Cost of Living in India for students

Cost of Living in India for students

Aditee NeupaneMon Mar 08 2021

Cost of Living in India for students

Managing daily expenses as a student can be a difficult task and especially when you’re moving to a new country, sometimes it might get out of hand in the absence of a proper budget plan. 

Thinking of transferring to India for future studies and wondering about the living expenses in India for International students? 

Also, it is important that you are well aware of the basic expenses you are most likely to come across during your studies. However, since India is considered an extremely affordable country for international students, you won’t have to worry much about sorting out your budget. 

The cost of living in India is very low compared to other countries and these are some basic and frequently occurring expenses in your student life:


Renting a flat will cost you as little as 10,000 to 15,000 Indian rupees and other accommodation options can be even cheaper than that. 

If you wish to live on campus, the costs are added to your tuition bills and hostels near your university with shared room options will cost you around 5,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees. You can also live as a paying guest, and it is an equally affordable and convenient option.

Travel expenses

Public transport in most places can be very crowded, but it is the cheapest and effective option for students who need to travel a lot and on a daily basis. 

On average, you’ll be seeing yourself spend around USD$4 to $10 per week on transportation. You can find yourself a monthly public transit ticket for your convenience and some special student discounts are also available. 

Food and Entertainment

If you live and cook on your own, you’ll need to do your grocery shopping, and it is very affordable in India with a loaf of bread costing Rs.40 and only Rs.50 for a litre of milk. 

If you’re someone who loves eating out, there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants offering combo meals and other delicacies of your choice starting from Rs.200. 

Film tickets, music and art festivals, concerts, sports, and games, etc are also very affordable for students so make sure you get your dose of entertainment and refreshment. 

Weekly entertainment expenses can be anywhere around Rs.2000-Rs.5000, but it mostly depends on an individual’s spending habits. 


Shopping around in Indian street markets is dirt-cheap whereas high-end malls are quite expensive, so you have a lot of options to choose from while shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

Utility bills that include mobile tariffs, internet subscriptions, and other basic utilities can cost anywhere from USD$4 to $10 per week. Health care and personal care items are very cheap and easily available.

The overall cost of living in India is incredibly affordable for students and even its expensive cities are considered to be less expensive compared to other cities in the world. 

Offering such an affordable lifestyle and quality education, India has definitely become one of the most popular study destinations. 

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