Bachelor of Fashion Design in India

Bachelor of Fashion Design in India

Bachelor of Fashion Design in India
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A Bachelor of Fashion Design in India is a 3-4 year undergraduate degree. It focuses on the recent developments in the fashion industry.

A fashion design course teaches you to combine artistic principles with applied graphics.  A bachelor of Fashion Design in India is perfect if you are a creative person who likes matching and playing with colours, textures and materials.

This course teaches you about sewing, drawing, fashion history, and the textile industry. 

To become a fashion designer, one should pursue a bachelor's degree in design. 

Some popular courses in Bachelor of Fashion Design in India are – BDes, BTech, BSc in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, etc.

Why study Fashion Design in India?

Fashion design has been regarded as one of India's growing industries with exciting career options. The fast-emerging cinema industry, franchises, corporate sector and multicultural environment make India a distinct choice for students wanting to study Fashion Design. 

If you intend to study fashion design in India, you must create a fashion portfolio that will work as your identity. It is considered a part of your career projects. The better the portfolio, the greater the opportunities. The portfolio will help you get a chance to work as an intern in big fashion houses based in India. 

  • India already has a globally reputed Fashion Design institute like the National Institute of fashion technology (N.I.F.T.) that ranks well among the best 50 institutes worldwide. 
  • India offers a worthy education in fashion design. 
  • It offers an excellent foundation 
  • The course is competitive as well as qualitative 
  • India has till now produced several good designers, brand managers, creative engineers ( fashion technology specialisation ), technical designers, technical executives and managers who are emerging as pioneers in the Fashion field. 

Bachelor of  Fashion Design in India: Scope

Though they face challenges around every corner, fashion designers still have stylish and glamorous lifestyles, and there is no chance of getting bored in the fashion world. 

In addition, the taste for fashion is changing with each generation. This has created demands for fashion designers. 

If you've always been passionate about fashion, you're likely made for a career in Fashion Design. Some of the typical careers of degree in fashion design include:

  • Visual merchandising (clothing and beyond)
  • Retail management
  • Event organization
  • Sales
  • Tailoring
  • Pattern Making
  • Costume design
  • Wardrobe management
  • Fashion styling
  • Photography
  • Modelling
  • Jewellery design etc 

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Bachelors of Fashion Design in India: Universities

Once you recognise your design skills that fit the fashion industry, sharpening your skills would be your second step. Bachelor of Fashion Design in India may lead you towards becoming a successful fashion designer.

Some of the famous institutes and colleges in India which offer a Bachelor of Fashion Design are mentioned below:


Course name


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)  - Delhi  

  • B.Des Accessory Design     
  • B.Des Fashion Communication 
  • B.Des Fashion Design    
  • B.Des Knitwear Design  
  • B.Des Leather Design(FC)     
  • B.Des Textile Design(FC)


Unitedworld Institute of Design 

  • B.Des Animation and Motion Graphics


INIFD Deccan 


International School of Design

  • B.Des.(Animation Design)     
  • B.Des. (Graphic Design)       
  • B.Des.(Fashion Design)  
  • B.Des.(Textile Design)     
  • B.F Tech.Interior Design 


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)    

  • B.Des Fashion Design (FD)  
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology BFT (Apparel Production)   
  • B.Des Accessory Design (AD)  
  • B.Des Textile Design (TD)
  • B.Des Fashion Communication (FC)


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)    

  • B.Des Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories (Interior Products & Handcrafted Accessories)   
  • B.Des Fashion Communication
  • B.Des Fashion Design    
  • B.Des Fashion Technology (B.FTech) - Apparel Production
  • B.Des Knitwear Design
  • B.Des Textile Design


Pearl Academy    

  • B.Des Accessory Design
  • B.Des Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management
  • B.Des Fashion Design & Technology
  • B.Des Fashion Communication
  • B.Des Fashion Styling & Image Design
  • B.Des Textile Design & Technology
  • B.Des Communication Design & Technology
  • B.Des Interior Design & Technology
  • B.Des Garment Manufacturing & Technology
  • B.Des Product Design & Technology 


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)   

  • B.Des Fashion Design (FD)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology (Apparel Production)
  • B.Des Leather Design (LD)
  • B.Des Textile Design (TD)
  • B.Des Fashion Communication (FC)
  • B.Des Accessory Design (AD)
  • B.Des Knitwear Design (KD)


Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)    

  • B.Des Communication Design
  • B.Des Industrial Design
  • B.Des Fashion Design 
  • B.Des Fashion Communication

Pune, Maharashtra 

All you need to know about Career in Fashion Designing

Requirement: Students who have cleared their Class 12 from any stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) can pursue a Fashion Design course at graduation level. 

Course Fees:  It costs INR 5,20,000 to INR 6,80,000 to study for a Bachelor of Fashion Design in India 

Future Prospects: Bachelor of Fashion Design in India 

A Fashion Design degree provides you with plenty of opportunities. Depending on your area of expertise, you may earn pretty well for your living.

Find out the high-paying fashion-related jobs in the table below.


Salary ($)


$15.36 per hour

Fashion designer

$3,588 per month

Merchandising manager

$58,093 per year


$64,205 per year


$59,700 per year

Account executive

$68,516 per year

E-commerce manager

$68,794 per year

Marketing Manager

$71,618 per year

Brand manager

$72,453 per year

Art director

$76,447 per year

Sourcing manager

$94,485 per year

Product Manager

$106,480 per year

Creative director

$109,013 per year

Design director

$136,685 per year

Fashion designing is a fancied dream job of all time. Though the fashion industry has a considerable scope, people still find it difficult to convince themselves to pursue it as a regular subject. If you have convinced yourself of this creative subject, why not choose India for studying  Bachelor of Fashion Design?

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