Top 10 Online MBA Coaching Websites You Should Look At

Top 10 Online MBA Coaching Websites You Should Look At

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Top 10 Online MBA Coaching Websites You Should Look At
Bijay Poudel

Preparing for an MBA entrance exam requires dedication, guidance, and expert coaching. With the rise of online education, several websites have emerged as excellent platforms for providing comprehensive MBA coaching. 

This article presents the top 10 online MBA coaching websites that offer valuable resources, study materials, mock tests, and expert guidance to help you succeed in your MBA journey.

BYJU's Classes

BYJU's Classes is a renowned online learning platform that offers comprehensive MBA preparation courses. Their interactive video lessons, personalised mentoring, and extensive study materials make it an ideal choice for MBA aspirants.

Career Launcher

Career Launcher is a popular name in the field of MBA coaching. Their online programs provide access to live classes, mock tests, study materials, and personalised guidance from experienced mentors, enabling students to excel in their MBA entrance exams.

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HitBullsEye offers online coaching programs designed specifically for MBA entrance exams. Their comprehensive study materials, regular webinars, doubt-solving sessions, and mock tests help students build a strong foundation and enhance their problem-solving skills.

T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education)

T.I.M.E. is a well-established coaching institute that also offers online MBA coaching. Their online programs provide comprehensive study materials, topic-wise tests, and personalised feedback to help students improve their performance in MBA entrance exams.

IMS (Institute of Management Studies)

IMS offers online coaching programs that cover all aspects of MBA entrance exams, including study materials, live classes, doubt-solving sessions, and mock tests. Their experienced faculty and personalised guidance help students navigate the complexities of the exam effectively.


Cracku is an online platform offering comprehensive MBA coaching through video lessons, study materials, and mock tests. The platform provides detailed performance analysis and feedback to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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Handa Ka Funda

Handa Ka Funda is a popular online coaching platform that offers engaging video lessons, study materials, and mock tests for MBA entrance exams. Their simplified teaching methodology and focus on concept clarity make it a preferred choice among students.

MBA Crystal Ball

MBA Crystal Ball provides online coaching and admissions consulting services for MBA aspirants. Their expert guidance, personalised mentoring, and access to a wealth of MBA-related resources help students make informed decisions and succeed in their MBA journey.


2IIM CAT is an online platform specialising in CAT (Common Admission Test) preparation, one of India's most prominent MBA entrance exams. Their online courses and mock tests focus on building strong fundamentals and improving problem-solving skills.


EduPristine offers online coaching programs for various MBA entrance exams, including CAT, GMAT, and GRE. Their comprehensive study materials, video lectures, and doubt-solving sessions provide students with a structured approach to their exam preparation.

These top 10 online MBA coaching websites provide valuable resources and expert guidance to help you excel in your MBA entrance exams. Whether you prefer interactive video lessons, personalised mentoring, or comprehensive study materials, these platforms cater to various learning styles and provide a conducive environment for your preparation.

Before making a decision, explore the websites, evaluate their course offerings, and read reviews from past students. Remember that success in MBA entrance exams requires consistent effort, determination, and the proper guidance, so choose the coaching website that aligns with your learning needs and confidently embark on your MBA journey.

Things to Look for While Choosing MBA Coaching

Choosing the right MBA coaching can significantly impact your preparation and increase your chances of success in the competitive entrance exams. With several coaching options available, it's essential to consider certain factors before deciding. Here are some key things to look for while choosing MBA coaching:

Faculty Expertise and Experience

One of the crucial aspects of coaching is the quality of the faculty. Look for coaching institutes with experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are well-versed in the subjects covered in MBA entrance exams. Experienced faculty can provide valuable insights, effective teaching methodologies, and mentorship throughout your preparation.

Comprehensive Study Materials

Effective study materials play a vital role in your preparation. Look for coaching institutes that provide well-structured, comprehensive, and up-to-date study materials. The study materials should cover all the relevant topics, including practice questions, and offer explanations and strategies to solve different problems.

Mock Tests and Practice Questions

Regular practice is essential for improving your speed, accuracy, and test-taking skills. Ensure that the coaching institute offers comprehensive mock tests and practice questions. Mock tests should closely simulate the exam environment and provide detailed performance analysis to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Personalised Attention and Doubt Clearing Sessions

Individual attention and doubt-clearing sessions can significantly enhance your learning experience. Opt for coaching institutes that offer personalised attention through small batch sizes, one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions, and faculty availability to address individual queries. This personalized approach can help you clarify doubts, reinforce concepts, and stay motivated throughout your preparation.

Online Resources and Technology-Enabled Learning

With the advancement of technology, online resources and technology-enabled learning have become increasingly popular. Consider coaching institutes that provide online platforms, video lectures, interactive learning modules, and mobile apps. These resources can offer flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Past Results and Success Rate

Evaluate the past results and success rate of the coaching institute. Look for institutes with a track record of producing successful candidates who have secured admissions in top-tier MBA programs. Positive reviews and testimonials from previous students can also provide insights into the institute's effectiveness and credibility.

The flexibility of Schedule and Location

Consider your schedule and location preferences while choosing MBA coaching. Some coaching institutes offer flexible class timings, including weekend or evening batches, which can be beneficial if you have other commitments. Additionally, consider the proximity of the coaching centre to your location to ensure convenient access.

Additional Value-Added Services

Look for coaching institutes that offer additional value-added services, such as career counselling, group discussion and interview preparation, personality development sessions, and workshops. These services can provide holistic guidance and support beyond the entrance exam preparation.

Feedback and Reviews

Do thorough research, read online reviews, and seek feedback from current or former students of the coaching institute. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the coaching methodology, faculty support, and overall learning environment.

Cost and Return on Investment (ROI)

Consider the cost of the coaching program and evaluate it in terms of the potential return on investment. While cost should not be the sole determining factor, weigh the benefits and value you will receive from the coaching program against the fees charged.

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How can online MBA coaching websites help me in my preparation?

Online MBA coaching websites provide comprehensive study materials, video lessons, mock tests, and personalised guidance to help you understand the exam pattern, improve your knowledge and skills, and boost your confidence for the MBA entrance exams.

How do I choose the right online MBA coaching website for me?

To choose the right online MBA coaching website, consider factors such as faculty expertise, study materials, mock tests, personalised attention, past results, online resources, and cost. Research and read reviews to understand the effectiveness and credibility of the coaching website.

Are the mock tests provided by online coaching websites similar to the actual exams?

Reputable online coaching websites provide mock tests that simulate the exam environment closely. These mock tests help you familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, assess your performance, and identify improvement areas.

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