20 Things to check during Engineering campus visit

20 Things to check during Engineering campus visit

20 Things to check during Engineering campus visit
Saru Niraula

Choosing the right college for your engineering studies is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Hard work and preparation for engineering entrance exams are critical factors in securing admission to your desired college. However, it is also important to note that the college you choose should not be based solely on its ranking but rather by conducting your research and visiting the campus to get a firsthand experience of college life.

It's important to note that visiting the campus and speaking with current students can provide valuable insights into the college's academic, social and extracurricular activities. This will help you to understand what the college can offer you as a student and how it aligns with your personal and professional goals. It also allows you to understand the culture, facilities and resources available in the college.

Here are 20 things to check during an Engineering campus visit.


A library is an essential resource for students in college as it provides access to a wide range of books, journals, magazines, and other materials necessary for academic success. As an aspirant, it is essential to ensure that the college you are considering has a well-stocked library that contains all the famous and required books and their volumes. Aspirants must find out if the college library has a variety of books, both technical and non-technical. This means that the library should have books related to the field of engineering you are studying and books that cover a range of other important subjects for your overall education and development.

In addition to books, it is also essential to find out if the library has a variety of magazines, journals, employment magazines, and newspapers. These resources can provide valuable information on current events, job opportunities, and other topics that are relevant to your education and career goals.


When considering a college for your engineering studies, evaluating the quality and condition of the classrooms and lecture halls is essential. The classrooms should be well-ventilated and isolated from noisy environments, with proper lighting and writing surfaces such as boards or whiteboards. Additionally, classrooms should be equipped with AV facilities and have spacious and comfortable seating arrangements. Air-conditioned lecture halls with projectors are also a desirable feature.

Campus Facilities

Campus facilities also play a crucial role in the overall college experience. A computer centre with experts available to guide students in learning software skills can be beneficial. Additionally, large auditoriums for seminars, guest lectures, and documentary movies are essential for the infrastructure of the campus. Other vital facilities include a shop for purchasing stationary within the campus, green spaces, sports facilities, and refreshment areas such as a café or canteen. A safer campus can be achieved by having one entry and exit point.

Conference Halls

Conference halls are also crucial for students to consider when visiting a college campus. These halls should be well-equipped and can accommodate at least 20-25 people at a time to conduct various events.


Labs are a crucial aspect of engineering programs, and students should thoroughly check the equipment available in the college's labs during a campus visit. In addition to checking the equipment, students should also check the seating capacity and size of the labs. Seating capacity for at least 30 students is desirable. Labs should have experiment lists and manuals, be capable of skill development, and have simulation tools and software for performing experiments.


For students who opt to stay in a hostel, ensuring that the college has adequate accommodation for all students who have applied for a hostel facility is important. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the hostel has fitting rooms, electrical supply, sanitary fittings, a small library, a generator facility and standard rooms.

Placement Cell

Engineering campus placements are a necessary aspect of the college experience for students pursuing an engineering degree. The placement process allows students to apply for jobs and internships with companies interested in hiring engineering graduates. This can be an excellent opportunity for students to secure employment and gain valuable industry experience before graduating.


Food is an essential aspect of college life for students who live in a residential college, and the quality and variety of food available on campus can significantly affect the student experience. As an aspirant, it is important to inquire about the quality and variety of food available in the mess or canteen of the college you are considering. With ever-increasing cases of food adulteration, it is also essential to find out if clean drinking water and healthy food options are provided at the college.

Clubs/Recreation Facilities

Another important aspect of college life is the availability of clubs and recreation facilities. These can allow students to meet like-minded people and participate in activities leading to the individual's overall development. It is recommended that candidates find out if the college has any good clubs such as a dramatics society, dance club, music club, etc.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are also important, as engineering can be a taxing degree program to pursue, and students need to have opportunities to unwind and relax. Aspirants should find out if the college has ground/s for outdoor games, an area for indoor games, swimming pools, and facilities for crowds to sit during fests, tournaments, and events.


Internship opportunities are also important for students to consider when choosing a college. Aspirants should inquire about the college's policies around summer training during the program and apprenticeships after completion of the course. They should also find out how to apply for the internship programs and if the college manages to acquire these training programs on behalf of the students. It is also important to enquire if the internship/training programs offered by the college are for India only or also for abroad.

Location of College

The location of a college is a pivotal factor to consider when choosing a college for your engineering studies. A college that is isolated and far from shops and restaurants can make it difficult for students to access daily necessities, and they may need better options for food. Additionally, remotely located colleges can also have safety concerns. As an aspirant, it is essential to consider these points before deciding which college to attend.

List of Courses Offered

Another important factor to consider is the list of courses offered at the college. It is important to inquire about the college's various degree, diploma and certificate programs and the subject specialisations. Engineering colleges that offer masters in applied subjects are considered suitable as they invite pure sciences, commerce, and arts graduates.

Course Accreditation

When considering a college, it is important to inquire about course accreditation. Courses should be recognised by the central board and accredited by a credible source. If the courses are offered through collaboration with a foreign university, students should determine whether prior approval of UGC and AIU has been taken.


The quality of the faculty is also an important aspect to consider when choosing a college. Aspirants should ask and interact with as many faculty members as possible and learn about their educational qualifications, teaching and industry experience.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The student-to-teacher ratio is also an essential factor to consider, as it can directly impact the quality of education. A higher proportion of teachers to students ensures that each student receives adequate attention in class and can lead to better quality education.

Overall Fee

The overall fee for a college program is an essential factor for students to consider when choosing a college for their engineering studies. Engineering programs typically have tuition fees and additional fees for lab, mess, and hostel. As an aspirant, it is important to inquire about the fee structure under different headers, including the costs for a semester and an entire academic year.


Many engineering colleges offer scholarships to students, which can benefit students from economically weaker sections or deserving students. Aspirants should inquire about the scholarships offered and the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

Anti-ragging cell

Anti-ragging cells are also an important aspect to consider when choosing a college. Engineering colleges have a reputation for ragging. Thus, aspirants need to be well aware of the contact details of the grievance cell that looks into serious matters related to ragging and monitors if the "no-ragging" scenario is followed in the college. Engineering aspirants should find out these things before shortlisting a college for admission.

Others Amenities

Playing fields, cafes, canteen, refreshment room and entry/exit gates are essential facilities in an engineering campus that provide students with opportunities for sports and physical activities, socialisation and relaxation, security and safety. These facilities can significantly affect the student's overall experience in college. They should be considered when visiting the campus to make a more informed decision about which college to choose for your engineering studies.

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