering a wide range of journalism and mass communication courses. In collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication, NIMC provides short-term and full-time programs covering various disciplines within the field. Affiliated with Punjab Technical University and recognized by the University Grants Commission of India, NIMC offers diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in mass communication, journalism, advertising, and more. The institute specializes in training students in news reading, anchoring, and reporting through its dedicated diploma program. The NIMC plays a crucial role in preparing students for successful careers in the dynamic field of mass communication by placing a strong emphasis on practical training and a dedication to developing exceptional individuals.

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, located in the vibrant city of New Delhi, was established in 2003. Known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities, the institute is a prominent hub for mass communication education. Apeejay Institute offers a range of specialized postgraduate diploma courses in television and radio journalism/production, advertising and marketing communication, digital media, and corporate communication. The institute follows a rigorous admission process, with entrance tests conducted by the authorities to ensure the selection of talented individuals. With a strong emphasis on practical training and industry-relevant skills, Apeejay Institute prepares students to excel in their chosen fields within mass communication's dynamic and competitive realm. With its commitment to providing high-quality education and nurturing the aspirations of its students, the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication stands as a renowned institution in shaping future media professionals in India.

Institute for Media Studies and Information Technology (IMSIT)

The Institute for Media Studies and Information Technology (IMSIT), formerly known as the New Delhi YMCA Centre for Mass Communication, is a prestigious institution in New Delhi. Since its establishment in 1984, IMSIT has offered many diploma courses in media and communication, making it a preferred choice for aspiring media professionals. The institute provides comprehensive diploma programs in TV production, news reading, and radio broadcasting. In addition, IMSIT offers courses in acting, public relations, advertising, digital media marketing, and more, ensuring a holistic education for students. With a focus on practical training and industry relevance, IMSIT equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-changing media landscape. Through its dedicated faculty and nurturing learning environment, IMSIT aims to empower students to excel in their careers and make a significant impact in media and communication.

Delhi Film Institute

Established in 2005, Delhi Film Institute is a renowned institution located in the bustling city of New Delhi. The institute offers a wide range of mass communication and filmmaking courses, catering to undergraduate, postgraduate, and short-term programs. With a team of experienced faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities, Delhi Film Institute provides students with a comprehensive learning experience. Its specialized courses for aspiring anchors, such as radio jockeying, anchoring, and news reading, equip students with the necessary skills and techniques for success. Admissions to Delhi Film Institute are competitive, ensuring the selection of talented individuals through an entrance examination and interaction round. With a commitment to quality education and practical training, Delhi Film Institute prepares students to thrive in the dynamic fields of mass communication and filmmaking, shaping future professionals who will contribute to the industry.

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Does the government recognize these colleges?

These colleges are recognized and affiliated with esteemed universities and regulatory bodies.

Can international students apply to these colleges?

International students can apply but must fulfil specific eligibility criteria and provide relevant documents.

Are there any scholarships available for these courses?

Some colleges offer scholarships and financial aid programs. It's advisable to check with the respective colleges for more information.

What is the duration of the anchoring courses?

The duration of the courses varies depending on the college and the level of the course. It can range from a few months to a year.

Do these colleges provide placement assistance?

Yes, most of these colleges have dedicated placement cells that assist and guide placements and internships.

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