8 tips to crack TISSNET 2023

8 tips to crack TISSNET 2023

8 tips to crack TISSNET 2023
Santosh Neupane

The TISS National Entrance Test (TISSNET) is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for admission to its various postgraduate programs in social sciences, management, and other related fields. The exam is typically held in January and consists of three sections:

  • General Awareness: This section tests your knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge. It includes national and international news questions, Indian politics, economy, sports, and culture.
  • English Proficiency: This section assesses your verbal ability and reading comprehension. It includes questions on vocabulary, grammar, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension passages.
  • Mathematical & Logical Reasoning: This section tests your quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning skills. It includes questions on data interpretation, mathematical reasoning, and logical reasoning.

The duration of the TISSNET exam is 100 minutes and contains a total of 100 multiple-choice questions. The test is online-based, and the test score is used for shortlisting the candidates for the Pre-Interview Test (PIT) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds.

Tips to crack TISSNET 2023

This blog has provided a TISSNET preparation strategy to ensure candidates can effectively complete the syllabus and reach their desired score. The following are expert-recommended tips on how to prepare for TISSNET.

Know the exam pattern and syllabus

Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus is essential in preparing for TISSNET. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect in the exam and how to approach your preparation. The exam pattern includes information on the number of sections, the types of questions that will be asked, the marking scheme, and the exam duration. By familiarising yourself with the exam format, you can better plan your preparation and study schedule.

The syllabus for TISSNET includes a wide range of topics, such as English language comprehension, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and general knowledge. Understanding the syllabus allows you to identify the areas you need to focus on and prioritise your study time accordingly. 

Practise Different Questions

Practising questions of varying difficulty level is an essential aspect of preparing for TISSNET. By doing so, you will be able to improve your skills and gain confidence in tackling different types of questions. It will also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus on areas that need improvement.

By practising different types of questions, you will get a feel of the other questions that can be asked in the exam. This will help you understand the exam's difficulty level and what types of questions to expect. This will help you to prepare more effectively and increase your chances of success.

Practising different questions will also help you improve your problem-solving skills. The TISSNET exam tests your ability to think critically and analyse information. By practising different types of questions, you can improve your ability to understand and solve problems.

Revise Regularly

Regular revisions are a crucial component of preparing for TISSNET 2023. Revisions help you remember important facts, formulas, topics, and figures you have studied. It also helps to build accuracy and confidence in solving questions. By regularly reviewing the material, you will be better prepared for the exam and have a better chance of success.

Revising daily will lower stress levels as you will feel more confident and familiar with the material. This will help you solve questions without fear, as you will better understand the concepts and be more comfortable with the exam format.

The revision also helps to retain information better, especially if the material is reviewed shortly after it is learned. This is because the material is still fresh in your mind and easier to recall. Regular revisions will help you to remember the material over a more extended period, making it easier to identify during the exam.

Time Management

You must be able to complete the exam within the given time. One way to manage your time effectively is by spending little time on one question.

Questions might be easy to solve during the exam and can be answered quickly. In such cases, it is best to solve them first and move on to the next question. However, there might also be questions that could be shorter or easier to solve. In such cases, spending only a little bit of time on one question is essential as it can save precious time and affect your overall performance in the exam.

Moving on to the next question is wise if you spend too much time on one question. This will help you manage your time effectively and ensure you can complete the exam within the given time.

Take Mock Test

Taking TISSNET mock tests is essential in preparing for the actual exam. Mock tests allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the exam format, the types of questions that will be asked, and the exam's difficulty level.

Mock tests help in analysing the weak and strong areas of the candidate. By taking mock tests, candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus their preparation accordingly. This will help them to prepare more effectively and increase their chances of success.

When you take mock tests, it will also help you to evaluate your performance and identify areas that need improvement. This will help you devise a strategy to improve your performance and make necessary changes to your preparation plan.

Develop Structure Preparation Approach

A well-organized plan for your preparation is crucial to excelling in each section of the TISSNET exam. This approach will allow you to concentrate on essential concepts and cover all the topics outlined in the syllabus.

When preparing for TISSNET, focus on understanding the concepts and increasing your knowledge of the material. This will help you excel in each exam section and increase your chances of success. Make sure to study all the topics outlined in the syllabus.

Creating a study schedule that allocates time for each section is crucial to have a structured approach. This will aid you in staying on track and guarantee that you cover all the necessary material.

Studying Comprehension

Reading comprehension is essential in the TISSNET exam as it tests your ability to understand and analyse written material. To improve your reading comprehension skills for the TISSNET exam, reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, and books are essential.

Reading newspapers is an excellent way to improve your reading comprehension skills. It will help you stay updated with current events and expose you to different writing styles, including news articles, editorials, and opinion pieces. This will help you improve your ability to understand and analyse written material, an essential skill for the TISSNET exam.

Pay attention to quick calculations

Being proficient in calculations is an essential aspect of the mathematics section of the TISSNET exam. A regular practice regime is necessary to get fast and accurate estimates. This will help you to manage your time effectively during the exam and increase your chances of success.

One of the best ways to improve your calculation skills is to brush up on your standard X and XI maths. The TISSNET exam covers mathematical concepts typically taught in standards X and XI. Reviewing these concepts and practising with questions of varying difficulty levels will improve your understanding of the material and increase your proficiency in calculations.

In addition to reviewing standard X and XI maths, it's also essential to practice mental math and estimation. This will help you perform calculations quickly without needing a calculator, which can save time during the exam.

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