Study Abroad After 12th: How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities After 12th

Study Abroad After 12th: How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities After 12th

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Study Abroad After 12th: How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities After 12th
Prashant ThapaMon Nov 07 2022

International students are increasingly drawn to universities abroad. Students are now highly interested in studying abroad after completing their 12th-grade studies, thanks to the abundance of course alternatives and chances offered by international colleges. 

While there are many choices for studying abroad, a considerable amount of formalities and paperwork must be handled.

Many students have shifted their focus to the international world, particularly those planning to study overseas after finishing their 12th grade. This article will respond to any student's interest in information on numerous. 

Undergraduate study abroad possibilities to simplify the approach to study abroad after the 12th. So, this site will be your guide if you want to study abroad after the 12th grade.

Why study abroad after 12?

The modern facilities, highly qualified and well-known faculty, and cutting-edge infrastructure offered by institutions abroad encourage students to receive a world-class education. These factors are crucial for students to thoroughly understand their area of interest and dig deeper into it. 

Following completing your 12th-grade studies, you should consider studying abroad for the reasons listed below.

  • After high school, enrolling in your chosen subject or course at one of these top institutions will promote improved skill development, partnerships with industry titans, and associations with authorities in your study area.
  • Undergraduate study overseas is no longer prohibitively expensive. Many colleges provide scholarship programs to make the courses more accessible for students. The cost varies from university to university and from one country to another.
  • Aside from academics, diversity and real-world experience are the most substantial teaching resources. Studying abroad following your 12th-grade year is a wise choice.
  • After high school, studying abroad is an excellent option since it allows you to interact and collaborate with subject-matter experts and bright minds. They can provide more accurate field expectations and insights.

Process: Study abroad after 12

Entry to international universities is relatively easy. You only need to complete a short procedure to enroll in further studies. Detailed instructions on studying after passing 12th grade are provided here.


Choosing to pursue your higher education abroad involves much investigation. For example, you must know the university application procedure, foreign policies, admission standards, application deadlines, living costs in other nations, etc.

Information can be found on trustworthy websites. A qualified study abroad counselor can assist you if you have problems researching.

Identify the field of your study

An international institute offers students a variety of possibilities from which to select. But you must correctly identify the best course that matches your skills and interests. The following are the primary fields for undergraduate study abroad choices:

  • Business
  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Economics

Shortlist Universities

Once you have completed your research, you will know that not all universities and courses fit you well. Since this choice will affect your future job path, you must choose it carefully.

Take standardized test

You should take the required admissions tests, depending on the specifications of the courses you have chosen. 

Depending on the university and courses you choose, you may need to take English language tests like the TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, or IELTS to prove your fluency. From now on, start educating yourself for the exams.

Submit your application

Finally, the most critical stage of obtaining admission to a university abroad has arrived. Delivering the exact and complete information required to submit your application to the relevant University. The most complex challenge is to complete this stage, even if it may seem pretty straightforward.

Within the deadline, applications should be sent to the universities. Some supporting documents must be submitted along with the completed application form.

Apply for a student Visa

The next step would be to apply for a student visa once your admission has been approved. You would need a current student visa to enter any new nation to attend your lessons. You can apply in an embassy near you or through a consultant. You must complete the application form and submit it with the necessary application paperwork.

Required documents to study abroad after 12

  • Mark sheets
  • Transcripts
  • English Proficiency Test
  • Proof of Fund
  • Statement Letter
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Application Details
  • Passport

Exams Required after 12 to study abroad

The admissions process for overseas study courses heavily depends on entrance exams. Exams vary based on the country, college, and programs you choose. In addition to completing the 12th grade, the student must go through the procedure of passing the entrance exams to study abroad.

There are standardized exams and assessments of language proficiency, including

  • SAT

  • GRE



  • GMAT

Scholarship: Study abroad

You can apply for scholarships if you can't afford the costs of studying abroad. There are several scholarships available for overseas students all across the world. After you complete your 12th-grade studies, the governments and colleges in other countries will offer you scholarship opportunities.

For a scholarship to study abroad after 12th grade, you must possess some unique abilities, like as

  • A robust skill set
  • An outstanding academic record
  • Excellent in sports

Occasionally, you can also receive scholarships depending on your need for money. Please review the prerequisites before applying for scholarships to study abroad after high school. 

The top destination to study abroad

While there are many countries where one can explore different career options, just a few have the best educational systems and professors to support students. Here are a few well-known nations that are also worth your time if you want to study abroad following your 12th grade:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Ireland

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