Best LOR Samples For MS, MBA & UG

Best LOR Samples For MS, MBA & UG

Best LOR Samples For MS, MBA & UG
Sahil Dahal

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a very important part of a person's application form for college or university. The letter is written by someone who knows the applicant well, like a teacher or a boss. The letter tells the college or university more about the applicant, personality, achievements, and abilities. This helps the college or university to make a better decision when considering the applicant for admission.

The LOR is an essential document because it helps the college or university better understand the applicant. It helps them to get to know the applicant in detail and understand their strengths and weaknesses. The LOR also acts as a link between the college or university and the applicant, helping them to understand each other better.

The college or university provides samples of LORs to the students applying for courses like undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, and PhD. These samples help the students to understand how to write a good LOR and what information should be included.

Types of Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

When a student wants to apply to a college or university for higher studies or to study abroad, they need a letter of recommendation. The letter is usually written by a teacher, professor, or supervisor and is meant to show the student's strengths and abilities to the college or university. Generally, there are two categories of letters of recommendation. These categories are outlined below.

Academic Letter of Recommendation

The LOR generally consists of the student's accomplishments in the course they were pursuing in the previous school. The faculty of the prior school of learning provide this letter of recommendation. Universities usually ask the candidate to give a minimum of two LORs, and the format of the LOR varies according to the university's requirements. This type of LOR is required for undergraduate, Master of Sciences, and other academic programs.

Professional Letter of Recommendation

MBA colleges abroad often require work experience, and hence, at the candidate's request, a professional from the previous workplace can write a letter of recommendation in the candidate's name. The immediate supervisor generally writes the Letter of Recommendation. In this, the supervisor highlights the applicant's skills like teamwork, leadership, exposure to the domain, etc. This type of LOR is required for Master in Business Administration programs and other professional courses.

LOR Samples

LOR samples refer to examples of letters of recommendation that institutions provide to students who are applying for higher studies. These samples can be helpful for students who are looking for guidance on how to write their LORs, as they can give them an idea of what information to include and how to structure the letter.

LOR Samples For MS

When applying for an MS program, a letter of recommendation (LOR) can come from various sources. Sometimes, an applicant can even write the LOR themselves and have it signed by the concerned authority. However, the LOR must be accurate and straightforward, highlighting the candidate's critical thinking, creativity, innovation, collaboration, eye for detail, problem-solving, and technical skills. The letter helps universities learn about the individual's achievements and abilities, which can support their admission into the program.

To whom it may concern

I am happy to recommend Ram Bahadur for the Masters in Civil Engineering program at your esteemed university. Having known Ram for many years, I am confident in recommending him as a candidate for admission to your schedule. As his faculty, I have taught him subjects like Surveying-land and surveying, Material Science and Engineering, and Construction Engineering. I have also supervised him in the lab work for these courses. Ram's enthusiasm for his subjects was evident in his performance during lab work.

Ram has actively participated in class discussions and consistently performed well in his semester exams. He scored over 80 per cent in his final semester, which included a project report. Nitish has always been keen to understand the practical applications of the subjects he learned, which makes him an ideal candidate for the Master in Civil Engineering program.

Therefore, Ram is a great candidate for the program because he possesses the knowledge and experience needed in construction engineering. He has my highest recommendation for acceptance into your university's Master in Civil Engineering program.





LOR Samples For MBA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students gain experience and certifications in various fields such as management, marketing, and other skills.

Institutions usually provide samples for letters of recommendation to their undergraduate, postgraduate, and Doctorate students. A letter of recommendation adds value to the candidate's application form. The key features of a good MBA LOR sample include specifying the authority in whose name the letter is written, the writer's designation, the candidate's work experience, technical skills, and co-curricular activities, if any.

To whom it may concern

I want to recommend Ram Bahadur for the MBA program at your renowned university. Ram has been my assistant for the last three and a half years. During this time, Ram has been very proactive as an assistant. He has been moving towards enrolling in the MBA program by building his intangible skills, like his interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and technical skills.

As Ram's direct supervisor, he has demonstrated solid critical skills and learning capabilities necessary for success in the management field. He has also helped the company in gaining many connections with companies, both as buyers and sellers. For example, just last year, he played an essential role in bringing jobs from Mercedes Benz, which was helpful for both our firm and Mercedes as a client.

Hence, I recommend Ram for admission into your esteemed university for the MBA program. He is humble and kind and seems keen on getting the entries to grow more in his career.


ABC, Operations Manager, Sorting Hats Widget Productions

LOR Samples For UG

When applying for graduation or post-graduation, it is beneficial for students to approach their college professors to write a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for them. These professors are familiar with the applicant's character, behaviour, and work ethic, as they have taught them in the past. The LOR should be written correctly, and the university should provide samples that can be used for reference. It is necessary for the designated authority who writes the LOR to sign it with an official stamp to confirm its authenticity.

It is crucial to have a well-written LOR as it can enhance the candidate's chances of being selected by the university or employer. The features that should be included in a LOR are technical knowledge, communication skills, time management, collaboration spirit, and an eye for detail. The LOR should highlight the applicant's strengths and weaknesses in these areas. The LOR can be an added advantage for the applicant and make them stand out among other candidates.

To whom it may concern

I am delighted to endorse Ram shah for admission to your esteemed university's Graduate Studies program. Ram is a dedicated, hardworking student who is highly motivated to succeed in his chosen field. He is creative and has demonstrated an ability to think outside the box, as evidenced by his research work in school.

Furthermore, Ram's academic performance is outstanding, and he has consistently been among his school's and state's top students. As his teacher, I have been impressed with his problem-solving skills and eagerness to learn physics, which he articulates fluently in English.

I fully support Ram's decision to pursue his undergraduate studies and strongly recommend that he be granted admission to your university with suitable financial assistance.


Prof: XYZ

Tips For Writing LOR Sample

The LOR is a document that gives the university administration a reason to select the candidate for admission. Here are a few tips to remember while writing a LOR sample.

  • Choose the right person to write your letter of recommendation.
  • Request the recommender to write the letter well in advance.
  • Use a professional example to support your experience and skills.
  • Mention your negative qualities and explain how you are working on them.
  • Be detailed and positive while writing the letter.
  • Use a professional tone and avoid being rude or unprofessional.
  • Provide at least two examples of your professional skills.
  • Include information about your highest level of education and any relevant certifications.
  • You can also mention a personal example to show your competence.
  • A good letter of recommendation should include all these details and present a narrative about you to the admissions committee.

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