Top 10 Happening Engineering College Fests in India

Top 10 Happening Engineering College Fests in India

Top 10 Happening Engineering College Fests in India
Sahil Dahal

Engineering life is an exciting and memorable experience for students. It offers them many opportunities to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. The college years provide a unique chance to make new friends, create lifelong memories, and engage in fun activities with like-minded individuals. Students can join clubs and organisations, attend events and fests, participate in sports, and explore their creative talents. Engineering students can bond over shared interests, collaborate on projects, and support each other through academic and personal challenges. It is a time to learn, grow, and have fun.

In this blog, we will look at India's top 10 engineering college fests that attract thousands of participants and visitors every year.

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo, or MI, as it is commonly referred to, is a cultural extravaganza that takes place every year at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay. The fest was first organised by a group of enthusiastic students in 1971 and has now become one of the most significant cultural festivals in the country. With an overwhelming participation of more than 80,000 students from around 700 colleges across India, Mood Indigo is a grand celebration of diverse cultural and artistic expressions. The festival showcases various dance, music, dramatics, literary arts, and digital and design competitions. The fest also features numerous exciting events and activities like masti ki basti, casino, streets, mass-acre, mind games and crossovers. The star night and "Pro shows," where international and national artists such as musicians, singers and stand-up comedians perform, are the major highlights of the fest and draw enormous crowds.


OASIS, the annual cultural fest of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, began as a small fete in 1971 and has become a highly anticipated event in the college calendar. Held over four days in October, this non-stop fest lasts 96 hours and draws participants from over 200 colleges across India. The fest hosts various events such as dance, music, stage shows, drama, fashion shows, and treasure hunts. Some of the most popular events of OASIS include Exposure, Rocktaves, Rap Wars, Choreo, and Mr and Ms Oasis (MAMO). However, the fest's highlight is undoubtedly the "prof show" or professional shows, which have seen performances by renowned artists/groups such as Good Shoes, TAAQ, Neeraj Shridhar, The Shakey Rays, and Kailash Kher in the past. The fest offers a platform for students to showcase their talents and provides opportunities to interact and bond with peers from various colleges.

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The incident, the National Institute of Technology's (NIT) annual cultural festival, Surathkal, has been celebrated since the 1980s. It is considered one of the largest student-driven cultural fests in South India, drawing participants from all over the country. The five-day festival is packed with exciting events, including singing competitions like Bandish (Eastern classical music competition) and Pulse (Western heavy metal competition), as well as dance competitions like solo dance, couple dance, street dance, Tandav, and Promenade (Western group dance). Students can also participate in various sports events like beach volleyball, football, and stir, which take place at NIT K's private beach. Apart from these, various other fun events, such as fashion shows, DJ nights, and comedy shows, keep the students entertained throughout the fest.

Spring Fest

Spring Fest, also known as SF, is the highly anticipated annual cultural and social festival of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. Since its inception in 1960, the festival has been conducted in January, attracting thousands of students nationwide. The fest is spread over three days and is known for its diverse events, including literary, dramatics, photography, and film-based competitions. However, the main highlight of SF is the all-day open dance floor called “Perpz,” where students can let loose and groove to the music. The festival also features “Hard Talk,” where renowned personalities present their views on important issues, making it a unique and enriching experience for the attendees. The festival continues to be one of the most popular and memorable events for students at IIT Kharagpur.


Riviera, the annual cultural and sports fest of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore, is one of the most awaited events of the year. The festival spans 3-4 days in and around January-February and hosts more than 100 events across various domains, such as dance, music, literary arts, fine arts, and debates. Riviera welcomes many students from different colleges across the country, apart from the 45,000-strong student body of VIT. The star-studded nights at Riviera are worth experiencing and leave a lasting impression on the attendees. Over the years, famous artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Euphoria, Parikrama, KK, and Hari Haran have graced the fest and enthralled the audience with their performances. Riviera is a perfect platform for students to showcase their talents and interact with peers from different parts of the country, making it a memorable experience.


