Common Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT 2023 Exam Day

Common Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT 2023 Exam Day

Common Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT 2023 Exam Day
Sahil Dahal

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an entrance examination for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programs in India. The Consortium of National Law Universities conducts it on a rotational basis.

The CLAT exam consists of multiple-choice questions in the following subjects: English, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics.

Scores from the CLAT exam are used to determine admission to a variety of law programs, including the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), the Master of Laws (LL.M.), and the Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD).

The CLAT 2023 exam is scheduled to be offline on December 18, 2022, from 2 pm to 4 pm. A national-level legal entrance exam every year determines who gets into undergraduate and graduate law programs. The Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs), which NLSIU leads, administers the CLAT test nationwide. Currently, 22 NLUs participate in the CLAT admission test; all 22 NLUs provide undergraduate programs, while only 19 NLUs offer graduate programs. Numerous more Indian schools accept CLAT results in addition to NLUs.

The Consortium of NLUs will administer CLAT in more than 200 test centres spread over 80 cities nationwide. Candidates for CLAT 2023 who are familiar with the exam format, the CLAT 2023 curriculum, the top books, and exam-taking strategies will be able to pass the test easily. Candidates must make careful not to overexert themselves on the day of the CLAT test and swiftly review their prepared materials as part of the final minute revision. It is crucial for the students to get enough rest and to feel highly confident about their preparation for the CLAT 2023 exam. Students must pay close attention to every CLAT 2023 entrance test detail. It will benefit them if the students carefully schedule their final few days. Aspirants for the CLAT test might prevent several mistakes by reading this article before the CLAT 2023 exam.

Ignoring Health

It is common for students to feel anxious or stressed before and during the CLAT exam. However, it is essential to prioritise one's health and well-being during this time. Excessive stress can negatively impact physical and mental health, interfering with the ability to focus on the exam. Ignoring one's health can have serious consequences, and prioritising self-care during this demanding time is essential. If students are experiencing any health issues or are struggling to manage their stress, it is crucial to seek the help of a counsellor or other mental health professional.

Not Reaching the Examination Venue on Time

Test-takers must arrive at the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam to avoid any last-minute stress or delays. It is recommended that candidates leave their homes early on the day of the exam so that they have plenty of time to reach the venue. This will also allow them enough time to go through security checks and find their assigned seat. It is also important to note that at this point, there is no need for further studying as the exam is about to begin. It is better to arrive at the exam centre feeling calm and prepared rather than rushed and stressed.

Wasting Time While Giving the Test

CLAT is a lengthy paper, and it is crucial to finish the test on time since it is a comprehensive exam that includes questions on the English language, quantitative ability, current events, logical thinking, and legal reasoning. Try to study this way when taking mock exams to save time and score as highly as possible on the CLAT 2023. The segment in which the pupils are confident should be their first tackle.

Not Applying Shortcuts or Techniques

To succeed, it is essential to approach the CLAT exam with hard work and intelligent strategies. One way to do this is by learning and practising techniques and shortcuts to help save time and make it easier to solve complex questions. This is especially helpful during the exam, allowing students to work more efficiently and score higher. However, it is essential to note that while shortcuts and techniques can be beneficial, they should not be relied upon exclusively. It is still necessary to put in the actual time and effort to thoroughly prepare for the exam to have the best chance of success.

Forgetting to Carry Test-taking Items

The CLAT exam takers must bring their materials, including a pen, face mask, hand sanitiser, face shield, and gloves. It is not the responsibility of exam centre officials to provide these items. This is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for personal protective equipment to prevent the virus. Students must come prepared with all necessary materials to ensure a smooth and safe exam experience.

Carrying Mobile Phones, Bags and Books

The exam administrators will not offer storage space for applicants' headphones, backpacks or handbags, books or study materials, or mobile phones. Although the students may be permitted to retain their goods within the testing facility, the administrators will not be held liable for lost items. The exam officials have clarified that applicants cannot take cell phones or other electronic devices (including mobile phones, calculators, digital watches, and headphones). The test centre employees on duty will not be held liable for any loss of the applicants' property or devices and will ask them to leave such items outside the examination room.

Not Carrying Water Bottles

On exam day, students are recommended to bring water bottles. Because the exam will last two hours and the outdoor weather may be intolerable, it is advised that the students get their water bottles. According to the exam administration, pupils can bring clear water bottles within the testing facility without labels.

Not Carrying Important Documents

The CLAT 2023 admission card and an ID-verifying document are the two most essential items that applicants must have with them at all times to sit for the test. Participants in the CLAT 2023 exam should undoubtedly have their admit card with them on December 18, 2022, the exam day. One official identification must be carried in addition to the admission card. The CLAT 2023 admission card and an ID-verifying document are the two most essential items that applicants must have with them at all times to sit for the test. The examinee's picture must be on the ID proof. PwD applicants (with Scribe approval) and students who must provide documentation to take the examination must bring the necessary documentation. The night before the test, students should organise their files, including their admission card, ID, and unique credentials. 

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