How to write a perfect Essay for XAT?

How to write a perfect Essay for XAT?

How to write a perfect Essay for XAT?
Prashant Thapa

The Xavier Admission Test (XAT) stands as a pivotal milestone in the journey of MBA aspirants, often securing the position as the second most sought-after entrance exam after CAT. Renowned MBA institutions and universities consider XAT scores as a decisive factor in the shortlisting process. Amidst the array of sections, the XAT essay component emerges as a distinctive challenge, compelling candidates to articulate their thoughts on a given topic. This article aims to delve into a nuanced and strategic approach for mastering the XAT essay, offering valuable insights on how to navigate the intricacies of the task.

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Understanding the Nuances of XAT Essay Writing

Akin to Written Ability Test (WAT)

The XAT essay bears a resemblance to the Written Ability Test (WAT) conducted by IIMs, yet a critical distinction lies in its universality. Unlike WAT, where only shortlisted candidates partake, every XAT examinee is tasked with completing the essay section. While the essay's percentile doesn't contribute directly to the overall score, its significance in the final merit calculation varies across institutions, adding a layer of complexity to the evaluation process.

Structural Framework

Part 2 of the XAT exam encompasses the General Awareness (GA) and the essay section, challenging candidates to allocate a mere 25 minutes to tackle 25 GA questions and craft a thoughtful essay on a given topic.

Preparing for XAT Essay Writing

Broader Nature of Essay Topics

XAT essay topics, often characterized by their general or abstract nature, demand no specialized study. Instead, the key lies in maintaining a habit of regular reading from newspapers and current affairs magazines, cultivating a repository of examples and instances that can robustly substantiate arguments within the essay.

Evaluation Parameters

Meticulous Structural Composition

Essays are scrutinized based on their logical flow, penalizing illogical ordering of ideas and poorly connected arguments. The emphasis is on a structured and ordered representation of arguments to secure commendable marks.

Knowledge Proficiency

While the first part of the XAT assesses subject knowledge, the second part evaluates awareness of ongoing debates, critical events, notable personalities, and relevant laws. The incorporation of such facts strengthens the cogency of arguments within the essay.

Fostering Innovation

In alignment with the expectations from future managers, XAT evaluators seek essays replete with innovative ideas. Repetition of opinions without proper justification is discouraged, fostering a culture of originality and creativity.

Balanced Attitude

Evaluators deduct marks for viewpoints perceived as extremist, prejudiced, unreasonable, or unscientific. The hallmark of a successful essay is a balanced perspective reflecting the rational and informed mind of the writer.

Grammatical Precision

The significance of impeccable grammar cannot be overstated. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors incur penalties, underscoring the importance of linguistic proficiency in the XAT essay.

The Right Approach to XAT Essay Writing

Classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion Structure

Within the constraints of a 200-word limit, employing a classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion structure becomes paramount. The introduction offers a broad view, providing the examiner with a glimpse into the candidate's understanding of the topic. The body dissects the topic from multiple perspectives, and the conclusion encapsulates the candidate's opinion and forward-looking suggestions.

Content-Rich Essays

A commitment to regular reading, encompassing newspapers, current affairs magazines, and diverse literature, enriches essays with indispensable facts, examples, and information, elevating the quality of arguments.

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Final Tips for XAT Essay Success

Cultivating a Reading Habit

Developing a habit of reading newspapers and articles by reputable writers facilitates the formation of independent opinions on national and international issues, a trait highly valued in future managers.

Embracing a Balanced Perspective

Recognizing that examiners are assessing future managers, candidates are advised to maintain a balanced viewpoint that considers diverse angles on an issue. This reflects an ability to engage with a spectrum of perspectives, vital in managerial roles.

Grammar Proficiency as a Cornerstone

Revisiting standard English grammar books and consulting resources like "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis aids in reinforcing basic grammar rules. The emphasis lies not in the complexity of language but in lucid and precise expression.

Prowess through Practice

The crucible of success in the XAT essay section lies in consistent practice. Exploring topics from diverse realms, adhering to word limits, and seeking regular evaluation from experienced teachers form the bedrock of skill enhancement.

By immersing oneself in these strategies and heeding the outlined tips, candidates can not only navigate the complexities of the XAT essay section but also elevate their performance to stand out in the competitive landscape of MBA admissions.


Why is the XAT essay considered challenging for candidates?

The XAT essay is challenging due to its mandatory nature and varying significance in final merit calculation. Understanding its nuances is crucial for successful navigation.

How should candidates structure their XAT essays for maximum scores?

Adopt a classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion structure within the 200-word limit. Convey ideas logically to secure commendable marks.

What role does knowledge play in XAT essay evaluation, and how can candidates showcase relevant information?

Knowledge proficiency is crucial. Incorporate facts related to ongoing debates, events, personalities, and laws to bolster the cogency of arguments. Stay informed through regular reading.

Why is a balanced perspective vital in XAT essays, and how can candidates avoid deductions for extremist views?

Maintaining a balanced viewpoint is essential to reflect a rational mind. Avoid deductions by approaching opinions with fairness and reason.

How can candidates enhance creativity and innovation in XAT essays?

Elicit creativity by infusing innovative ideas into essays. Avoid repetition of opinions without justification to foster originality in content.

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