10 things you don’t know about FMS Delhi

10 things you don’t know about FMS Delhi

10 things you don’t know about FMS Delhi
Rojina Raut

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi is a highly-regarded business school in Delhi, India. It is part of the University of Delhi and is known for its strong reputation in management education. The FMS Delhi offers undergraduate and graduate-level management programs, including a full-time MBA and executive education programs.

Here are ten things you don’t know about FMS Delhi:

Festivities and Zeal

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi is known for its vibrant and exciting campus culture. One of how this culture is fostered is through organising festivals and events throughout the academic year.

The FMS Delhi organises two festivals annually. The first is the annual management fest, Fiesta, which is held in February and is open to students from other business schools. During Fiesta, various competitions and prizes are awarded by some of the best companies in each domain. This fest provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talents and win exciting prizes.

But FMS Delhi isn't just about work; it also encourages students to explore their interests in sports, music, acting, photography, etc. The college has various societies that help students develop their skills and showcase their talents.


The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi is known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to providing students with the best educational resources. One of how this is demonstrated is through the use of the Bloomberg Terminal.

The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system financial professionals use to access real-time data, news, and analytics about the markets. It is widely considered one of the most influential and comprehensive economic research and analysis tools.

FMS Delhi is the third business school in India, after the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, to introduce the Bloomberg Terminal. This is a testament to the school's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and providing students with the best resources to stay informed about the latest market trends.


The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi places a strong emphasis on discipline; one of the ways this is demonstrated is through its attendance policy. The college has a strict 90% attendance policy, which means that students must attend at least 90% of their classes to be eligible for the summer internship and final placement process.

This strict policy is in place to ensure that students are fully prepared for the challenges of the professional world and that they can take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. Regular class attendance ensures that students stay on top of the coursework and can keep up with the latest information and knowledge shared in class. Additionally, it helps students to be well-prepared for assignments, quizzes and exams.


At the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi, there is a strong emphasis on giving back to the community. One of how students are encouraged to do this is through the social service society, Vihaan. The society organises an event called the "Silent Auction."

The Silent Auction is an event where students place bids on items offered by their peers. These items range from guitar classes and financial advice to home-cooked meals or coffee dates. All the money collected through the auction is then donated to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) supporting underprivileged children's education.

In the year 2014, the society was able to collect a total of Rs 1,30,000 through this event. After the event, students have one week to execute their bids. The top bidder is then given a prize, and all the money collected is donated to the NGO.

Through events like the Silent Auction, FMS Delhi encourages its students to think about the needs of others and to give back to the community. It creates a sense of social responsibility among students and provides them with a platform to use their skills and talents for a good cause.

Women Empowerment

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi strongly emphasises empowering women leaders. To achieve this goal, Team Fiesta of FMS Delhi is organising a Women Leadership Talk Series on February 15, 2015. The event aims to provide a platform for women to share their experiences, insights, and ideas about leadership and to inspire and encourage other women to pursue leadership roles.

The event has invited Kiran Bedi as the chief guest. Kiran Bedi is a retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and a social activist recognised for promoting women's rights and empowerment. She is a well-known and respected figure in women's leadership, and her presence at the event is expected to inspire and encourage attendees to pursue leadership roles.


The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi strongly emphasises showcasing student talent and creativity. One way this is demonstrated is through the presence of murals on the campus. Specifically, the college has a dedicated "NETHRA wall," where pictures taken by FMS students are prominently displayed.

These pictures are not just random clicks; they are award-winning pictures that have been recognised for their artistic and technical excellence. These pictures are selected through an internal competition, and the winning entries are then displayed on the NETHRA wall for all to see.

Cultural Society

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi strongly emphasises fostering a vibrant and dynamic campus culture. One way this is done is by encouraging students to explore and express their creativity through the arts. Specifically, the Cultural Society of FMS has recently introduced a new feature to the campus, a dedicated dance room.

This dance room is a new addition to the campus and is intended to be used as a space where students can practice their dance moves, choreography or other dance forms. The room is specifically designed for dance training and rehearsals, with ample space, mirrors and a sound system. It is open to all students, regardless of their experience or skill level.

Club Activities

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi strongly emphasises fostering a vibrant and dynamic campus culture. One way this is done is by encouraging students to explore and express their creativity through clubs and societies.

In 2014, the Cultural Society of FMS Delhi introduced four new clubs to the campus. Agamay (Literary club), Abhinaya (Acting club), Nethra (Photography club) and Aarohan (Music club) are the new clubs formed. These clubs provide a platform for students to explore their interests in literature, acting, photography, and music.

In the first year of formation, with the efforts of the Abhinaya club, FMS Delhi students won a Gold medal at IIM Lucknow annual festival and also won in many other competitions. This shows the great potential of these new clubs and the impact they can have on students' lives.

Transparency and Feedback

FMS Delhi also places a strong emphasis on transparency and regular feedback. The faculty uses technology to ensure attendance, marks, and other academic information are regularly updated and shared with students. This enables students to know their progress and where they need to improve.


To celebrate FMS@60, the institute is organising 60 Guest Lectures in which prominent figures/alumni will come and share their experiences and insights about handling challenges faced by MBA students. The list of guests includes successful people from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, like Sanjiv Paul (Group Head – purchase, Yamaha Group), Ashutosh Tiwari (Exec-VP & Head, Godrej Consumer Products Limited), Advitiya Sharma (Co-founder Housing.com), Mahendra Swarup (MD & Partner at Avigo Capital Partners), Sandeep Sahney, Debopama Sen ( Head of TTS Citibank Group India), Ken Gullicksen ( CSO, Evernote), Ajay Misra (CEO, Tata Global Beverages), Vijay Sharma (GM, GSK Consumer Healthcare), Vivek Gour ( MD &CEO, Airworks), Chandrabhan Singh (GM, Marketing, Chenna Super Kings), Aparna Chopra ( Head Marketing, South East Asia at Costa Coffee), Gaurav Dang (CFO, Exxon Mobil).

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