Books for Bank Exams in India

Books for Bank Exams in India

Books for Bank Exams in India
Sailesh Sitaula

The banking sector is one of India's most essential and prestigious fields. The banking sector can be reliable employment prospects. Obtaining a job in a bank can be difficult.

Banks are the primary source of employment for recent graduates and seasoned professionals. Aside from that, the main draws of bank positions include high pay, job stability, benefits, and allowances.

Candidates must have pulled up their socks and begun working day and night towards their ideal occupations by now, hustling for appealing wage packages, personal growth, and job security.

Assume you are determined to pass the bank examinations and advance your career in banking. In such a scenario, obtaining the best books and study resources that may directly target your weak spots and sharpen you is essential.

You must obtain the most outstanding literature on reasoning ability, general awareness, English, banking, computer, or public awareness. 

There is no shortage of literature for the exam. However, the essential books cover the material in a novel way relevant to the exam. We will review several book selection tactics and particular books for each test.

Things you should know before buying books

Before purchasing any bank test book,  consider the following.

  • The book must include several practice questions and end-of-lesson exercises to enable candidates to examine and assess their material appropriately.
  • The subject should be thoroughly discussed in the book. The first emphasis should be on a slightly in-depth presentation of the test-relevant topics.
  • The book should be easy to read and short in length. This would allow for and speed up preparation.

Best Books for Bank Exams for every category

Reasoning Ability

The Reasoning Ability part examines how you deal with a given situation. Seating arrangement, ranking and order, syllogism, analytical reasoning, riddles, direction sense, data sufficiency, and other significant subjects are discussed in this part.



Analytical Reasoning

M K Pandey

A modern approach to verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

R.S Aggarwal

Lucent’s Verbal Reasoning


A new approach to logical reasoning

B.S Sijwali and Indu Sijwali

Quantitative Aptitude 

It is an essential aspect of aptitude testing. It assesses numeric abilities as well as logical and analytical abilities. One may test their handling tactics and problem-solving skills by answering the exam questions; to ace it, the following books are highly recommended.



Quantitive aptitude for Competitive Examinations

R.S. Aggarwal

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M. Tyra

Objective mathematics for competitive Examinations

Taun Goyal

Fast-track objective arithmetic

Rajesh Verma


This part covers reading comprehension, error correction, para-jumbles, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary, cloze exam, and other topics.



Word Power Made Easy

Normal Lewis

English Grammar ad Composition

Wren and Martin

Objective General English

P. Bakshi

Practice Papers

Kiran Prakashan

Banking Awareness

It includes questions about the history of banks, banking institutions, banking terminology, and functions of the banking industry in the country's financial system.



Guide to Banking General Awareness and Banking Aptitude Test

RPH editorial 

Banking Awareness for SBI/IBPS Bank

Disha Publications

Banking Awareness


Banking and Economic Awareness

Rakesh Kumar

Guide to Banking General Awareness and Banking Aptitude Test

R. Gupta

General Knowledge

Aside from studying the literature listed below, applicants must keep up to speed on current events 3-4 months before the exam.

Candidates should also read Editorials for the IBPS PO General Awareness segment since they cover a substantial percentage of everyday current affairs and aid with vocabulary improvement. As a result, applicants should also read the Editorials (for example, The Hindu Editorials) for this part.



Static General Knowledge

Manohar Pandey

General Knowledge

Vinay Karma, Manwendra Mukul, Sanjeev Kumar, Renu Sinha, R. P. Suman

Computer Literacy And Knowledge for Bank P.O. and Bank Clerk Exam 

Kiran Prakashan

The Person General Knowledge Manual

Edgar Thorpe


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Preparation Tips

  • Examine the curriculum and exam pattern thoroughly to learn about subtopics and grading methods.
  • Select past years' question papers and solve them.
  • Planning is critical. As a result, set aside time to cover the entire curriculum and concentrate on the most critical areas.
  • Mock Tests are the most effective approach to gauge your progress in preparation. It aids in comprehending the strong and weak parts.
  • Create a plan that works for you. A critical appraisal of your performance can assist you in determining the optimal plan.
  • Candidates should be familiar with the curriculum to prepare for the test.
  • Improve your weak point.
  • Understand time management.
  • Begin with the fundamental premise.

Ways to Prepare for the Banking Exam

  • Allow ample time for studying.
  • Organize your workspace using flow charts and diagrams.
  • Examine past papers for practice.
  • Explain your responses to others.
  • Form study groups with friends and take regular breaks.
  • Consume brain food
  • Prepare for your exam day.
  • Consume lots of water.


Q. Is RS Agarwal's book helpful in studying for a banking exam?

Yes, the RS Agarwal books help the banking exam's reasoning portion.

Q. How should I select the finest banking exam books?

Ans: All aspirational applicants will choose a book that covers the complete syllabus and is simple to grasp.

Q. Is Arun Sharma's book a suitable resource for the IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude section?

Ans: Arun Sharma's book is a fantastic resource for IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude test preparation. Furthermore, this is the best book for preparing for a banking exam.

Q. Do the IBPS PO books offer practice papers?

Ans: Some IBPS PO books provide sample papers in addition to the primary material. Candidates can utilize the sample papers to become acquainted with the questions and difficulty level.

Q. Is the IBPS mock test required, or would merely reading the materials suffice?

Ans: IBPS PO books help applicants comprehend the topics. After finishing the chapter, candidates should take mock examinations to enhance their speed and accuracy.

Q. Will six months of preparation be adequate for the IBPS exam?

Ans: According to the criteria, a candidate should begin studying for the banking test six months before the notice is published.

Q. What are the finest books for IBPS PO English preparation?

Ans: Among other resources, candidates might reference Wren and Martin's High School Grammar and Composition volumes, as well as Norman Lewis' Word Power, Made Easy. They are the top bank exam books.

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