8 reasons you must take LPU-NEST – the biggest private engineering entrance test in India

8 reasons you must take LPU-NEST – the biggest private engineering entrance test in India

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8 reasons you must take LPU-NEST – the biggest private engineering entrance test in India
Rosmit Gyawali

Engineering is a highly sought-after field of study in India and is typically pursued after 12th grade. To be admitted to engineering colleges in India, students must take and pass engineering entrance exams. There are several types of engineering entrance exams held in India, including those that are conducted at the national level, state level, and university level. These exams are essential to the admissions process for engineering programs in India.

  • The LPUNEST (Lovely Professional University National Entrance and Scholarship Test) is an Indian entrance exam conducted by Lovely Professional University (LPU). The exam is held annually and is open to students interested in applying for admission to LPU's undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • The LPUNEST is a computer-based test covering various topics, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and general aptitude. The exam assesses prospective students' knowledge and skills and helps LPU determine which candidates are most qualified for admission to its programs.
  • If you are considering taking the test, there are several good reasons why it would be beneficial for you to go ahead. Here are a few of those reasons:
  • The LPUNEST is a computer-based test (CBT) that serves two purposes: it acts as an eligibility test for admission to Lovely Professional University. It offers students the chance to apply for scholarships and financial aid. The scholarship amounts available through this test can be as high as INR 7.5 lakh per student, and the financial assistance offered through the test can be up to 70%. 
  • Therefore, in addition to being an entrance exam, the LPUNEST also provides an opportunity for students to receive financial assistance for their studies.
  • There is no penalty for unanswered or incorrect questions on the LPUNEST.
  • One of the benefits of LPUNEST is that it allows candidates to choose the date and location for the most convenient exam. This flexibility is intentionally provided to ensure that candidates have the option to take the LPUNEST even if they are also preparing for other national exams, such as the JEE Main and JEE Advanced, which may be scheduled around the same time as the LPUNEST. 
  • There are 200 test centres throughout India where the LPUNEST can be taken, and candidates can choose the most convenient centre.
  • The LPUNEST is an opportunity for students to be admitted to nationally and internationally recognised programs at Lovely Professional University (LPU). Engineering students at LPU have the chance to participate in exchange programs with over 50 prestigious international universities. 
  • They also have the opportunity to interact with recognised figures in the industry, such as Larry Page and Sundar Pichai, as previous LPU students have done. Overall, LPUNEST provides students with a unique opportunity to receive a high-quality education and make connections that benefit them throughout their careers.
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a diverse community where students from India and other countries can learn from one another through their studies and other activities. The vibrant atmosphere at LPU helps prepare students for world success by giving them a broader perspective and helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to face challenges confidently. 

Overall, the diversity at LPU is an essential aspect of the student experience, as it helps to create an enriching and supportive environment for learning.

  • LPU has a strong track record of student placements, with one of the highest placement rates in northern India and among the best in the country. LPU offers its students numerous placement opportunities, with over 300 multinational and national companies hiring LPU graduates. 
  • Top executives from well-known corporate companies regularly visit LPU's campus to recruit students and give guest lectures, further demonstrating the university's strong connections to industry and its commitment to preparing students for successful careers.
  • (LPU) offers a range of engineering programs, including both traditional and innovative streams. In addition to more common majors like electrical and computer engineering, computer science and information technology, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering, LPU also offers unique programs such as mechatronics, automobile engineering, and food process engineering. 
  • One notable feature of LPU's engineering programs is the option for students to choose a major or minor course of study, even at the undergraduate level. This approach, which is common in foreign universities but is only now gaining popularity in India, allows students to specialise in a particular area of interest and to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and technologies in that field. 
  • At LPU, students have been able to choose their major for many years, and this flexibility has helped them to prepare for the future and to succeed in their chosen careers.
  • LPU's state-of-the-art laboratories are an essential aspect of its engineering programs. They provide students with the resources and facilities they need to gain hands-on experience and be well-prepared for careers in the industry. 
  • LPU has a wide range of ultra-modern labs, including an i-MAC Apple Lab, a VLSI Lab for electronics, and 3-D printing and automobile engineering labs for mechanical engineering students. These labs give LPU students ample opportunities to gain practical knowledge and skills highly valued by employers. As a result, LPU graduates are often well-equipped to succeed in their chosen careers and to make a substantial impact in the industry.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the LPUNEST:

  • Please become familiar with the exam format: The LPUNEST is a computer-based test, and it is essential to understand the exam format and what questions will be asked. Reviewing sample questions and taking practice tests can help you get a feel for the exam and identify areas where you need to focus your studying.
  • Review the syllabus and study materials: The LPUNEST covers a range of topics, and it is essential to understand all the material covered on the exam. Reviewing the syllabus and studying from recommended materials can help you make sure you are covering all of the necessary content.
  • Practice time management: The LPUNEST is a timed exam, and it is essential to manage your time effectively during the test. Practice taking sample tests under timed conditions to see how much time you need to complete each question and how to pace yourself throughout the exam.
  • Stay calm and focused: It is natural to feel anxious about taking an important exam, but it is essential to stay calm and focused during the LPUNEST. Take breaks to clear your mind and try to stay relaxed. Remember that you have prepared for this exam and have the knowledge and skills to succeed.
  • Seek help if you need it: If you are struggling to understand a particular concept or are having trouble with a particular exam section, feel free to seek help. Talk to your teachers or tutors, or consider joining a study group to get extra support.

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