Waves, the annual cultural fest of Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Goa campus, is a highly anticipated event in October and November every year. Launched in 2006, the three-day festival has gained immense popularity and is now considered one of the most happening events in the region. Waves attract over 2000 students from around 100 colleges participating in dance, music, literary arts, fine arts, and drama competitions. In addition to the competitive events, the fest also features informal events, workshops, and lectures by eminent personalities. The star night at Waves is a significant attraction and features performances by renowned artists like Vidya Balan, DJ Suketu, KK, Parikrama, Shafqat Amanat Ali, and Kailash Kher, among many others. With such diverse events, Waves offers a unique platform for students to showcase their talent and creativity while having a great time.


Antaragni, meaning "the fire within," is the annual cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. Established in 1966, this four-day festival is conducted in October and is known to attract participation from over 200 colleges across India. Antaragni features various events, including Kavi Sammelan, Model United Nations, workshops, and talk shows. The professional shows Prima Nocte, Synchronicity, India Haat, and Ritambhara are some of the most popular events at this cultural fest. The fest has seen performances by renowned artists such as Poets of the Fall, Sunidhi Chauhan, KK, Glyder, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Farhan Akhtar, and Atif Aslam, among others, drawing huge crowds. Antaragni continues to be a platform for creative expression, talent showcases, and celebrating the arts, culture, and community.


Rendezvous, the cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, is a highly anticipated event in the college calendar. It attracts a massive footfall of approximately 50,000 students from more than 350 colleges across India. This four-day extravaganza is usually conducted in October. It offers many competitive events such as stage plays, street plays, cue games, western and Eastern group song competitions, street painting, parliamentary debates, ad-mad, quizzing events, photography and more.

Rendezvous has four main events, creating all the hype and excitement around the fest. The first one, Bigwig, is a musical event that sees participation from famous Bollywood singers and bands. The second event, Kaleidoscope, is a fashion show showcasing fashion enthusiasts' creativity and talent. The third event, Blitzkreig, is a dance competition that attracts the best dance crews nationwide. And finally, the fourth event, Dhoom, is the star night of the fest and features electrifying performances by renowned artists.


Renamed in 1987 as ‘Raagam’, the annual cultural fest of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut is a grand event spanning over four days. Raagam welcomes students from various colleges to participate in over 80 competitive events, including singing, dancing, theatre, and even kite flying and catering competitions. The fest is known for its impressive line-up of celebrities and popular bands, including Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Sukhwinder Singh, KK, Benny Dayal, Ranjith, Naresh Iyer, Silk Route, Parikrama, Whitenoise, Motherjane, Jailbreak, Breathe the Floyd and more.

Raagam has a good footfall and attracts a diverse range of students from all over the country. The fest concludes with the presentation of the rolling trophy, "Nataraj", awarded to the overall champion of the fest. Raagam is a perfect blend of music, dance, art, and culture, and it promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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Alcheringa, the annual festival of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, commonly known as 'Alcher', started in 1996 and has become one of the most popular college festivals in the country. The four-day cultural fest usually takes place on the first weekend of February, attracting a footfall of over 50,000 students from more than 350 colleges across the country. Alcher has various events ranging from music, dance, dramatics, literary, fine arts, and many other exciting competitions.

The most popular and exciting aspect of this cultural fest is the Pro Nights, where a different theme and genre is explored every night. The Pro Nights are star-studded events, and some of the biggest names in the music industry have graced the stage in the past. The festival also features various professional shows, such as comedy, stand-up, and live band performances. The fest also hosts numerous informal events, allowing students to showcase their talents and explore their creative sides.

As per our perspective, we have provided a list of India's top 10 college festivals. However, we recommend that you do not solely rely on our opinion. Instead, we encourage you to attend these festivals, experience the excitement and frenzy firsthand, and then share your thoughts on whether our rankings were accurate.

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